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  1. I wanted to download photos for a couple players. To make this work, I need to know their player IDs. I can't figure out how to find each individual player ID. It used to be an option in "preferences" but I can't find it in FM19. Anyone know how to find Player IDs?
  2. I am in my 2nd season and want to add the Premier League as a playable league to a game that has 9 active leagues. I might also add Mexico and Ukraine first divisions. Will this screw up the transfer market for players and staff? I am playing as Granada and am worried that the Premier League teams with no staff and too few players may try to poach mine once that league is activated. I dont think I checked the “add players and staff” button at the start of the game and dont know if I can do that now that it has started.
  3. I'm in Season 2 with Granada and can't hire enough B Team Coaches because they all want at least $140k in salaries. Coaches whose opening salary bid for a Granada coaching role or a U19 coaching role would be $50k, decide that they want $140k to coach for Granada B Team. And it is every single coach, all the way down to the most incompetent. That's why I think it might be bugged. Different coaches have different opening salary bids for the Granada or U19 team, but they all start at $140k for Granada B. So as a result, I was only able to afford a head coach, an assistant coach, and one other coach who I paid $85k with tons and tons of bonuses and salary raises in future years.
  4. I've been playing the beta with no complaints. A few minor bugs here and there, but nothing making it unplayable.
  5. It is awesome. I think the match graphics are better. I think the ability to set up different tactics before the match to take effect if different scenarios occur during the match is really cool. I am still learning the scouting system but I think it seems more realistic than last year. It looks like your scout goes to a particular match each day to get scouting reports and doesn't just provide a report for hundreds of players after being in a country a couple of days. Very impressed.
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