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  1. im playing with 3 man midfield (1 DM 2 CM) but during build up i want one of my CM drop back along with my DM to receive ball (like having 2 DM during build up). is it possible?
  2. Finished first season 2nd in the league with 2nd best defense I used 4-4-1-1 formation but changed the roles and TI a lot but at the end we played like this which resulted in 12 match unbeaten run This was the usual starting line-up with only 3 foreign players. we drew with PSG twice both 0-0. and our best win was against Marseille which we won 5-2 and Monaco 4-0. Remy Cabella was the best player with most goals and assist. also he was 3rd in most chances created and key passes in the league. I signed a free agent for right-back position and loaned out a left-back and that was it. now i need to spend time in transfer market i want to buy players with high determination and workrate because i think these attribute helps in overachieving. youth academy should be upgraded too.
  3. AZ is a good choice. or Sporting. AZ finished 4th in the league and Sporting 3rd So not exactly mid table teams but both have good Youth facilites.
  4. great idea. i'm starting a save with AS Saint-Étienne . they only have 9 foreign players.
  5. Hi. I'm using christmas tree formation midfield looks like this CM (D) Regista BMW(D) how can i encourage my BWM and CM to defend wide areas more.. Cause i noticed they don't defend wide areas at all and all 3 of them sit very close to each other.. I used play wider in TI but didn't help.. Any suggestions? Thank you and sorry for bad English.
  6. I don't know why but this doesn't work on fm18.. Tested some games with ac milan and wales.. Bad results.
  7. For gegenpressing i use Counter/Control/Attacking mentality (depends on opposition..counter and attacking are with higher tempo) with Very Fluid team shape. and i use these TIs: Much Higher Defensive Line/Offside Trap/Prevent short GK distribution/Use tighter marking i never change these TIs i think these TIs are essential for counter pressing but you can add more if you want like higher tempo.. more direct passing Or work the ball into box and short passing its up to you. i recommend using 4-1-2-3 / 4-2-3-1 / 4-4-1-1 formation and i think 4-4-2 diamond is good too,offers a lot of pressure in middle of the pitch ..and using roles that offer movement in winning the ball. Don't use roles that are lazy defensively like trequartista. or roles like anchor man who sits very deep and doesn't move up to win the ball. this is formation that i used on fm16:
  8. hi. what tactic do you suggest when your facing a much stronger team? is there any good park the bus tactic?
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