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  1. The Yorkshire challenge

    The first trophy in Hornsea Town history won it with 2 games to spare. Fans and chairman are delighted as am I. We get promoted to the northern counties east football league I think we have to turn semi pro though in order to do so. Hornsea Town vs Pocklington Town Humber league challenge cup final Away for the cup final which is a bit annoying even more so they pitch is in a right state wont suit out short passing game. Our 2 matches with them have been close affairs, a 0-0 in our first game of the season and a narrow 1-0 victory at home. I am without a number 10 as Chris murphy got injured as did our leading goal scorer brad kerr. Other then that a full team. They are lining up with a 433 and me a 4231 4 minutes in and it 1-0 to Hornsea a free kick deep in there half a simple ball forward into the box seems to catch them napping leaves winger gbson 1on1 with the keeper he fires it in low at the near post at tough angle great finish and awesome start. Gibson maybe been my player of the season. 43 minutes 2-0 and its greenwood whos playing out of position on the right wing. simple team goal really. A cross in to the back post from the left he beats his man to the ball and taps it in his first goal for the club nice time to get it. Half time and i think its game over I cant see us letting in 2 goals we not conceded 2 goals in a long time and our keeper has had little to do. Omg what a goal from greenwood he after a nice team passing he cuts in from the right he fires a 25 yard stunner into the top left corner no keeper in the world would have saved that what a beauty. 3-0 and it must be over. 3-0 it finished wasn't a great game to be honest we was unusually clinical in front of goal matty greenwood motm with a 9.1 But yippie another trophy thats 2 in the space of a week I am delighted and its looks good on the c.v And we got a nice 10k for winning it a nice unexpected bonus that's a decent amount for us. .
  2. The Yorkshire challenge

    After another board meeting this happened He took some convincing as he was worried about the clubs financial future but I think its the right move for the club and we can really focus on youth then as was the plan when I took the job. And if we do stay pro I will be staying on for a good few seasons as it would be a exciting transition turning a club pro from amateur. But its a big risk and could see the club in ruins if it fails. I am hoping at first it will be semi pro so I can sign promising young players to contracts while still having keen amateurs in my side. Its also a big couple of weeks for us playing 3rd then 2nd as well as the last leg of the semi final of the cup. So thought it would be good to provide updates. We are still first in the league by 4 points my first game is against 3rd places South Cave our next 3 games are at home so should be a small boost. Hornsea Town vs South Cave sporting club This is my game in hand that got postponed a few weeks back. If we win we will go 7 points clear lose and south cave would go 2nd and put them back in the title hunt. I noted in recent weeks we have been letting in my goals then I would like. So i gave my dm and cm more defensive dutys in the hope that will help the defence without effecting my attack to much we have also been missing the tank so signed a new dm called tyrone thompson as i had no one else to play that role. The 33 year old looks like a decent signing and has played for a lot of yorkshire clubs but has slowly dropped down the leagues as hes got older he can also play cm as well which is a bonus. 2 minutes gone and what a start we win the ball back in our own half and devanney my centre mid plays a lovely 45 yard over the top through ball that splits their defence. 1on1 with their goal keeper young striker brad kerr takes to nice touches before smashing it in the bottom right corner 1-0 to Hornsea At half time it remains 1-0 Really great game so far my keeper has have to make some good saves including a awesome triple save from a corner. Its a really close game and who ever scores next will win the game I think 63 mins in we having much the better of 2nd half we have really tight ended up at the back and going forward played some nice stuff and made some decent chances hopefully the misses wont come back to bite us. 1-0 it finished. Really great 2nd half performance bit sad we didn't get the 2nd goal i felt we deserved but their keeper was in decent form was really happy with the clean sheet we limited them to long shots after the break which was pleasing to see. Hornsea Town vs AFC rovers. Another big game first vs second. If we win it will be huge step towards the title but i would take a point at this stage. We are coming up against dennis green who has been the leagues top player netting 23 goals in 25 games as well as setting up 7 we will need to stop him. Our team will be unchanged. They are lining up in a classic 442 which worries me a little but hopefully our extra man in midfield will make the difference. 42 mins in and its 1-0 to hornsea a scuffed clearance from their defence loops kindly to our right winger he plays a lovely headed pass through to our striker kerr with side foots it in to the top right corner with a great finish his 5th goal in 7 starts. I was about to take him off at half time as he missed a couple of decent chances. 1-0 at half time our biggest crowd of the season of a 127 has seen us been much the better side we had 4 or 5 good chances before going 1 up. They only had 1 chance for a set play and that was way over the bar. I really think my tactical change has helped us. lets see what the 2nd half brings Goooal it 2-0 to hornsea 66th minute a great move down the left our left back wins the ball back plays a 1-2 the pings a beauty of 50-60 yard pass to our left winger he takes a great touch inside the box and turns he then lays it into the path of the unmarked kerr 1on1 with the keeper places it first time in the top right corner great goal ! 2-0 it ends and what a great performance in front of our biggest crowd. We bossed the game from start to finish and our keeper had very little to do. Kerr was awesome and the man of the match scored 2 could have easily had 4 or 5. We look good for that title based on what I saw today and another clean sheet against a striker who has been scoring for fun all season VERY PLEASING ! That puts us 8 points clear of south cave now with just 7 games left. Hornsea town vs Crown Another big game this time in the cup we are 4-3 up after the first leg I am confident of seeing the job done, we have improved in defence since the last game and kerr is in great form i am hoping for a big crowd as well. Again I am unchanged I don't want to change a winning team for the sake of it. They lining up with a 442. Only a 102 came to see us. I was hoping for a bigger crowd but its slowly growing. 0-0 at half time we looking the better and fitter side but we have been wasteful with kerr recent form going to his head with a lot of wasteful long shots Break through at last kerr has a great shot at the edge of the box their keeper makes a great save but parrys it my right winger crofts who taps it in 1-0. That should see us through to the final. 1-1 i spoke to soon maybe 2 minute later they score. from a throw in they ping a great cross to the back post their striker heads to across goal to his strike parter who taps it in a empty net. Decent goal but i felt the marking should have been better. 1-1 It ended done enough to get to the final. Our goal seemed to wake then up. Their deep crosses to the back post caused so a lot of problems and only a world class save from my gk stopped them scoring he will be one of the players getting a pro contract for sure. Really excited to be fighting for 2 trophies more than I hoped for in my first season. I am really looking forward to the future and already planning for next season.
  3. The Yorkshire challenge

