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  1. I put this up on the shelf and am prepared to write this year's version off as "they did the best they could, given the pandemic." And they've provided a near-perfect product for many other years running. But will wait to make sure this is fixed in next year's version before buying, because if players in my league aren't developing like they are in other leagues, due to statistical differences, that's game breaking for me.
  2. Has the latest update fixed any of these stats? I have not played in a while. It wasn't something I noticed at first, but once I did notice the broken stats, it prevented me from enjoying my career. Here's my holdup: How are these broken stats affecting player development? For example, are my young wingers going to develop when they aren't getting proper dribbling stats? Are defenders going to get huge boosts, and always develop better than expected because of broken Key Header stats? Central Defender ratings were super high for my teams. If we could get clarification on whether
  3. I brought my team up from Germany's 3rd league to Bundesliga, and each season, I wondered why "dribbles per game" occurred about 10% as often as in other leagues, and clear cut chances seemed a lot less common. Reading through this thread, I guess that human league's stats will always be totally different from others? I had never noticed this in previous versions of FM. How much does this affect the development of our players? Can midfielders develop properly if they aren't getting credit for dribbles and tackles?
  4. That just happened in my game. I am playing in Spain, so I am less concerned with what happens in England. But it will be a little weird if leaving the EU makes it easier for players of all countries to come to England, due to relaxed work permit rules.
  5. Problem has been fixed. I downloaded latest Catalina update, uninstalled Steam, reinstalled FM20, and it's working now.
  6. I get the above message when I try to play the game on a new iMac with Catalina. And then it says "See the Steam support site for more information." But when you click on that link, there isn't any further information provided. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I have restarted the iMac a few times. I have restarted Steam a few times. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  7. I ran into the same message on a new Mac with Catalina. I did what Svartica suggested, and allowed Steam full disk access. I have also restarted the computer and restarted Steam a few times. But the game still won't play on this computer. Any other suggestions?
  8. I wanted to download photos for a couple players. To make this work, I need to know their player IDs. I can't figure out how to find each individual player ID. It used to be an option in "preferences" but I can't find it in FM19. Anyone know how to find Player IDs?
  9. It is awesome. I think the match graphics are better. I think the ability to set up different tactics before the match to take effect if different scenarios occur during the match is really cool. I am still learning the scouting system but I think it seems more realistic than last year. It looks like your scout goes to a particular match each day to get scouting reports and doesn't just provide a report for hundreds of players after being in a country a couple of days. Very impressed.
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