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  1. Hi there, I have been having this issue for about a month now and I believe it is not related to a specific game file as it occurs when in menu too sometimes. It usually occurs just before starting a match and the temporary fix is ti restart my whole laptop then the message won't occur for a few hours ingame. E.g 6 hours. The error reads: "Football Manager 2020 is running dangerously low on memory. Please quit and free up some memory. Tried to allocate: 0 bytes" I have no other applications open and my RAM is 8GB so I'm unsure about the issue here. Thank you for your time.
  2. I am currently in the 2nd Season with Manchester United and approaching the January transfer window. Antonio Valencia is getting old and is currently 33 years old and I am looking to replace him soon as he only offers 3 stars. I am looking for either a RB or maybe a RWB to switch up my formation. Suggest either a already high profile player or a high potential player. Money is not an issue
  3. I had him playing for the U23's then sold him off to West Brom.
  4. Currently the manager of Manchester United and in the January transfer window I offered Phil Jones to other clubs as he was not needed. He got angry and talked to me about it, I told him he was not needed and he got even angrier and now the team is sticking up to him. I got told by the assistant manager to discuss it with the team but when I try interact with Phil Jones there is no option to do so and when on Dynamics and clicking "team talk there is nothing that brings up the Phil Jones situation only stuff about the season. How can I resolve this issue?
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