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  1. I've just watched the 97 FA Cup game between Liverpool and Chelsea on iPlayer and I have a huge desire to get Roy Evans out of that managers chair ASAP. Can anybody point to a 96/97 database, if one exists? My searching has brought up nothing so far.
  2. Just looked at my goal analysis and it's saying I scored 11 overhead kicks in my last 50 games. I haven't, obviously. Wasn't this also a problem last year? Anyway, I can provide a save game if required but I'm presuming this happens in all saves.
  3. So I don't think this is a bug as such, so I haven't posted this in the bugs section, but playing on a Friday after a Tuesday Champions League game never happens. It can't even be due to fixture congestion as there's plenty of time between these two fixtures and the next one too.
  4. I'd just like to know how much Scott McTominay paid SI to totally over power his stats!? This surely makes him one of the best ball winning midfielders in the game, which he most certainly is not!
  5. I'm not playing FM19 anymore as they ruined the training part of the game with an update a few months ago and straight up refused to fix it. I wasn't enjoying trying to develop youngsters who's individual training had to be manually selected every time they were played in a different position to what they were training as (which was a lot). As such I'm unsure about buying the next game because I've found other things to do with my time. I tend to have phases of playing and not playing which can last for months at a time anyway though, so I won't rule out buying FM20 at all. I'm certainly not rushing to get it though. It's not all doom and gloom though, I'm so far happy that there's no huge new features for FM20, and it seems to be a lot more about improving and perfecting what they've already got. That has been needed for years.
  6. After the total farce of SI messing the training up a few months ago with an update and just straight out saying that they weren't going to bother fixing it, I'd just like to see the game not going backwards when it's updated, and more willingness from them to say "guys, this update hasn't worked as intended/has had a disastrous knock-on effect, we're going to roll back to the last version while we correct it". Most people can accept that there's bugs when the game is first released, but to expect the game to improve with each update instead of ruining an important aspect of the game isn't a big ask. Other than that, the biggest change I'd like to see for FM20 is for there to be no new features. I'd like the team to focus solely on perfecting the current game, with a focus on the ME and tactics.
  7. On that we can definitely agree! Especially combined with the 'gets into opposition area' PPM. But that basic premise is incorrect. In the two images I provided, the winger will play in exactly the same way as an individual, it's the rest of the tactic that will change and therefore change the effectiveness of the winger, for better or worse. If I changed the team mentality from cautious to very defensive, the winger on attack duty would be less adventurous than the winger on support with an attacking team mentality. This information and the way it affects your tactic is important when creating a tactic and understanding what affects what, and as the OP says... ... this is relevant to learning, and keeping it simple wouldn't be doing him any favours.
  8. Sorry but that's not necessarily true. Here's two images, one with a winger on support duty while the team mentality is attacking, and the other one a winger on attack duty while the teams mentality is cautious. See how the players overall mentality is the same in both of them? So in both different tactical setups that winger will play with the same risk taking, which includes taking on opponents and getting into the box.
  9. Exactly, that made it even better! It's not as if I haven't won a lot in this save (5 out of 6 PL now) but this was the sweetest because it was a transition year where we struggled for early form but clawed it back, and Everton handed the title to us denying Man Utd. In the words of Brad Bobley, "So sweet!" Honestly no idea lol! Though the fixtures were a bit everywhere, I was in the Club World Championship and other fixtures seemed to be out of phase too, so probably something going on with that. There's a few weeks where nobody was top, and nobody was bottom either... Yep, done plenty of lower league saves thanks, I was going well with a Hampton & Richmond save until I got the urge to experiment with a 442 at a top team. Well yes, but @HUNT3R has the right of it, it wasn't about the winning as such, more screwing Man Utd over on the last while playing as Liverpool, with the help of Everton to boot. Also, this is 6 seasons in, I don't have Firmino or Mane, and Salah is getting a bit past it so the front three you speak of are no more. And I don't play with a front three anyway. But sure, sit there being bitter, it's nothing to me
  10. I'd love to know what happened for him to get that wage! Edit: Oh never mind, that's just the amount Arsenal are paying while he's on loan. I never noticed that it doesn't display a players full wage there before.
  11. I see some people moaning that English teams have barely got past the quarter finals in the past ten years or so (when we've had 10 semi finalists in that time), and using this to say that they couldn't possibly have a period of domination. But look at the info below. Also note that no other country has had seven different teams in the quarter finals in the last 10 years. Only England, which says we have strength in depth. In the 08/09 season, Barcelona knocked Chelsea out in the semi final. The other semi final was all English (Man Utd and Arsenal). Barcelona beat Man Utd in the final. Without Barcelona, an English team would have won. In the 09/10 season, Barcelona knocked Arsenal out in the quarter finals. Bayern knocked Man U out also in the quarter finals, and the eventual winners, Inter, knocked Chelsea out in the last 16. In the 10/11 season, Barcelona knocked out Arsenal in the last 16. Real Madrid knocked out Tottenham in the quarter final. Man Utd knocked out Chelsea in the quarter final. Barcelona beat Man U in the final. In the 11/12 season, Milan knocked out Arsenal in the last 16. Chelsea won the competition. In the 12/13 season, Real Madrid knock out Man Utd in the last 16. Bayern, the eventual winners, knock out Arsenal in the last 16. In the 13/14 season, Bayern knock out Arsenal in the last 16. Barcelona knock out Man City in the last 16. Bayern knock out Man Utd in the quarter final. Atletico knock out Chelsea in the semi final. In the 14/15 season, Monaco knock out Arsenal in the last 16. Barcelona, the eventual winners, knock out Man City in the last 16. In the 15/16 season, PSG knock out Chelsea in the last 16. Barcelona knock out Arsenal in the last 16. Real Madrid, the eventual winners, knock out Man City in the semi final. In the 16/17 season, Monaco knock out Man City in the last 16. Bayern knock out Arsenal in the last 16. Atletico knock out Leicester in the quarter final. In the 17/18 season, Sevilla knock out Man Utd in the last 16. Juventus knock out Tottenham in the last 16. Barcelona knock out Chelsea in the last 16. Liverpool knock out Man City in the quarter final. Real Madrid beat Liverpool in the final. I think it's fair to say that if it weren't for Barcelona and Real Madrid, that English teams could have/would have fared a lot better. So what happens in FM if either or both of those teams has a dip in form/quality, as does happen? Who's able to capitalise? Well, we can see from the screenshots many people have provided, it's the clubs with the most spending power, which is basically PSG and the top English teams, occasionally broken up by a good year for Atletico, or Bayern, or Juventus in my save. It's just common sense that the clubs who can afford to pay the most talented players will win the most things more often than not, and that can't always be Real/Barcelona. Next in line with the money are the English.
  12. Why? Spain had 7 winners from the ten years 08/09 - 07/08 including 3 in a row for Real Madrid, and England had 7 out of 10 between 76/77 - 85/86, so why shouldn't another nation, or Spain or England again, have a period of domination?
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