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  1. 2021/22 Season Report - Serie A | League Table | League Results (Home) | League Results (Away) | Italian Cup | Champions League | We started OK, have defeat away to Palermo was a sign of things to come. Our all-out attacking stategy was starting to falter. It took until after the Champions League group stages for me to implement a more solid formation. From that point on, we only lost two games, one in the cup, one in the league. We went on to win the league by a point. We also did the double, beating Inter in the Italian Cup Key Players | Andrea Conti | Kelechi Iheanacho | Conti got the highest amount of assists in Serie A this season and also won our player of the year. Way too many yellow cards though and is a bit of a liability. Kelechi was unreal as always, finishing as top goalscorer with 29 goals in the league. Shame he missed our entire Champions League campaign with injury as he would have made a big difference. Youth Players | Mattia Giorgetti | Our best youth player yet. Scouts tip him to become a Serie A Attacking Midfielder. Club Info | Squad | Finances | Transfers | We spent a lot this season, we needed two new midfielders, a defender and a keeper, by January we had all 4. We also had a huge clear out of dead wood. All for free's unfortunately. The board announced the plans for a new 16k seater stadium, opening in Spring '24 and we did well in the end of season awards. Next Season Targets - Get out of the Champions League Group Stages - Continue to improve the youth facilities [TABLE=class: grid, width: 500, align: center] [TR] [TD]Season[/TD] [TD]Division[/TD] [TD]Final Position[/TD] [TD]Achievements[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2017/18[/TD] [TD]Serie C[/TD] [TD]11th[/TD] [TD]n/a[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2018/19[/TD] [TD]Serie C[/TD] [TD]1st[/TD] [TD]Serie C Winners, Serie C Super Cup Winners[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2019/20[/TD] [TD]Serie B[/TD] [TD]1st[/TD] [TD]Serie B Winners[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2020/21[/TD] [TD]Serie A[/TD] [TD]3rd[/TD] [TD]Champions League Qualification[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2021/22[/TD] [TD]Serie A[/TD] [TD]1st[/TD] [TD]Serie A Winners, Italian Cup Winners[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  2. Nice to see people doing well with the challenge I've had a few weeks off. Last season we got in to the Champions league. I came fourth in the group, which prompted me to change from the all out attack strategy I had employed from the start of the challenge. Needless to say, the switch propelled us to the top of the league, with half a season to go. Full update coming tonight
  3. Good luck Jay! Loving the manager name
  4. A full update will come later in the week as I'm on Holiday in the Scottish Highlands. But with 4 games left of the season, this happened.. 3 Games Left 2 Games Left 1 Games Left Final Standings Wasn't expecting that. We were 10th 7 games prior to that after a really poor run of form.
  5. Nice season Col, Congrats on the title !! Jim - don't think I've ever IR'd a full fm game, I think it's based on CA and Reputation. I tend to get my tactics sussed and then play commentary only. I can usually get through a season in 10 hrs so doesn't take long
  6. It was the same with Ciacci too, he had a high rating but didn't perform as well as others. Back to Rossini though...that work rate and pace will make him a beast in Serie C. Are you playing him on the right? For me, I'd be so very tempted to stick him on the left as an inside forward, finishing and composure at 9 already, a bit of training as an IF and he'd be banging them in. What do your coaches say about his potential?
  7. Rossini looks good Jim, very good starting stats for a winger.
  8. 2019/20 Season Report - Serie B | League Table | League Results (Home) | League Results (Away) | Italian Cup | What a season, I certainly wasn't expecting that! We started strongly in the league and never looked back. The cup was as usual - we were pants..but nevermind, promotion to Serie A will make up for that. Key Players | Davide Agazzi | Ignacio Lores | Riccardo Perpetuini | Sasha Cori | Agazzi & Lores featuer here for the second season in a row. Agazzi was probably our best player again this season and will retain his place in the side. Lores, I'm not entirely sure on, he covered the AM© position whilst Russo was out injured and excelled there, that said his general stats aren't the best and I don't think he'll do well on the wings in Serie A. Finally, Perpetuini won our teams player of the year, his stats are very poor but he seems to but in a good effort every week. Youth Players I've not bothered with this section before, as my intake has been awful, however this season - everything changed | Youth Intake | Antonio Mirabelli | Frederico Todaro | Thomas Colombini | Colombini is the only Sammarinese player, however in my eyes he has very good stats for a defender already. Easilly good enough to walk straight in to a Serie C team at the age of 16. The other two are rated higher by my coaches and hopefully they'll be pimped my the national team as I doubt they'll be good enough for the Italy side. Club Info | Squad | Finances | Season Review | Transfers | Injury Report | End of Season Awards | Manager Profile | A handful of signings meant that we hit the ground running as it were. Medicino came in as a striker, Serie B's top goalscorer in the last season. Initially he started as an ST© but he did have a few bad spells there, I moved him out to the right wing and pushed Cori up front - the result was perfect, with Medicino getting most of his goals from the wing and Cori ending up our top goalscorer. The squad is starting to lack in quality, we will need to make several signings next season. Next Season Targets - Improve the Depth of the squad - Stay up. - Cup Run [TABLE=class: grid, width: 500, align: center] [TR] [TD]Season [/TD] [TD]League [/TD] [TD]League Finish [/TD] [TD]Cup Competition [/TD] [TD]Acievements [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2017/18 [/TD] [TD]Serie C [/TD] [TD]11th [/TD] [TD]Second Round [/TD] [TD]none [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2018/19 [/TD] [TD]Serie C [/TD] [TD]1st [/TD] [TD]Third Round [/TD] [TD]Serie C Winners, Serie C Super Cup Winners [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2019/20 [/TD] [TD]Serie B [/TD] [TD]1st [/TD] [TD]Fourth Quali Round [/TD] [TD]Serie B Winners, Manager of the Year [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  9. That's exactly what happened to me with Ciacci, I had contract offers and bids. I thought I'd try my luck, selected 1mil and Fiorentina agreed.
