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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I have been away. Over the last two days of using Football Manager 2018, it has not crashed so far, so it seems that all is fixed. It seems that instead of the game crashing, there are small lag spikes that last around 10 seconds. This is fine by me anyway, but if you can help at all, then I will welcome any suggestions. Thanks for all your help and if it does crash again, I will be sure to come back to you as you have been very helpful, Neil. Thanks once again for your help.
  2. Ok. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the game after removing my antivirus and the game still crashes. Any other suggestions?
  3. When it says to right click Football Manager 2018 in Steam, there is no Delete Local Content option for me. Is this the same as the uninstall option?
  4. Would you like me to send it as an attachment here, or send it via email like it said in the webpage?
  5. Unfortunately, even when I uninstall any custom graphics or editor files, the game does still crash.
  6. The save I sent you had an editor file that updated all the real life transfers. That was a save that I very recently started, so previous saves without any editor data still crashed. I will still try this out though.
  7. Yes, of course. It is simple called West Ham. It is located in the game-save folder within the fm folder.
  8. Yes, I have done all of the suggestions. When I delete the cache it does run for a little longer than usual, but then will begin to continue its consistent crashing.
  9. Unfortunately, even after clearing cache, now the crashes have started up again. I really would rather not delete preferences as I have set quite a lot. Also, I have already reverified the cache and that didn't seem to do the trick. Any other suggestions?
  10. It does look like deleting the cache has done it so far, but I will let you know if it continues to crash while I record in the coming weeks.
  11. Is there anything else I can do? This is really important to me as I make YouTube videos as well, and it would be really annoying if the game keeps crashing while I record. The game crashes when I don't record as well.
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