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  1. Erm, how? Because, again, as I mentioned in the OP, I tried: and nothing happened. Set it to a few weeks into the game, with chairman set as new job, but the game doesn't recognize it (which, as I mentioned, didn't surprise me since the future transfer page doesn't include any of the variables and effects on the club that come into play when an actual takeover takes place, it's not just the "transfer" of an employee). No takeover is triggered, and as the game seem to evidently recognize the "transfer" of a chairman as invalid, nothing at all happens.
  2. Yeah, I mentioned it in the OP: the issue with the EDT is that it doesn't make it so the specific person already in the database is chosen for the takeover. Even when it works, it just creates a newgen with the name and birthdate specified there. Since you cannot (afaik) tell it to pull a certain unique person ID, in my case it would just generate another Gianluca Vialli (with random chairman attributes and no face or a regen face).
  3. Lol, yeah, missed a "forward" there Heh, I feared that was going to be the answer, but I had to give it a try. I guess I'll keep things as they are and just leave Vialli unemployed then, with the heaviest possible bias towards Sampdoria and some of the staff of old glories I plan to hire as soon as viable anyway (even though those preferred person values seem to have a very minor influence at best) and see how it goes in a long term career. Having everything too ideally set up from the beginning would feel too much of a cheat: and you never know, he could still appear a few years down the line buying some other club and hiring Mancini to manage it: it'd still be pretty cool
  4. I've searched far and wide, but apparently what I'm looking for isn't a common endeavour: I'm trying to force the future takeover of a specific team by a specific person. So yeah, all I could find are some tricks to encourage normal random takeovers (usually to get tycoons), but nothing on this kind of specific scenario. In my case, I was trying to go for a bit of a self indulging fantasy: I've created (or better said, re-created as he was lost in retirement a few FM versions ago) an entry for Gianluca Vialli. Gave him back his whole player/manager history, relations, awards etc, and made him an aspiring chairman, currently unemployed (not sure if I gave him any of the possible Italy national team contracts to sort of represent his current external role there that would block his ability to become a chairman). Meanwhile, the current - pretty hated by everyone around here - Sampdoria Chairman, Massimo Ferrero, is already looking to sell the club in the vanilla db, so no need to edit anything there. But here's the issue: how do I make it so when Ferrero eventually sells - usually mid/late in the first season - Vialli is guaranteed to be the new owner/chairman? As stated, all the guides/posts about takeover I could find are only about making a current owner more inclined to sell (which boils down to setting the club/fan confidence towards them to low values), to try and get tycoons, while the future_chairmen.edt file seems to only create completely new and random people, as you can only specify their name and birth date, everything else is random (you can't give them a specific ID, so even putting a Gianluca Vialli in there would, at best, generate a new faceless/regen person with the same name). In the editor it's allowed in the person entry to set up a future transfer with a chairman "contract": tried it but it doesn't work in game (nothing happens once the future transfer date comes up) which is unsurprising, as it really doesn't seem meant for that kind of staff and I totally expected the edit to be ignored by the actual game. So, anyone has any idea about other ways to achieve that? Or at least make it much more likely (enough to make savescumming a reasonable solution) for the game to pick him among the other possible chairmen when it comes to Sampdoria? I gave him a 100 favoured relations towards Sampdoria as an ex player, and all that jazz (even a desire to "be a player" for Sampdoria - as there's no chairman entry for such long term career plans, but I've seen other chairmen have desires set as such in the database, so maybe it's supposed to work the same?), but in my (albeit limited) testing I hadn't much luck and still other random people bought the club. Granted, the simpliest thing would be to just sack Ferrero, replace him with the recreated Vialli in the editor and start like that from the very beginning, but I was looking to play through the eventual kick in the butt to Ferrero mid game - with everything else that a takeover does when it comes to gameplay during a season - instead of just starting the game with the "chairman of our dreams" from the very beginning.
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