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  1. Another idea - is managers can endorse public campaigns/youth programmes/etc??? Maybe you can force players to endorse not endorse campaigns?
  2. - Interaction wih FIFA governing body? - Making bids for hosting world/european cups? - Tactics overhaul - too dependent on tactics - Team Talks were misleading and too general. - Private lives of players/managers could sometimes come into the fold. E.g. former Partick manager had a lot of pigeons. Could add to eccentricity of managers, or proffessionalism (e.g. goes to bed early/dont drink), or you could appear one of the lads and join the players for drinks. At the very least it would be fun. Maybe managers could submit a background? So, you can be a former player for a lower league team, a big star, or a backroom nobody before being a manager - all need to have disadvantages/advantages.
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