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  1. Someone posted earlier in the thread to rest your players from training for 2 days if you have another game in 3 days. It works well for me.
  2. My Assistant Manager keeps telling me he's pleased with the professional match prep, but recommends reducing the work load now... What have other people done here? should I listen to him or ignore him? Would it help my players fitness levels to reduce the work load now that they're 100% familiar with the tactics?
  3. I'll have a look for better fitness coaches, I have two at the moment, but the board advise having just one, so it might be better sticking with my two average coaches for now and just getting on with tired players until i can ask the board for more staff.
  4. My players condition declines rapidly during the second half of games. After around an hour they're all around 60-70%. Any ideas to improve this? I'm using the pre set training schedules, and I have 2 fitness coaches with a 3 star rating on Aerobics and Strength. Does Mr Hough endorse any training schedules from the forums? Should I give my players a days rest after a game? Aside from the fitness levels of my players, I'm having a very good season thus far.
  5. League Cup 3rd Round, 16yr old James Ward-Prowse scored an "18 yard screamer" on his debut!
  6. that's all there is to it? i was ending up with two tactics with he same name but different team instructions, i must have been pressing things all over the place! thanks for that anyway... my season is going well so far, unbeaten with southampton. i would recommend victor noring as a gk if anyone's struggling, i paid £140k for him and he;s my no. 1.
  7. i'm having a very basic problem.... how do you switch between tactics? i now have both tactics in my match prep, but i'm not cear on how to select which one i want to use for different games.
  8. I've started with Stockport in the BSP with this tactic. Pre season has gone well so far. Made 2 signings, Izzy Ireipken at CB and Curtis Weston at CM. Any advice on signings/loan signings for non league/league 2 standard? I've got about £130,000 to play with, and about £11,000 wages to spare.
  9. Started a game with Kettering in the BSP with this tactic. Only finished the pre season friendlies, but i think it's beginning to gel. Kettering 0:0 Kettering Reserves Kelty Hearts 1:2 Kettering Kettering 1:2 Stockport Kettering 3:0 Coleraine Worcester 0:2 Kettering Kettering 1:1 Fulham Kettering 1:3 Scunthorpe Kettering 5:1 MK Dons Players in: Stephen Husband - CM (Loan) Tim Hopkinson - ST (Free) Gifton Noel-Williams - ST (Free) Joseph Lapira - ST/AMRLC (Free) John Paul Kelly - CM (Free) Rob Sissons - CM training to be DM (Free) James Dunn - GK (Free) Players Out: Patrick Noubissie - DM (Free) Iyseden Christie - ST (Free) Stephen O'Leary - CM (free) Nick Green - RB (Free) Brett Solkhon - CM (Free) Martin Smith - AML/ST (Free) Serge Makofo - AML/ST (Free) I'll report back with progress half way through the season.
  10. excellent, im about to start a season with leeds utd in the championship. im a bit confused with the schedules though, mainly the amrl and amrl inside.... also, you suggest resting players after every game. how long do you rest them for? and isn't it alot of work moving your players schedules around after every game?
  11. is anyone else having trouble with goals been disallowed? maybe it's just a really unlucky streak for me, but i've had 6 goals disallowed in 3 games! 4 offsides, and 2 fouls. any ideas? or just unlucky?
  12. i've been away from the forum for a while as i've been having great success with the mr hough and jp woody final version tactic, so i'm a bit out of touch with whats going on! i'll try out the new wingers tactic when i take over a new club as i'm steaming the league still with the tactic mentioned above, and with all the players i've picked for it, obv. no wingers! what i wanted to ask was is the jp woody final version the latest (most effective) of the 4-1-2-3 tactics? or has somthing better come out while i've been away?
  13. i've been losing a few games on the trot. i started my game as brighton, i was using the 10.3 final version. i won league 1 in my first season. i was winning the championship but i decided to try out the jp woody version and slipped into the play offs, switched back to the final 10.3 and lost in the play off final! the next season i stuck to the 10.3 final and won the championship. now my first season in the EPL, i was still using the 10.3 final but started getting hammered, most probably because of the gap in class of my players and the prmeriership players. i changed back to the jp woody version and it started to pick up again, i'm now 12th with 19 games gone. but i've lost about 4 on the bounce and the media are criticising me for not changing tactics, what should i do? revert back to the 10.3 final? stick it out with jp woody? also, i've taken the USA job, i've been manager of algeria and nigeria already in this save game and the tactic hasn't worked well at all at international level, any tips on international management with these tactics?
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