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  1. As far has i'm concerned this years features could go like this: FM 19 new Features: New Match Engine... The end... I would buy it the second i read it, this way, just got more money to buy Red Dead Redemption 2, first time i don't buy this since my teens...
  2. I bet it will be decided by them after they have a clear picture of the sales that the game will have in the switch, in the end of the day it's a numbers game, if it proves profitable they will continue , if not it's a one off...i personaly hope it's NOT a one off.
  3. I know someone who asked about this some months ago, eheheheheh It's a terrible piece of new if you ask me, it would make it so hard not to buy it, jeeezzz, my wife is going to kill me
  4. Something must have changed, FMSE18 doesn't work but the the game version is still 18.3.3, go figure...
  5. Perfect answer as far as i'm concerned, very well said, thanks for that
  6. Maybe you didn't understand, nobody is complaining about the number of long shots, only about world class players shooting at the corner flag almost every single game, it's the accuracy, not the amount, some people don't seem to, (or dont want to), understand that every great player can have a terrible day and miss some open goal chances, they simply don't do it in almost every game...
  7. oooooohhhhhhhhh, Come ooooooon, the question is not that it happens in real life, everyone knows that, the question is, IT DOESN'T HAPPEN IN EVERY GAME IN REAL LIFE, to have a team with Dybala and Kane, or Messi and Suarez and having them make that kind of miss at least once a game is rubish, or in front of the goal hitting the corner flag for someone like Neymar, show me the viddeo where he or Messi hit the corner flag while in the box.
  8. Had to read it 10 times to believe in my eyes, thats not a keeper, thats the defenition of perfection
  9. Yesterday a striker from the team i was playing against received the ball in the area, some 3 meters to the side of the goal and shot the ball forward, so either the guy tried to shoot and fumbled it and hit the ball with the outside of his foot, and it went forward, or the guy was blind, there was nothing there, no goal, no players, nothing, i believed he would score because there were no defenders near him, no pressure, and the guy does that, it was in a way worst than the shots to the corner flag, wich in another game, the ball hit the corner flag itself and went out, i almost woke my wife laughing, they didn't even got the corner (this was a premiership game, not a conference game...)...LOL
  10. Imagine having at front Dybala and Harry Kane, my heart goes up every time one of them get alone with the keeper, only to see them wasting most of the chances in what can only be described as "blind shooting", they seriously seem to close their eyes before making the shot, LOL, it's so frustating, at least with conference players you can say they are just rubish, but at this level, no way, to me at the moment this is what bothers me most in the game, well, along with the corner flag long shots that happen every single game...damn...
  11. As incredible as it sounds, it was the same for me, well, not the champions league situation, but in a game i had 3 penalties and scored ZERO, the other team scored a goal, i manage to tie the game and imagine what, last minutes os the game....PENALTY FOR THE OTHER TEAM AND...THEY SCORE...fortunately after almost breaking my hand a lot of years back, i learned to just quit and let the fumes pass...LOL
  12. Played 5 games, had to change the tactics after 2 games because i didn't like how the team was playing after the patch, (still winning mind you, but 1-0 with terrible quality), but i do feel that the passing game is a LOT better (don't really find the shooting that much better, the keepers are VERY impressive, Ederson is a beast, good luck getting one on his goal), just won with City against Leicester, 4-0 with 3 goals from midfilders (2 for Bernardo and 1 for De Bruyne), passing goals not crosses and not with the 3 attacking strikers like before the patch, really Impressed with the combination of Fernandinho - David Silva - Bernardo Silva and De Bruyne, they destroyed Leicester's midfield and defense, lucky me that i won't be working tomorrow, had no idea that the patch was coming out today, nice one, eheheheheheheheh
  13. WOW, been playing this game since FOREVER now and had no idea you could switch it off, ahahahahahahah, thanks for that one
  14. To say the truth, in so many years of playing CM/FM i hardly ever bought an English player for a continental team, most the times i did they played a lot less than i expected, so i just made my mind not to buy English players, eheheheheh, it's probably very unfair to english players, but it's how i do it...
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