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  1. Thank you for taking the time to respond, When it comes to the defense no scoring I mean when you get a D'man who scores 17 goals in a year (IRL) and I play the game and can only get 4 goals out of that player it seems a bit suspect to me. I get that team logic, player logic and team set up makes a difference on how the players play but I did a lot of reading and had that player in a offensive mode all year long. Just would like to see more defensive scoring to make it a bit more realistic. When I say a dead forum I for the most part have not seen much action from tweeter, facebook in months and that a long time for a game to be silent. But glad to hear it's being worked on and still being improved cause the game is a good one.
  2. I am a loyal EHM player but I have been waiting for something to happen for this year and nothing... ever since the 1.4.0 patch the defenseman don't score like they used too and should. I can hardly get one to score 4 goals out of a 20 goal scoring defenseman and I am not the only one with this problem via blue line forums. the blue line seems to be the only one working on rosters and that's fine but I have not seen anything being worked on and no info given out, feels like SEGA has given up on this game... tweet page, facebook page and this fourm seems like its been abandoned any kind of information about up coming patches or anything would be great. just can't play this game if no one is working on the issues that it has. defenseman not scoring like they should makes for a unrealistic game play.
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