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  1. My game has also just developed this fault. I won the Champions League three times in a row, had a news article saying I'd gone up in the rankings from 3rd to first, but I'm completely missing from the 5 year list, though I am visible in the 10 year list. I've uploaded my save into your Cloud service, titled Tom Hughes-New
  2. I can confirm, through my experiences in the Army, that blisters can indeed be very serious injuries that will definitely keep you out of action for a few weeks, especially when the main tool of your trade is your feet. Here's some pictures for you (not mine) that are quite bad. I've seen worse too. Not sure how a footballer would get them this badly, but all it takes is one pair of badly fitted boots.
  3. Not if the coach has already reached their maximum potential.
  4. Who misled you? Who told you, "you must spend hours talking to each player every week"? Was it in the in-game tutorial anywhere, or any other instructions produced by SI?
  5. I mean, if we're just taking a single game as an example of how wrong the ME is in comparison to RL, I can do the same to defend it, right? https://www.google.com/search?q=man+utd+vs+liverpool+2018&oq=man+utd+versus+live&aqs=chrome.5.0j69i57j0l4.11130j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#sie=m;/g/11f67fmgmq;2;/m/02_tc;dt;fp;1;;
  6. Because if they only included things in the game that made your job easier it would be boring. You need to be able to make mistakes and do pointless things because otherwise everything you did would be correct and give huge bonuses at which point it stops being a challenge or a game at all and means that you can't fail. What's the point of a game that you can't fail at? You're moaning about doing something that you didn't have to do. You chose to do it. Yes, SI enabled you to do it, but they also enable you to fine every player every single week. Did you do that too? Yes interactions need work, but your initial post was criticising the amount of time you spent doing them, which is your own fault.
  7. uh huh... Aside from that laughable comment, it sounds like you're just signing as many players as possible and hoping that that'll fix things for you. Signing too many players in a short space of time has devastating effects on squad cohesion, which will destroy performances on the pitch. I'd also like to know how playing at Newcastle, you had the budget to sign Benassi, Willian, jose, Cutrone, Tierney, Hakan Canaloghu, Nasri and Balotelli in your first season, followed by Shaqiri, Bruno Fernandes, Julian Draxler, Djibril Sidibe, Rafinha, and Michael Keane in your second season? That's not realistic at all, either financially or from a squad dynamics point of view.
  8. Bugger all. Unless it's a goal in a big game, then I have a tendency to shout either the old Channel 4 Football Italia 'GOALAZO!' or if I'm really excited, the typical South American 'GGGGOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GGOOOAAAALLL!' followed by a celebratory vape.
  9. You're missing some goals, I think two of the video clips had two goals in each of them. Both goals in the 4th clip were from sustained attacks, albeit one of them had been half cleared before we regained possession which is why we look a bit deeper than being camped outside their box. It was still a prolonged period of attack though, I don't count the second that they had the ball as a reset.
  10. I've not played much more, damn job! But of the handful more games I've managed he's been average really. The last 5 games has him at an average rating of 7.2, so he's picked up from his mini slump, but he's not really setting the world on fire. Still chipping in with assists though, and I'm still get asked about him in interviews regarding his high amount of assists, so it's all good.
  11. Oh yes, of course you can see that through the three seconds of video you get before the goal. Clearly some are counter attacks, but I'll say again because I actually saw the matches so I know it for a fact, at least two of those goals were from sustained attacks. You don't know more about my game than I do, so less of that nonsense please. You might not have said that you expected through balls against a deep compact defence, but I didn't start my comments talking to you. It was a general point, and I've certainly seen people asking for such. Though my initial post wasn't even about through balls, it was about people complaining that they can't get a player playing in the CAM position to have any influence on matches, getting assists or even passing in and around the box. I proved that wrong by showing that it's possible, then people unable to stop moaning or admit that they're wrong decided to change the argument to "yea but they weren't all through balls waaaaaa". I never claimed they were. But some were, and they were pretty sweet. Then, with some people once more being unable to accept their own failings, they're now changing the argument once more to "oh but none of those clips had you camped outside their box for half an hour before you played what I consider to be a good enough through ball waaah wwaaaaahh wah". Give it a rest. (That last bit *was* aimed at you.) You say "right now you can't make your number 10 your main goal threat". Well that's an entirely different argument. I'm arguing that your number 10, when played in a CAM role, can be your main play maker.
  12. I had a foul on the edge of the area reviewed via VAR. The commentary indicated that it wasn't a penalty, and that a free kick was awarded. However, it instead gave me a corner. Man Utd v Liverpool.pkm
  13. At least two of those goals were from a sustained attack. Why you'd expect more through ball assists when the opposition has had time to reset and sit deep is beyond me. It's an extremely rare thing. The Arsenal Invincibles were amazing at intricate passing around the area resulting in a short through ball, but there's a reason they were so lauded for it. It's because it's next to impossible to do on such a regular basis, and it's why no team has ever achieved similar since.
  14. Just chill out a bit. The high tempo is making your players get rid of the ball quickly without properly assessing their options, so they're more likely to shoot in the wrong moment. Also lowering your team mentality will go even further to reduce the poor shooting decisions. The more attacking mentalities don't really mean that you're attacking more, they just mean your players are playing in a more rushed, hectic manner.
  15. I've sent Joe Gomez and TAA numerous times and never got any benefit from it. Don't know if it's them, their age, or something else but I'll keep trying because they're destined to be my captain and vice captain, one way or another.
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