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  1. I'm having the same issue. It's causing a lot of bother when trying to put in offers during transfers!!
  2. There's a number of reasons: Time. People just don't have the time to play the full fat PC version. So we just play as and when we can. Lack of PC. There are some people, like me, who do not own a PC so the next best thing to the full fat version is Touch. Too many clicks. The PC full fat version tends to be far too clicky for a lot of players and people just want to strip away a few layers of clicks to get to certain pages.
  3. I've noticed over the past few days that whenever I try to share a headline or event from my Inbox that the tweet template does not appear when I tap on "Tweet Post". All that happens is a gray shadowed box comes over the screen then you have to tap again to get back to the normal screen. Anyone else had this issue with Touch? I've already deleted and redownloaded the app a few times and logged back in and out of Social Media in the Preferences tab.
  4. Thanks from me also...as said above it wasn't immediately obvious
  5. I am aware of that but I'd like the ability to skip because obviously I'd like to see my own goals but I definitely do not want to see disallowed goals nor to I wanna see my opponents goals either on occasions as it would annoy the hell out of me lol
  6. I would also like the ability to skip replays. It's a bit jarring when you have to sit through each replay without being able to skip it just like full fat & Touch version.
  7. Once again...second season in I get only 1 preseason friendly from the AI...I have a squad of 32 players to assess how can I do that in one game?!?!?!
  8. @Declan Holbem...if I don't have a PC am I able to send files in future?
  9. Mine does this but also advances the game like the continue button does.
  10. Hi guys, Not sure if anyone else has reported this yet. This is more an observation than a bug. The starting lineup numbers bar in the First Team squad screen forces the number 12 onto a new line. This makes it feel very perculier to look at as it looks like you have an empty block immediately underneath the starting lineup numbers. This may or may not be a resolution issue but wanted to draw attention to it anyway as it makes the feel of the screen look a little...off. I am using an iPad Mini 3 on iOS 12.1 software.
  11. I'd still love the ability to arrange my own friendlies rather than rely on the drab 3/4 friendlies per season! I want to give all my players (including reserves) at least one complete 90 minutes of football per preseason. But hey I can only dream! lol
  12. No it’s on Global 😕 It’s happened a few times in recent weeks
  13. I get the number badge on my Inbox but whenever I tap it there is hardly ever the matching number of news items (see image). Anyone else having this problem?
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