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  1. Not sure why nobody has bothered to look at this yet, and it's still happening and ruining cup competitions for me.
  2. The biggest mistake SI have ever made is allowing CA/PA to be visible with the editor. Without that, the only thing we have in game to help judge potential is the star rating system, and that does change all the time throughout the game based on quite a few things. I'm forever seeing my players current and potential star rating ability changing based on form, how they're developing, coaches opinions changing etc etc. I do agree that it would be good to see a bit more stat changing at more advanced ages, but I'm not sure it's as bad as is being made out.
  3. I don't sorry, I'm about 6 months further down the line in this save. Having said that, I've uploaded two examples recently for different reasons which may have been around that time. They were titled Tom Hughes - Liverpool and Tom Hughes - Liverpool(V.02) so it might be worth you having a look at them.
  4. Speaking of Mourinho, he finished 2nd with Man Utd, and did very well in the cups. He was given less time than Solskjaer who's been much less successful, but plays "the united way". Ole has done no better than Moyes, Van Gaal, or Mourinho.
  5. Giving this a bump as nobody has bothered to address it yet. It's a pretty big problem if it's going to happen a lot.
  6. @FreezingTablehave you tried using a 3 striker formation with the 'stay wider' instruction on the outermost players? I know it's not ideal but the description of how you want them to play sounds like that could be an option.
  7. So I just got this message about Declan Rice developing a new trait, and an explanation of the trait, but no title of it and it doesn't appear on his traits list so I was wondering if it's informing me of a hidden trait (and if it is, should it be telling me that?) or if it should be listed and there's a bug?
  8. I've uploaded a save game titled "Tom Hughes - Liverpool (v02).fm" as there was a Carabao cup game in that save against Chelsea which I lost on penalties. The problem being that in that shootout, I chose the order of all 11 players for taking a penalty and the game totally ignored that order, started at the bottom of the list so my GK took the first penalty, my CB the second etc, until about half way through went it just went completely random. I'd be a bit miffed if it was the Champions League final or something...
  9. Cheers Ben, I'd already gotten around it my just cancelling the bid before it was accepted then handling it myself.
  10. Playing as Liverpool, I added a player to my 'transfer target' list from the scouting menu. Michael Edwards then makes a bid for the player, which gets accepted. I then receive the news item notification to start transfer negotiations, but all the boxes are blank other than the button to begin negotiations. When I click that, I'm told I've already offered a contract, but I can't progress the game because that news item was a 'must respond' item and it doesn't think I've responded despite the contract apparently being offered. Anyway, I've uploaded a save file to the cloud a few save bar clicks away from the offer being put in. It's entitled Tom Hughes - Liverpool.fm
  11. I've just watched the 97 FA Cup game between Liverpool and Chelsea on iPlayer and I have a huge desire to get Roy Evans out of that managers chair ASAP. Can anybody point to a 96/97 database, if one exists? My searching has brought up nothing so far.
  12. So I don't think this is a bug as such, so I haven't posted this in the bugs section, but playing on a Friday after a Tuesday Champions League game never happens. It can't even be due to fixture congestion as there's plenty of time between these two fixtures and the next one too.
  13. I'd just like to know how much Scott McTominay paid SI to totally over power his stats!? This surely makes him one of the best ball winning midfielders in the game, which he most certainly is not!
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