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  1. I've found it hard to score so far. Even playing 4-2-4 I struggled to create chances, and the ones we did they put wide or straight at the keeper. I must've been missing something as it was so good for me on FM18 that system
  2. By all means Lucas - that is very impressive to be fair - I am testing a few tactics before the full game release. Then see if I can create something of my own that is effective!
  3. so defend deep and leave offside trap on? I guess BPF is on Defend?
  4. alright Jam, Can't quite see everything in regards to Out of possession? I want to say you have selected offside trap but not sure? Also is BPF/Blackman a G or a SK please?
  5. alright JJSaxton, I have been struggling with Leeds, just wondered if there are any Team and Player Instructions you would recommend?
  6. Tried it all afternoon and it seems to be working fine, thanks again you are a life saver!
  7. Right so that seems to have worked, actually got to a loaded save So thank you very much, however, Why should it matter what drive it is on? I ask because the last 4 FM's have all been on my E: Drive and there is plenty of space on there (100gb). My C: Drive is a SSD and only 120gb capacity but despite getting rid of loads of stuff I only have a maximum 20gb space on there! That is the reason I have always had FM on my E: Drive, any help on that front would be greatly appreciated?
  8. First of all thank you very much, the screen issue has finally been resolved after doing both recommended suggestions. However I am back to square 1 with the original issue, was just entering my profile data as it tells you at the beginning for it to just restart my whole PC? No Idea as to why it has just randomly started doing this.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm currently out at the mo but after the original post I did my drivers for the graphics card and still got the same result.
  10. Major issue with loading fm17, not entirely sure why it just started doing this but I loaded the game up as per, I have the game in my E: hard drive which means everytime I load it I have to go to preferences, clear cache and reload skin, which I did with no problem, then I went to select my load game and my pc just restarted - this happened 3 times, So I had a look and found something that said go into your system properties uncheck the auto restart problem on an error - this way maybe I would get an error code, however after that and rechecking auto restart, I got a white screen (see attachment) that I am unable to click on anything so I have to Ctrl Alt Delete and end task in order to leave the game. I have then uninstalled and reinstalled twice to no avail, verified the cache, I have checked for the graphics file but it seems it was uninstalled when I did it the first time as the folder appears to be no where to be seen. I also tried windows update where something is preventing the latest update to install, which could be a factor but other games work so to me it seems to be an FM issue! If you need my spec here it is: - Intel Core i7 CPU 3.07Ghz Motherboard - ASUS Rampage III Extreme Memory - 16gb DDR3 Graphics card AMD Radeon R9 200 Series Just don't understand it was fine yesterday, any help greatly appreciated!
  11. I have deleted the skins etc and it now works! Which is awesome, if I put them all back on again, would it do the same again? Thank you for the suggestion!
  12. first thanks for the reply, second sorry for not responding sooner, had bigger problems where my Keyboard just started randomly sending my computer to sleep after installing a driver on my graphics card??? So now using a cheapo Asda one for the mo. To be honest I don't have a virus killer at the mo - really should get one, I do have face packs on but haven't had any issues for pretty much all the duration of FM16. I have a C: drive and an E: Drive I install everything onto the E: yet somehow I only have 6 gb left on a 100 gb SSD C: Drive - could this cause an issue?
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