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  1. Thanks - Managed to finally download via SortitoutSi Couldn't work out how to install the rapidshare one it kept giving out an error. will battle on trying to get the gamefront working.
  2. Is there a Mirror out there for the latest FMRTE? Game Front won't load for some reason, My game might be bugged as I'm in 2028 and several of my homegrown - Never been outside england players don't register as homegrown for the purpose of registering for tournaments and it is annoying me. I'm guessing FMRTE is the only fix and I can't seem to download it. Any Help appreciated.
  3. Nep - it was 'not' a punishment... for offtopic stuff Its died a bit really, Played FM for 1st time in a week or so after finishing my 101 point season. Broke my transfer record by signing Balotelli for £40M, I really needed a good AML/Striker Got in a load of youth players scouted by my mass team of scouts and 2 freebies including Zac Boucher from Real Madrid. Sold players of interest: Abou Diaby back to Arsenal for 3.8M Jonjo Shelvy to Malloca for 4M Alex Smithies to Bayern for 3.6M also sold an aging Benaglio for £3.3M to Juve the season after i got him for free. First two Games - Charity Shield v Man U - I win 3-0 Revenge after losing in the extra time of the Fa cup. 1st prem game home vs Man City - I win 4-0, Montano with 2, Jo, Prince Asamoah 2nd Prem game away at Chelsea.
  4. Hope you have better luck than I Arsenal keep trying to nick my coaches, Man City already nicked my best world class coach GRRRRRRRRR Man CIty after another of my World Class coaches Got them both, gave the one city was after perhaps to good an offer but I didn't want him going to City.
  5. I've always liked Sweden and Belgium for scouting youth. Not sure why, though Sweden is proabably from finding Bakircioglu on an old FM/CM.
  6. Fined Adu 2 weeks wages for getting sent off. Fined Dalton 1 weeks for getting a 5.5 Both now want to leave Shame no-one ever bids, Yay board upgrading the youth facilities.
  7. Thanks likeabawass, I got promoted first try and my board did a masterstroke by getting Barcalona as my Parent club they loaned me Zamora (see below) for 3 years in a row before letting me buy him for his value, he single handedly kept me up the 1st two seasons if I recall correctly. I then got Jo and Hart off of City for 1.5M each and they were really big signings for me. Another turning point was getting in the europa league early. I finished 16th or so but got in due to the fair play record, it allowed me to get in players who usually wouldn't be interested. in the 10th minute of FA cup final Johnny Evans is sent off for professional foul on Juan Carlos Zamora 0-0 halfway through the 2nd half and Mr. Webb evens things up by sending off Freddy Adu, will have to re jig things. Switched to 2-2-1-2-2 Brought on the brazillian twins Rafael & Fabio the former UTD boys. Many stars needed here......... 93rd minute winner for UTD after they counter attacked from my corner.
  8. Congrats, Well I won and I don't know how my team did it but: Chelsea were only team to beat me, though I got revenge by winning 5-1 at home. Should acknowledge my assistant who picked the team fitting my tactics when I went on holiday a few times [see Months] after draws against the 'lesser' teams Chelsea are set to move to the Zola Arena, hopefully I get a new stadium after me. We can't expand the Mad Stad any further and I'm now on the legends list.
  9. Beat the points & goals total after winning 4-1 away at Boro. Need an away win at Arsenal to break the 100 point barrier. Will post a screenie after the game. Not bothered about it, more bothered by them closing a thread that wasn't harming anyone. Sobis has a goal ruled out for offside; Buonanotte makes it 1-0!! With a spectacular curling shot. Montano makes it 2-0 ! A header from a corner.
  10. Blimey, thats quite a drop for those two. Norwich are in l1 relegation battle on mine which is about it. 1-0 up at the moment v West Ham already won the title but gunning for Chelseas' 92 Point 86 goal haul records set 6 years ago. Jo made it 2-0 From the spot, have equalled the points record but the goals may be out of my reach as I need to score 9 in 3 i think.
  11. Good Luck; HAve an FA Cup final vs Man U - Haven't got to that final before. 11 Points clear of Arsenal in 2nd place with 5 games to go, 9 Goals needed for record goals and 6 points for that record both set by chelsea in 10/11 season (Now in 16/17)
  12. Just discovered one of my U18 Strikers is called - Scott Scott. Yep that is his full name. EDIT: Playing Chelsea at home, they are 3rd and only team to have beaten me so far in the league this season. 0-0 in the 37th Minute 3-0 To me at HT 49th Sobis gets his 2nd to make it 4-0 58th Granero gets his 2nd to make it 5-0 Won 5-1 in the end Playing Schalke in 2nd round knockout of champions cup, trailing 1-0 from 1st leg. Sobis in the 72nd makes it 1-1 on agg. Playing 3123 Overload Schalke score with their 1st shot of the game; in 1st half of extra time. I go out Gone on a month long holiday so I don't kill any of my players, don't have a clue to how we didn't win. 1 shot on target to our 7 after they scored. 0CCC to our 2.
  13. Congrats Deisler26; Just lost out on a good potential English CB to Chelsea, I thought I would get him having upped his wages from what he wanted to £55k/week but he went to chelsea - had a look and they have made him their highest paid player at £155k/week. :O He wouldn't even get on my bench at the moment and they are paying him that much ???
  14. Was planning an allnighter last night but my temper got the best of me Drew a game 0-0 despite having 20+ shots at least 1/2 on target, so I holidayed till 31st Decembe and went to sleep. Game crashed when I picked it back up in the afternoon, only lost a week though,however just suffered another crash dump and lost nearly the whole january month of contract renewals,transfers and matches. Starting it again and as I was unbeaten in the 6 games I will be making sure I win them again Have won the European Super Cup & the World Club Cup championship and am 1st at the window. Got John Obi Mikel for £3M off of Chelsea, and sold Bale to Rangers for an intial £5M + 250K per game for 50 games and 25% sell on fee. Doing an Arsenal, Cup team is a mixture of reserves and youth team players just won 3-0 against West Ham with my regen labelled the next John Terry scoring the 3rd.
  15. Best Watch it Hershie, no on topic stuff in that post Happy birthday Deisler, Usual FM big clubs all say they want my star players, no actual bids. Still no sign of a budget or youth intake. Just won a friedly at basingstoker 8-0
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