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  1. INternational Managment

    No you won't...you can still manage both...
  2. Have to see Ole's track record as a manager to see if this is "crazy" or not...
  3. Does anyone know where I can get a list of leagues sorted by rep.?
  4. What A Deal

    Yes but your managing in Australia...where players who are technically superior by a long margin can get away with being physically inferior. In the premiership and CL players have to be at their best to compete and at 30, as Nep pointed out, players stats begin to drop fast.
  5. Is this possible. I have FMM but I can't figure out how to do it. I'm currently managing Milan and want to make myself manager of the Italian national team. Can I do it?
  6. Changing the meaning of a number

    Me too. The static nature of the game world is the worst part right now imo. This would give us hope that there is a dynamic aspect to the world.
  7. lists?

    If you are not against downloading third party updates then I'd suggest getting the weegie update which will update your game. If you are then I'm sorry I can't help.
  8. Women's Football Manager

    Constructive...anyway, it's because there isn't enough demand for it...
  9. £1.85 billion in transfer funds

    I reckon it'll be a decent read...
  10. Wait for the conspiracy theorists...
  11. But have you guys noticed that while you have an international job, no clubs offer you jobs even if you apply?? or is it only in my game... </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Not the case in my game. As manager of Portugal after a couple of good tournaments I was highly sought after even though I was still in the job.
  12. Untouchable manager status

    totaly off topic, but I must know... How did you manage to get all the right names for the leagues? was it sortitoutsi or something else i dont know about? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Weegie update?
  13. Untouchable manager status

    Have you tried this?
  14. Negotiating transfer fees

    I've had both. Sometimes it works, sometimes it just completely daft. I enquired about a player and was told he would cost 1.8 million pounds, a number I was happy with. So I made a 1.8 million pound offer BUT I had changed the deadline day for response to "tomorrow" and thus it was classed as "make offer" rather then "accept demands". So I wait and they come back with a new offer of 2.3 million so I reduce it back down to 1.8 and offer. They then replied they wanted 2.8 million for him which I was forced to accept cause I wanted the player but didnt want to counter offer for fear of the price becoming even higher. Completely daft.
  15. Bit of a nooby question...

    Certainly is but thats not really allowing the Ass Man to do it(and hopefully doing a better job then the general schedule). The only part of the game I dislike is the monotony of the training.