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  1. I do not have it set to shoot on sight. I have it set to work ball in the box, I also set midfielders to shoot less often.
  2. Yes, this exact thing has happened to me in my own save. People who cost 20 mil in real life have a 55 mil cost/worth in my save. No idea why
  3. 1. My wingers or fullbacks ALWAYS tend to cross right toward the goalkeeper even if the player's crossing stats are 15 or higher or if I specifically put individual tactics to cross less often. Since when do players crossing right toward the goalkeeper as if just shooting ever happen in real life games except like once or twice the whole game? 2. Midfielders or attacking midfielders keep trying to shoot from way far from the goal even if there are tons of people open right next to him, and whenever they do shoot they kick it all the way to the mountains. Not even anywhere near the goal. Please fix these faulty AI, SI!
  4. Can you look at my crash dump and tell me what the problem is? FM 2018 v18.0.1.1030019 (2017.10.27 23.11.52).dmp
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