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  1. This is my first post, so go easy on me! Been playing football manager since 2001 I think, and only just decided I think I could chuck a few idea's for the new one! Let me know what you think!! As much as we'd all hate it, player power is a part & parcel of today's game. On my West Ham career mode I found my top players gaining interest from Barcelona, but managed quite easily to get them to stay put. In today's game, something like that would probably force a player to go on strike, refuse to train or Play, and I'd like to get more 'jip' and playing up from the agents and player's. Such as them really trying to engineer a move, being spotted away, isolating from training, even players having bust up's on the training pitch due to conflicting personalities etc etc. Other things I'd like to be added is increased manager interaction, Mourinho on my game always gets one over me and loves to gloat about his success. I'd like some way to implement that on the touch line, e.g ignore handshake, maybe mind games on the touchline with the manager, making rival games have that 'edge' we all know and love. Really vamp it up. Lastly I think the 3d match engine needs a lot of work, the match when in progress, you tend to know after a while of playing what's leading to a goal and what isn't, even with extended highlights, again like managers, I'd like to see more player interaction, such as more gripping tackles, game getting an edge, players having 'argie bargie'. Pushing each other, as I think in these big games, it feels too clean. We'd all like a hot headed player getting fouled one too many times and retailiates and a fee players get involved in mini scuffles. This would also give you the option of trying to wind up opposition players and get them to lose their head to benefit you. Got a few more ideas but I'd love to hear what some of you think!
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