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  1. Hi Jimmy, This has resolved the issue!! Thanks for all your help
  2. I'm on Mac, so I'm assuming the attached is what you are after? MacBook Pro - Adam.spx
  3. Hi, I have done this and still getting the fuzz around the cursor. Thanks
  4. I changed to window mode and the problem has gone away. I'd rather play the game in full screen, so any assistance would be appreciated.
  5. Hi, I have just installed a fresh copy of FM20 and I am still getting the same blurry cursor which I also got towards the end of FM19 after an update. Screenshot attached. I am using a fresh copy and have not installed any graphics and I am using the normal retail version. Any ideas??? EDIT: I have also tried the public beta and still getting the same issue. I have literally just installed the game so don't think it is anything that I have changed that would have caused this? Cheers
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