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  1. ah, nooo. But surely there's a minimum wage budget?? Is it likely that I'll get some rich new owner or does that not happen at this level?
  2. Anyone else suffering from spiralling debt?? Wage budget got cut from 10k p/w to 8k p/w then 7k p/w this season, with a 5.75k p/w budget for next season, I doubt I'll be able to put out a promotion winning squad! Do most board just wipe off the debt each season?
  3. 2018/19 season - Margate - Vanarama South - 13th place - 51pts Summary Ah the seaside town of Margate. A great summer holiday destination, but can its football team have equally sunny joy in the Vanarama South? I was expected a long hard slog of a relegation battle, but we usually managed to stay around 10 points above the relegation zone for most of the season. Will be looking for mid-table consolidation in 2019/20 with a more prepared and well-rounded squad. Gameplay thoughts: Fitness - I think they key is to at least get 15 players fully match fit for the beg
  4. Enfield Town - 22nd - Relegated Got sacked with 2 games to play having failed to beat the drop. My excuse is that I havent played full flavoured FM in a few years (I played FM 'classic' in FM16). Lessons learned - need to be more patient in scouting out and trialling new talent! Tactics - what are people's tips with this? Does it help to tinker around or just stick with 442 and wait for the team to gel? Meanwhile, resurrected myself as manager of Tonbridge for the 2018/19 season...
  5. Is it normal that I can't seem to offer part time contracts for longer than 12 months? Could be tricky retaining players for next season...
  6. Rocky start, but ground out a 2-1 win...long season ahead!
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