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  1. [Croatia] (Official) Data Issues

    hi you didnt fix problem with Sinisa Orescanin, Hajduk II manager. Also missing player Mario Curic (Hajduk II)
  2. [Croatia] (Official) Data Issues

    Winter break in November? I cant manage training. I think this is bug because I still have to play few games in November and December
  3. distance covered

    I played games before, so that is bug.
  4. [Croatia] (Official) Data Issues

    another bug...distance covered on the list dont work correct. can you fix that? of courese, I played some games.
  5. [Croatia] (Official) Data Issues

    ok thanks...I hope that will fix asap
  6. [Croatia] (Official) Data Issues

    Ok, nice! also player Kalik is on loan, somewhere in Australia, I think.
  7. [Croatia] (Official) Data Issues

    Try to start game with Hajduk and go to "staff". Yo have Orescanin on coach duty in first team. Then, open "hajduk II" and go to "staff", "coaching team" and you can see that name Orescanin is twice on list like coach. When you terminated his contract, he stay on list like manager (hajduk II), but without contract and disappears from coach position in 1st team coach list. Im sure that is bug.
  8. [Croatia] (Official) Data Issues

    FM 18 Beta Bug Hajduk Split: coach Sinisa Orescanin is on coach list 3 times. 1x first team, 2x hajduk II !!!! also in team "tactics" cant use role "segundo volante" on position DMC