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  1. So far I haven’t noticed that these seem to do anything? Anybody else!?
  2. Yep. I just checked my dynamics page and everything is high as well. I get this message though before every game: ’a palpably awkward silence as you enter the room despite the overall decent atmosphere and the players are clearly disinterested.’ Maybe just as it’s friendlies?
  3. How are people managing it so far? I’m only in pre season but my team are completely disillusioned with everything I say. I’ve not even made any transfers to unsettle the team. Only thing I’ve done is bring in some new coaches. Hoping this doesn’t become a major issue on field as it would kill the game when I’ve done nothing wrong....
  4. You can see the tactic really well, but I think I’m gonna use 2d still because the ball is too small!
  5. Who’s using it? I’m a 2d Guy, with 3D for replays, but I’m giving this a go. Alright so far....
  6. Nice one. yes the game is waiting in my library but not available to download at the mo obviously. Will it just be available to download when the beta comes out then?
  7. This is the first year I’ve pre ordered the game and I bought it straight through the steam store. Will I get a beta code sent to me or should I have ordered through the FM website to get that? Sorry for the noob question!
  8. Hey everybody, I’m on my 3rd season with Napoli, having won Serie A last season by 7 pts from Juve and made the Champions League semis, so I’m happy with how I’m doing. I’m looking ahead though at long term replacements for two of my biggest players. Without a doubt, Insigne is my key man (world class winger and Serie A player of the season both times), but Hamsik and Mertens come next and are both in their 30s now. Stats are still great, but o don’t know how long they’ll stay that way. I play Hamsik as a centre mid attack and Mertens as a false nine and I’m finding it hard to find anybody that replicates their roles and attributes well. I’ve brought in Asensio as his attacking attributes are fantastic, but he doesn’t have any of the mentals that Hamsik has, which I think is what makes him such a great centre mid. Should I be looking elsewhere? As for Mertens; I brought in Origi last season as he’s done well, but he doesn’t quite suit the false nine, which I’m reluctant to change as it is key to the tactic and allowing Insigne to thrive. Who else is a really good false nine? Is it better to find a great CAM and convert them up to a false nine? Dybala would be ideal, but I’ve not got the cash.
  9. I love FMT17. I played several seasons on the full game and thought I'd try a save on FMT before the new game comes out and I'm really enjoying it. It's nice to not have the faff of interactions as they are so 1 dimensional. The only things I'd want to see are: Control over tutoring (as mentioned above, drop down option would be perfect.) Full youth intakes. The choice to instigate team meetings yourself. Considering the effect these can have, it would be good to make them happen when I see a slump forming, rather than after we've lost 5 in a row. I'm interested to see which features of the new game make it onto Touch (or any!?). Either way, I think I'll give a save a go on the full game before I decide which format I'll play on long term.
  10. Got a Napoli save on the go and for my second season and I've brought in Javier Onteveros as a right winger in the RMD role as successor to Callejon. He's just expected to be a back up this season but every time I play him he gets two goals! I decided to take a punt on him against Inter and he got a match winning brace, so I kept him in against Roma and he did the same again. His potential is to be a key player, but right now he's only 2 star rated, so I'd definitely say that's over achieving for such big games. I definitely agree about form as well, if they're playing well, it's worth keeping them in and as they continue with those performances they grow as players.
  11. Pre match meeting is interesting if it means we can plan more specific details for particular games but if it takes on the same format as other interactions it's going to be luck of the draw stuff and potentially kill a match winning tactic just because you said the wrong thing, where morale already has too much of an influence in game in the first place.
  12. First part of the video I thought it was nothing but a more clearly defined layout. Got a lot more excited as it went on though. Dynamic relationships on pitch is great, as is the extra analysis and strength and weakness on pitch information. Interested to see how the new roles work as well.
  13. That last paragraph is excellent. Really good point about drawing opponents out. If they're defending resolutely anyway, chucking another striker on isn't necessarily going to make the difference!
  14. Yep that would have been my usual option. As mentioned above though, I was happy with the control of the game so didn't want a whole mentality change and all the instructions that comes with that. Making the one tweak made the difference!
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