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  1. Yeah it's odd. Andu1 could be right and it's just big team and expectations but just seemed odd
  2. Enrique won all but one game since the takeover/election
  3. But realistically, unless Enrique has lost the dressing room, he's not going to get sacked for finishing second in his first season and winning the manager of the year award
  4. Yeah it was odd. Only thing I can think of is that they both have new owners recently
  5. Is this a bug? Both of them got sacked the day the season ended, and both finished second in their leagues. Luis Enrique even won manager of the year! Edit: Guardiola's job is on the line for finishing second too
  6. When does the new patch come out? Any ideas?
  7. After winning the league the game said I did the double. This confused me as I haven't played the FA Cup final yet and still in the semi's of the CL. I look and see it is thinking about the League Cup which was won buy Spurs and I was knocked out in the semi's.
  8. OK, thanks, so roughly the same as last year
  9. When does the youth intakes happen this year? Is it the same as FM13?
  10. So managing other nations and/or in that nation helps it seems. Will see next time I try, thanks.
  11. I have not been able to get one at all no matter what stage in my career and reputation. I get "laughed off". For example, my nationality is Portuguese and my rep is world class but I still get laughed off and they pick someone who has a 'national' reputation. I did it a few times and they eventually just picked a Spanish guy.