  10. 2018/19 Season Report - Serie C | League Table | League Results (Home) | League Results (Away) | Serie C Cup | We immediately set out to improve our defence, with two central defenders and two wing-backs joining, a long with a goalkeeper on loan. What a difference they made, we were able to grind results out when playing poorly and stuffed some teams too. It was a shame that Cori was injured for much of the season, he never really found his top form, despite scoring 15 goals. The league was close and it took until January to catch and surpass Siena, beating the highest ever points tally in Serie C in the process. Key Players | Davide Agazzi | Ignacio Lores | Pio Francesco Russo | Agazzi came in as Ciacci's replacement and he did very well. He had a strong influence, both when defending and attacking. He had the habit of scoring the winning goal, close to the end of the game, or clearing off the line, usually both in one match. Lores didn't get as many assists as last season, but finished with 13 goals and 11 assists - hence involved in 24 of our goals this season. Finally, Russo came in as an AM©, he's quite young and had some periods where he was unplayable, winning the Serie C Young Player of the Year Award. - I have high hopes for him. Club Info | Squad | Finances | Season Review | Transfers | Injury Report | End of Season Awards | Manager Profile | Not as many signings as last season, a defence and an inside forward was all we really needed. It's hard to know where to go from here, our league win was quite convincing. With Cori being injury prone, Deli not performing we will need to sign a striker. I'm not entirely convinced by our Central Defenders either. We may need to improve in that area. Our finances were very bad, making a loss of ~100K per month. In the end we had to sell Ciacci's 20% Profit on Next Sale clause, for 507K to keep us from going under. We had players in the top 3 rated players again this season, which was nice but was a shame not to win it. Next Season Targets - Sign a quality striker and central defender. - Improve our Youth Coaching Budget - Stay up. [TABLE=class: grid, width: 500, align: center] [TR] [TD=align: center]Season [/TD] [TD=align: center]League [/TD] [TD=align: center]League Finish [/TD] [TD=align: center]Cup Competition [/TD] [TD=align: center]Achievements [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=align: center]2017/18 [/TD] [TD=align: center]Serie C [/TD] [TD=align: center]11th [/TD] [TD=align: center]Second Round [/TD] [TD=align: center]None [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=align: center]2018/19 [/TD] [TD=align: center]Serie C [/TD] [TD=align: center]1st [/TD] [TD=align: center]Third Round [/TD] [TD=align: center]Serie C Super Cup Winners, Promotion [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  11. Cheers Jim, the next season was much better (update coming tonight), having defenders that can run makes a big difference . In regards to Ciacci, seeing how he's developed at Fiorentina, I was very lucky to get 1mil for him. He's improving but his physical attributes are still quite poor for a midfielder. He made 6 appearances in Serie A this season, average rating of 6.90. Which isn't too bad, that said he seems quite unhappy. I'd put in a loan offer for him but the guy I replaced him with was my best player last season. We really needed the money, we were losing 100k a month, I even had to cash in on the 20% clause :s
  12. Great season Col, Congrats
  13. 2017/18 Season Report - Serie C | League Table | League Results (Home) | League Results (Away) | Serie C Cup | Drawing was the story of the season! I decided to play a very attacking 4-2-3-1 (practically a 4-2-4), based on the fact that the attacking talent in the squad was good, but our defense was pants. We were flirting with the play-out positions for the first half of the season. In January I signed some temporary defenders on a free transfer - our form improved from then on. For a moment it looked like we could steal a play off place, however our Away form saw an end to that. As soon as it was confirmd that we couldn't be relegated, nor promoted, our squad kinda gave up and went on a losing streak. All in all, I'm quite happy with how the season went, we scored the most goals in the league (and conceded the most), if we can improve our defence then we could be a force to be reckoned with! Key Players | Ricardo Perpetuini | Ignacio Lores | Sasha Cori | Cori finished top scorer in the league. He played in both the ST© and AM© positions and excelled at both, I may push him to ST© next season, provided we can get a decent AM© to fill the gap. Lores is one of _those_ players. He can produce moments of pure class and other times he just can't be bothered. That said, 20 assists in a season is a very good effort. Perpetuini was the engine of the side, rarely had a bad game and stayed fit for most of the season, he acted as the perfect link between defence and attack and was pretty handy and breaking down counter attacks too. One for the Future | Mirko Ciacci | This guy was in the youth team when I started. Assistant Manager + Scots think he'll make a decent Serie A DM/MC, he played well for a 17 year old however he was not wanting to sign a new contract (due to expire to 2019). Whilst this is a player we all dream of having - someone who can last the challenge with you - Bologna offered him a contract, our compensation was only going to be 85K. Then Fiorentina came in with a bid - I negotiated and managed to get £1Mil for him + 20% of any future profit. On a personal level, I was