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  1. It's been an annoyance since the CM 3 days. When you're mathematically assured of the league table spot, and so promotion, relegation, continental comps etc, it would be nice if the game could allow that to be recognised. But I'd suppose that's a huge ask, as it has to apply to every team, every league, every table, every division.
  2. It really wasn't. SI asked for pictures taken outside, like one you'd see from an actual club. Stood up straight, looking at the camera under natural light, wearing something similar to a kit, but non-specific. What they got were mostly people squinting inside their bed rooms under orange lights. Can't remember what year it was but I doubt I was the only one to turn those creepy things off asap.
  3. When I see an important player that's Transfer Listed by Request, I take it as the same as not being listed. After all, it's not the clubs choice to list the player. And as a rival team, they're not only reluctant to sell their player but also reluctant to sell to you.
  4. I agree that it should be at the managers discretion, but many clubs also have a formal discipline policy where cards and behaviour accrue fines automatically. These are part of the contract that the player signs. So I would like to see a formal structure in place for fines, alongside a discretionary one where the manager can decide additional discipline (such as training with the kids, playing for the reserves as has happened numerous times) as well as fines. Plus an informal team disciplines. Where the worst performer in training or scorer of own goals has to drive a clunker for a week or perform extra charity work, or a light fine that goes into a Christmas party fund.
  5. But did you ACTUALLY make a 3 million pound / euro / dollar bid?
  6. Way way way back in the CM3 days there was the Raul challenge, to create a team of Raul's led by Raul. Never managed it.
  7. Not going to happen. Not unless someone manages to produce a massive amount of thought into what the game play could possibly be.
  8. Nah, I don't think commentary would be awesome. I'm supposed to be managing a football team, not watching T.V.
  9. Flesh it out... Why would the Assistant Manager deal with contracts? What matters would the Assistant Manager discuss with the Board? Wouldn't the Assistant Manager simply be fol.lowing what the Manager wants when setting up training? How could you give advice during a match? How could you know what players to recommend play and in what formation, what roles? See, all the things that your FM Assistant Manager can do in the game is so that you, the manager, can delegate or be guided. In order to be able to be delegated to or to be a guide you're asking for a very very in depth game. Assistant Manager isn't a position (game wise) to learn in. Everything you've thought of to do is done by the manager. So what would have to change to make Assistant a viable thing to play as. If you want to learn the game, without the pressure of having to win games, avoid the sack or keep the finances stable then as tiago wakabayashi suggests, reserve or youth manager is a far better idea. As you get to play matches, and that's the heart of the game. As an Assistant, you don't get to play matches. Which is the biggest flaw.
  10. On a previous version (I forget which) I had the same problem. What I found was that by having the fullbacks pushing up the field and not making sure there was defensive cover, they were racing back to tackle wingers. This meant the tackling was poor and hurried as they were playing catch up rather than meeting the wingers face on. This was especially noticeable after set pieces but also happened during the normal course of the game.
  11. I do agree with the approach if managing youth sides or reserves. Not so much coaching though. By managing the associated sides, you get to deal with tactics, squad selection and possibly some scouting and transfer business too. There would be the problems of players being called up to the senior squad, having to play players the manager wants to regain fitness, having players dumped on you that you might not want. But that's similar to dealing with injuries and an interfering board. After all, the game is a problem solver. For some it could be a training level equivalent, for others a place to play with tactics. Makes more sense than any chairman/shopping spree idea.
  12. There was a version where coaches did need permits (FM06 or thereabouts). I don't recall the criteria (Or if it were visible at all) , but some coaches were refused the permits. Can't remember much fuss ever being kicked up about it.
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