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  1. i've been away from the forum for a while as i've been having great success with the mr hough and jp woody final version tactic, so i'm a bit out of touch with whats going on! i'll try out the new wingers tactic when i take over a new club as i'm steaming the league still with the tactic mentioned above, and with all the players i've picked for it, obv. no wingers! what i wanted to ask was is the jp woody final version the latest (most effective) of the 4-1-2-3 tactics? or has somthing better come out while i've been away?
  2. i've been losing a few games on the trot. i started my game as brighton, i was using the 10.3 final version. i won league 1 in my first season. i was winning the championship but i decided to try out the jp woody version and slipped into the play offs, switched back to the final 10.3 and lost in the play off final! the next season i stuck to the 10.3 final and won the championship. now my first season in the EPL, i was still using the 10.3 final but started getting hammered, most probably because of the gap in class of my players and the prmeriership players. i changed back to the jp woo
  3. im playing as spurs, made a few signings but i'm not sure where to place my forwards. my first team is gomes cudicini kyle walker corluka assou-ekotto bale kaboul bassong king woodgate dawson anthony annan mahamadou diarra huddlestone jenas palacios kranjcar gudjohnsen oscar cardozo crouch defoe pavlyuchenko smih senturk any players there worth carting out? my line up is gomes corluka king bassong assou-ekotto annan diarra palacios crouch defoe cardozo my form is ok but any suggestions on the starting 11?
  4. quick one. how do you check your opponents tactics, like to see if they play counter attack or not?
  5. TARGET MAN FOR THIS TACTIC! everyone says how good alan smith is as a target man for this tactic. well, to everyone who can't afford to buy someone as pricey as alan smith, get marc nygaard 19 heading, 19 strength, 17 jumping, 15 finishsing.... cracking player for my QPR team, paired upfront with scott mcdonald signed from motherwell.
  6. i've started a season with Motherwell using the v3 tactic. so far only played 2 games drawing 0:0 and 1:1. the match review after the game said i was lucky.. but a point is a point! i'm using chris sutton as a target man as motherwell didn't have a decent one and i have next to no money, does anyone rate sutton?? i will update after 10 games.
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