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  1. I manage FK Partizan that has a B team along with it's reserve team and youth setup. The B team also has it's own reserves team and youth setup. At the beginning of the second season the game prompted me to select the team for B team U19's friendly match. Since I have a dedicated manager to do that, I went to staff responsibilities but the option to change who manages friendly matches for the B team U19 setup was greyed out, as seen in the first screenshot. The crash dump happens when I try to place myself in total control of B team's U19. The save game and crash dumps have been uploaded to the FTP server and named "Staff_responsibilities_crash_FKPartizan".
  2. When I visit the Board menu and select Match Confidence and Transfer Activity from the drop down menu, I don't get the feedback from the fans or the board on those things. So, as you can see from screenshots, I have played half of the season, yet there is no reaction on the match performance from the board or the fans. Also, I've been active on the transfer market, yet again, no reaction from the board or the fans.
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