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  1. Thanks, Stu, appreciate the response, and that it's being worked on.
  2. I have seen some posts on this topic from previous years. But FM18 still isn't generating NewGens that can play Inside Forward as well as the real players in the database. And too few NewGen fullbacks can dribble or cross well. I have played until 2028 with almost every country active down to the 2nd or 3rd tier and I have 26 scouts and 73% World Knowledge. If I run a search of the database for players with a 13 rating on key attributes for inside forwards, (Screenshot of search attached) , 6 are NewGens and 23 are real players. As the real players age out, there are not enough NewGens that can play inside forward as well as the real players. You can change tactics to account for this, and I have, moving from a 4-2-3-1 to a 4-4-1-1. But it would be nice to have NewGens that can play inside forward. I know all the caveats about sample sizes and such. But I had the same thing happen in a Granada save that went about 6 years into the future.. And I've seen other posters post more detailed breakdowns. This seems to be a clear issue with the NewGen database. I could post more about the fullbacks too, but that was also addressed by previous posters. Are these issues being looked at for FM19?
  3. Rosey Palmer

    Attribute Changes Bug

    Oddly, this bug seems limited to some players but not others. I'm playing with Granada up through 2019, and I cannot see any progress for RFB Marin, for instance, but I can see progress for some of the other players. Weird.
  4. In my game, I can no longer see attribute changes on the page that shows their changes over time. If you click on an attribute, it used to show progress or decline on the big graph above. Now there is no progress shown at all, and there are no lines on the graph, regardless of how many attributes you click.
  5. I am in my 2nd season and want to add the Premier League as a playable league to a game that has 9 active leagues. I might also add Mexico and Ukraine first divisions. Will this screw up the transfer market for players and staff? I am playing as Granada and am worried that the Premier League teams with no staff and too few players may try to poach mine once that league is activated. I dont think I checked the “add players and staff” button at the start of the game and dont know if I can do that now that it has started.
  6. Rosey Palmer

    No Staff for Premier League

    Nevermind, England was not "checked" as an "active league" so I have now added it to the game and that should hopefully fix the problem.
  7. I'm in Season 2 with Granada and can't hire enough B Team Coaches because they all want at least $140k in salaries. Coaches whose opening salary bid for a Granada coaching role or a U19 coaching role would be $50k, decide that they want $140k to coach for Granada B Team. And it is every single coach, all the way down to the most incompetent. That's why I think it might be bugged. Different coaches have different opening salary bids for the Granada or U19 team, but they all start at $140k for Granada B. So as a result, I was only able to afford a head coach, an assistant coach, and one other coach who I paid $85k with tons and tons of bonuses and salary raises in future years.
  8. I've been playing the beta with no complaints. A few minor bugs here and there, but nothing making it unplayable.
  9. Rosey Palmer

    Unable to Pause game within match

    Thanks, Daniel. It's a great game this year. I haven't run into too many bugs.
  10. Rosey Palmer

    Unable to Pause game within match

    Daniel - No. For replays I have penalties, yellow cards, red cards, great chances, and goals checked. But not offsides.
  11. For the last 15 minutes of my latest match, if I tried to push pause, the match wouldn't pause. The button would look as though it had been pushed. And you could push "play" and then "pause" and then "play" again. But regardless of what was going on, the match didn't pause. The only way to handle the issue was to take the camera back to a previous part of the game while I sorted out my new tactics. That workaround worked. But if you were in real time, there was no way to pause the game.
  12. Rosey Palmer

    Match sound Issues - KNOWN

    I have also had the crowd sound continue after a game. It ended when I pushed continue to the next day.
  13. It is awesome. I think the match graphics are better. I think the ability to set up different tactics before the match to take effect if different scenarios occur during the match is really cool. I am still learning the scouting system but I think it seems more realistic than last year. It looks like your scout goes to a particular match each day to get scouting reports and doesn't just provide a report for hundreds of players after being in a country a couple of days. Very impressed.
  14. Rosey Palmer

    tactic familiarity

    On the coach report where a coach "demands match preparation" every few weeks, the tactic familiarity is screwed up. The bar for my one tactic that I am training looks full but then if you hover over it, all of the various tactical components are blank and say "awkward." If you go separately to the tactics screen, everything looks as it should.