    After just turning 31 I manage to get my first coaching badge so thought it was worth posting, having being bitten by the manger bug I asked to study for the next badge with the chairman agreed to . Even though I am working for nothing I really appreciate the chairman paying for my courses I hope I can repay him by winning a trophy or 2 we seem to have a good relationship and he seems delighted with me so far with my job status being untouchable. On another note its been a really annoying period there has been a big 2 week gaps in between games so been having to play friendly games to keep the fitness up As i was posting this we also got some more good news Our first sponsorship deal I know its not for a lot of money but its a step in the right direction. And yet more good news wont really help me now but will really help the club in the future if they ever turn pro. I am not sure where the money for that is coming from as we only have 15k in the bank maybe the chairman is sticking his hand in his pocket and shares my vision of turning the club pro. Its a lot of money to invest in such a small club hope it pays off.
  4. The Yorkshire challenge

    The table The table is looking good I sit top after 20 games Crown was the early challengers but really dropped off the pace after a beat them 5-2 I don't know if they lost a few players though. So it looks to be a 3 horse race to the title. Hopefully we can keep our form up after the chirstmas break Squad and Results Results have been good when I lost 2 in a row I decided to change to a 4231 shorter passing tactic which has work well for me so far was a bit worried how the players would take to it but its paying off so far and the football has been much better. Also in the semi final of the cup which is a big bonus since I been using my back ups for the most part. We have scored a lot of last minute goals which as really helped us including in the thrilling 4-3 win over Bridlington sports club. Without the goals I think we would be 3rd right now. I have a settled squad for the first time this season thanks to my chairman I have managed to get 5 scouts which has helped out a lot finding players I lost some first team players to injury and other teams picking them up. My idea of youth has gone out the window, its a bit unrealistic to support in the amateur leagues with the training and also if a bigger semi pro or pro team comes in for them you often lose them for nothing. The hardest part has been keeping people match fit and happy with only 1 game a week normally there is not much room for rotation so often leads to players becoming unhappy. Antoni Pecora My captain, hes been a great signing for me after losing my young keeper to a semi pro club. He looks a top keeper for this level bit nervous about losing him since I don't really have a plan b. He started off a Aston Villa and then hull but never played a game for them but seems to have a lot of experience of the lower leagues in the north. Amazed Scarborough released him Chris Murphy Another great signing been on of my main starters, the new formation has really suited him. At 32 his best days are behind him but has been ever present while the team around him has changed. He has been around a bit but never really made a impact any where he has been. In has younger days he has spells in league 2 with sherwsbury and cheltenham. Seem like a bit of a journey man but we are happy to have him at Hornsea there has been a few teams sniffing around him which again is annoying since I don't have any one else to play the number 10 role but hopefully can keep him to the end of the season. James ogoo Last but not least former gambian international player ( and I am almost certain the first international player ever to play for Hornsea town) james ogoo or the tank as I like to call him sits in front of my back 4 as a ball winning mid and does all the donkey work Has never played outside the lower northern leagues which shocked me He has also turned down offers from other teams as well I have singed some wingers and a cb pairing but they havn't played enough games to warrant screen shots yet but all 4 of them are looking good so will properly show them in the end of season update if they stay that long. I was very temped to apply for Scarborough Athletic job as they a semi pro club and