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  1. Aren’t actually taken ** players are just stood there
  2. All penalty kicks are actually taken, all have been blazed over and all PK have been missed!! this could be a long night!!
  3. New laptop, downloaded fm on the new laptop and there’s no current save that was saved on the previous laptop ! Any advice?
  4. Anyone got any suggestions in regards to a laptop that fm runs well on?
  5. As soon as I send this it starts working ! Coincidence ?
  6. Been trying to do an update on steam for 2 days and still not completing , keep on shahid session time out and won’t allow me to play it on offline mode either
  7. Its faster on key highlights , I was previously on commentary only which is slow! So I’m thinking there’s a bug with only commentary??
  8. Yes still very slow with the 18.0.3 version! Match speed during highlights fastest and match speed between highlights very fast! No replays on or notifications and it’s taken 5 mins and 40 seconds for the first half to be completed
  9. Match speed very slow! During highlights and match play on fastest and on average it’s taking 15 mins to complete a game!
  10. Anyone else’s game running slow tonight? I’ve got during highlights and in between highlights on fastest and still going incredibly slow!!
  11. The game speed is generally the fastest ! And in between highlights is also the same speed !
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