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  1. Windows 10 (fairly new laptop) and have already done that. Not working still
  2. Just tried but still no luck - with no firewall
  3. Tried that already but to no luck - without firewall too
  4. Any other suggestions? I can see it is also allowed access etc. on firewalls just in case. I don't get what has happened
  5. I've turned off all firewalls/anti viruses. Restarted my laptop numerous times but still no luck
  6. No such luck unfortunately, turned it off but still the same
  7. Hi, I can't seem to complete the update and therefore start the game. It says I am missing file privileges. I have tried numerous solutions and as far as I'm aware, is allowed via my Firewall/anti virus so not sure what is going on
  8. Yeah it's odd. Andu1 could be right and it's just big team and expectations but just seemed odd
  9. Enrique won all but one game since the takeover/election
  10. But realistically, unless Enrique has lost the dressing room, he's not going to get sacked for finishing second in his first season and winning the manager of the year award
  11. Yeah it was odd. Only thing I can think of is that they both have new owners recently
  12. Is this a bug? Both of them got sacked the day the season ended, and both finished second in their leagues. Luis Enrique even won manager of the year! Edit: Guardiola's job is on the line for finishing second too
  13. When does the new patch come out? Any ideas?