I have a friend who supports them but I decided to stick loyal Hornsea and try and win something plus I have no clue what happens if I win the league if I get promoted to a higher league or just stay where I am not really been able to find much info on it so time will tell. I really want to see if i can get Hornsea as a semi pro club unless a see i job that really tempts me. I am liking being at hornsea with players not really tied to contracts for money there are no real financial worries so its been a really good place to learn the lower leagues without much pressure. That's it for now hoping to finish the season today so hopefully end of season update will come later today
  5. The Yorkshire challenge

    Lol awesome I didn't know that always thought they was part of newcastle always liked middlesbrough from there juninho and ravanelli days would be a cool option to have.
  6. The Yorkshire challenge

    I was going to go more in depth but I realised with amateur football with no real contracts and Transfer windows there is a lot of coming and goings so I thought i would just sum things up or there would be walls of text and screenshot. Until I get a professional club. I will start with pre season. mid season update and then end of season. Once i get my first pro club i will do more in depth monthly updates. Hornsea Town Hornsea town a team that has been around since 1904 they are know as the Seasiders due to the fact they from the small sea side town Hornsea. They play their home games at Hollis Recreation Ground which holds 1000 people which is also shared by the cricket and rugby teams. They joined the Humber Premier League in 2004-2005 season. Their best finish was 2nd in the 2009-2010 season. Last 2 seasons they have struggled they finished bottom of the table both times. The Humber Premier League was formed in 2000 and sits at the 11th tier of the English football pyramid. It began as a single division and expanded to include a Division One for the 2005–06 season. Reckitts won the league five times in the first six seasons of its existence. The league is based primarily in the East Riding of Yorkshire, although some north Lincolnshire clubs participate. It feeds the Northern Counties East League. So far, few clubs have taken the step up due to its status as a relatively new league and the general lack of hierarchical football structure in the Yorkshire area. However in 2015 Hull United were promoted from this league into the Northern Counties East League. Thats all i could find out about the team :S Pre season and first month. My first day I was a bit wary I had a lot of ideas of how I wanted us to play but I was unsure how the players would take to it. I was expected to finish mid table which I hoped would be I could manage. The first thing i did i set about looking for a scouting team as well as a fitness coach and a physio. I kept my assistant on was i would need all they help i could get. My pre season games was a bit of a write off we didn't win one all though we played some tough side. I thought a direct 442 style would be good but i quickly realised the players would just play it forward in hope rather then any sort of intent. so it maybe something I would look to change as the season goes on. Signings wise i didn't make a whole lot. I wanted to wait till i had some scouts in place. I also realised focusing on youth at this level would be a waste I didn't have the facilities and coaches to bring would talent through. I will provide screenshots on players in my mid season update as i hope i will have a more settled team then. My first month went well we had a slow start 0-0 away to pocklington we had the better chances and i was happy with how solid my team was at the back. Next game we won 1-0 thanks to a pen. The next game was a bit of a break through though we beat Beverly town 2-0 away from home we scored a stunning team goal that would grace any level of football that followed a narrow 2-1 win with a stunning goal in the last minute. After the first month i was top of the table :O Crown was 2nd. http://i.imgur.com/3QGRjnb.jpg In other news my chairman had agreed to send me on a coaching course which I was delighted about to get my first coaching badge was a big step and I felt it was not only helping me but the club as well.
  7. The Yorkshire challenge

