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  1. I’m still grieving over tutoring being removed and cannot stand mentoring... does anyone else feel the same or am I just being stubborn?
  2. Somewhere between a HB and DLP-D I reckon. I prefer DLP-D as he’s more involved in play than a HB. DLP-D plus the plays simple passes trait is a personal favourite.
  3. I was thinking more like a central Ramdeuter, as in an AM-A with the same sort of PI's applied. Looking forward to reading about that!
  4. This works surprisingly well! Have you thought about doing the same with an AM-A?
  5. Let's say I play a striker at centre half. Aside from tactical familiarity, PPMs and his attributes not being suited to the position, what negatives will this bring? I've read that it only affects the Decisions stat. is that the only downside?
  6. Ah I see what you mean now! Sorry, I misinterpreted your last message. Your method would definitely solve issues that I have with how the stratas work at the moment. For expamle, a regular 4-2-3-1 with the 3 in the AM strata isn’t really typical of how it plays in real life.
  7. That would definitely make it more logical and less messy, however teams like Man City definitely play Wingers in the AM strata, and there have been plenty of Inverted Wingers playing in the AM strata (like Neymar early in his career).
  8. Agree with you 100%. Probably should have clarified that I meant drifting into number #9 or #10 positions, not actually acting as a classic #9/#10.
  9. I don't think so. I see Inside Forwards as wide number 9s (Attack) and wide number 10s (support). Inverted Wingers are simply traditional wingers (pace, flair, dribbling) playing on the opposite flank (like Robben and Ribery in their early days).
  10. Some brilliant suggestions from @sirpingus here! Also, why inverted wingers aren't in the AMR/L strata is absolutely beyond me.
  11. I've used this tactic with a few different sides, including Liverpool, and it's absolutely ruthless. Have you made any alterations to it now that it's been a couple of months?
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