a bit sad to sell him, however in regards to the challenge, I've re-invested the cash in to new Youth Training facilities, a couple small transfer fees and the rest is in the bank. In addition to that, you'd hope he'd reach his full potential at a club like Fiorentina - perhaps he will come in handy for the National side. I fear that he will rott in their U20 side, if I see that happening, I'll try to re-sign him. Club Info | Squad | Finances | Season Review | Transfers | Injury Report | End of Season Awards | Manager Profile | I think the problem we had was that I signed a lot of players at the start of the season - I had to really. It took them a long time to get used to my system. Once we were fluid in the tactic we really played quite well. We didn't have many injuries and it was nice to see two of our players in the top 3 for 'Player of the Season' Next Season Targets - Improve our Defence - I will need to make 4 new signings, LB,RB,DCx2 and possibly a GK too - Play-Offs - If we can improve our defence, yet keep scoring freely, we should be able to get in to the play-offs. [TABLE=class: grid, width: 500, align: center] [TR] [TD]Season [/TD] [TD]League [/TD] [TD]League Finish [/TD] [TD]Achievements [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]2017/18 [/TD] [TD]Serie C [/TD] [TD]11th [/TD] [TD]none [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  14. In last year's game I got to the Champions League and stopped playing all together. Now, bored of defuges challenge, it's time to take this on.
  15. Dorchester Town 2019/20 Season Report - Skybet League 2 - Promotion! | League Table | League Results (Home) | League Results (Away) | Capital One Cup | FA Cup | Johnstones Paint Trophy | As always, our home form carried us throughout the season, losing only a handful of games. That said, our away form really needs some work. We secured promotion with a couple games to go. We kept pace with the league leaders until the final 6 games, we drew most of those and then fell away. Perhaps we'll get the interesting record of going all the way to the Premier League without actually winning a league title! The main cups were woeful, being drawn against teams that were much better than us, that said the Johnstones Paint Trophy run was fun, getting all the way to the South Finals, where League One Yeovil Town beat us 2-1 in both legs. Key Players | DJ Buffonge | Mark Waddington | John Rooney | Brandon Griffiths | DJ joined us part way through the season and joined in with a lot of assists from the right wing. I'm undecided whether I'll get an upgrade on him next season as his attributes arent that good and we could really do with a lot more pace on the wings. Mark Waddington was great in the centre of midfield, he will be a starter in League One too, he covered the most distance out of any player in League Two this season and got his fair share of goals and assists. I wish his passing was more accurate. John Rooney was his side-kick in central midfield, I initially wanted him to play in the AMC role as his passing and vision are good for our level, however I couldn't find a CM good enough so I played him there instead. Next season I'll be aiming to get a good CM so we can push John in to a more creative position. Finally Brandon Griffiths played well on the left wing and when needed I could push him up as a striker. His only downside was his consistancy, he'd play well for a few games and go missing for a few. Perhaps this was may inability to man-manage him correctly. Club Info | Squad | Finances | Season Review | Transfers | Injury Report | End of Season Awards | Manager Profile | The squad handled the season well, with few injuries and better management by me (keeping the match sharpness up to scratch helps a lot!). The finances are fine, with a few hundred K in the bank after promotion and the wage budget for next season should be enough for us. I continued my transfer style of not signing too many players, despite being tempted to overhaul the entire team. This seemed to pay off and I'll try to do the same next season. Next Season Targets - Improve our defence, possibly a whole new back four, depending on what's available in the market. Our defenders are getting too many yellow/red cards hence I need people with better tackling/marking/positioning/decision making and anticipation. Not too much to ask for huh? - Tempting fate here, but I've always found League 2 and League 1 to be the easiest part of this challenge, so I'm hoping to get in to the play-offs. - After getting to the South Final in the Johnstones Paint Trophy, it would be great to go out and win it this time round. [TABLE=class: grid, width: 500, align: center] [TR] [TD=align: center]Season [/TD] [TD=align: center]League [/TD] [TD=align: center]Final Position [/TD] [TD=align: center]Achievements [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=align: center]2016/17 [/TD] [TD=align: center]Vanarama South [/TD] [TD=align: center]2nd [/TD] [TD=align: center]Promoted [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=align: center]2017/18 [/TD] [TD=align: center]Vanarama National [/TD] [TD=align: center]20th [/TD] [TD=align: center]Survived [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=align: center]2018/19 [/TD] [TD=align: center]Vanarama National [/TD] [TD=align: center]5th [/TD] [TD=align: center]Promoted [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=align: center]2019/20 [/TD] [TD=align: center]Skybet League 2 [/TD] [TD=align: center]3rd [/TD] [TD=align: center]Promoted [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]