    The Yorkshire challenge I been a bit bored of fm lately there is no real challenge in managing the big sides after reading and enjoying some of your career stories I thought I would have a try my self. After finding a mod steam that adds the lower reaches of the Englsih league I thought it would be fun. The goal and aim is to Build my reputation up in non league football and get to the top. The catch is i can only manage teams from Yorkshire. No Yorkshire team has ever won the champions league or premier league the closest being leeds united. So i thought it would be a fun little challenge and i am not allowed to manage a non Yorkshire team Until them goals have been met. I have loaded all the british leagues as well as all the major euro leagues as well as Brazil and Argentina .Writing is not one of my strong points but hopefully i can make it enjoyable for people reading And so it begins. Having to retire from Sunday league football due to a bad back was a bit of a blow. I was never the best player often being one of the last picked for anything football related however from time to time i would have a amazing game and surprise every one. I always felt i have a good brain for football but never the ability or athletic powers to back it up. I have a love and passion for football especially the tactical side of the game i would often spend time watching what people did off the ball rather then just following the ball. So i decide i would try get back into the game maybe coaching young kids or something. One day i was browsing my local paper to my shock i saw that Hornsea town my local team was looking for a new manager. I have lived in Hornsea since i was 5 so I thought i would get in touch with them and see if I could help in anyway. I contacted the Chairman Stephen Smith and after a brief chat to my surprise he offered me a interview. We met at the local pub and we talked a hour over a few pints. I explained my vision and philosophy on football. That I believed in simple attacking football and giving the people of Hornsea a local team they could enjoy going to watch would be a dream. I said i would like to focus on youth and give them a platform where they could go on to bigger things not only representing Hornsea but Yorkshire as a whole. He seemed impressed and we seemed to get on well. He told me if i got the job he couldn't offer me any wages and that reminded me Hornsea Town was a amateur club based on people working for nothing. I was a bit disappointed but i soon realised that was a big opportunity a first step on the footballing manager ladder. So I told him that i would be excited and happy at the chance to put my ideas into practice and to prove my self. We shook hands and he said he would be in touch. 4 days later i got a phone call he offered me the job and if i could come down and he would show me around. Of course i accepted and I was very excited to begin my new journey .
  8. I am trying a 3 at the back system and using wingbacks for width its going to be a lot of trail and error through out the season though
  9. Just a heads up at the start of the game you can get 25 mill each for Hernandez and valencia. I like Hernandez but i dont think hes gonna get alot better then he is and i think its better to bring a younger st with more potential for the 4th st spot. I brought in werner for 7 mill who at just 17 allready has 15 for finishing and scouts and coaches rate him as a future world class st with a bit of training from rvp i hope he can live up to the hype The only downside its arsenal who buy him and will make them stronger imo. Another thing i did is sign up gray neville and beckham up as a coach its nice to have the class of 99 all as coaches
  10. Oh hai, i am making a tactic based on how man united play. its a 4231 with rooney behind the st the problem i am having is in tough or tricky games i want rooney to drop back into mid to make a 3 like he does in real life. At the minute he just stands in his attacking position and wont drop back When the ball is in the other teams half its not so bad but when the ball is in my own half the gap between him and the dms is massive. The only way i have been able to manage it is to make him a advanced play maker in cm but a rather play him as a shadow st who drops back into mid !
  11. Managerless Clubs

    I have gone palermo in italy they dont have i manager
  12. My 5212 fifa formation

    I changed the defensive line to normal exactly in the middle and seems to have helped I have only let in 3 goals in in 10 games and one of them was a pen
  13. My 5212 fifa formation

    Final league table Had a few draws and 1 defeat but league was all ready won. Won the fa cup and league cup too. Also owned barca in champions league final Was amazed how easy this game was considering messi had scored 18 goals in the champions league.
  14. My 5212 fifa formation

    I am shocked it works at all in the lower leagues. Seems like you go on good runs of results then hit a bit of a slump. I would try switching your cbs to limited defenders and maybe lowering the defence line if your defenders are slow How did the complete forward preform i was worried that would only work with the right sort of player.
  15. My 5212 fifa formation

    yeah fm10 was the 433 if i remember right I like the year before that though it was a 442 with one of the wingers moving to the st position