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  1. i have 3 short youth players who i think about training to be CBs, for fun more than an actual need: 16 yo DC 175 cm 10 JR 1 ca 1.5-2.5 pa (coach assessment, just to estimate if and how much room they have to improve, 1.5 gold stars 2.5 black star) 16 yo DM 176 cm 10 JR 1.5 ca 3-4 pa 17 yo DM 176 cm 8 JR 1.5 ca 3.5-4.5 pa (favorite as he is generally better, plus the DC has poor passing and technique and the other DM has very poor heading) a good DC with cover duty for my team would need at least 12 JR, 10 is someone i might play if i'm sure i'm going to win and want to give him some playing time. though of course ideally he'd jump as high as i can get him to. i have no reserve team and my youth team is an u19, the rep of the youth league is probably not good enough to improve a 19 years old significantly. if i loan them, they would probably be good enough for a second division team, may even get them to a first division team if they had just gained promotion, though that would be punching over their weight. training facilities are good, and let's say i can't give them playing time unless it's the ending games of the season after my table spot is secured. while actual players their height can (sometimes,that's not an expectation) have JR of 13-15, regens at my save (oldest are currently 24-25) need to be at least 180 and usually taller than 184 cm tall to get there. to the point, how much did you managed to improve a single players' jumping reach? do you "hit a wall (or rather a ceiling)" below a certain height or after a certain age or growth (say "i usually can't make them gain more than 3 points during their career\over 10 when they are 168 cm tall (i think there is a top JR you can have bellow certain heights, but as i've seen a 167 cm player with 16 JR, this isn't really what i'm referring to)\more than 1 point after they are 25")? i assume that loaning them later to a team that might train other attributes or even play them as DMs (even if i set their position to be DC in the loan deal, other managers don't tend to be very disciplined, definitely not when asked to play a poor jumper as a center back) will hurt their JR developement, but letting them play 4 games a season until they are 23 can't be very good for them either. so what do you recommend? let them improve more (ca\other attributes wise) in an organic way or train them so they have higher relative chance of improving their jumping, but at the expense of lacking general improvement? i know that JR is not everything when it comes to winning a header and i'm sure someone has figured up a system that allows or encourages short central defenders, but this is mainly training rather than tactical thread, and you can save your virtual ink writing 'it's a combination of attributes" comments and consider them acknowledged.
  2. itay.bing

    Low Offers for MLS Stars

    pay attention to their salaries. US players often make a lot of money, which will both inflate their value and make european clubs less able to sign them. if they offer you 1.5 millions maybe it's because they'll also have to pay them as much if not more than what they are making now, and if he is not what premier league clubs view as a first teamer is a lot.mid to low level french, Italian or German, not to mention top Austrian or dutch teams, probably can't afford them,unless the player is supposed to be their star player and they have a lot extra salary budget.
  3. itay.bing

    [Israel] (Official) League Specific Issues

    C leagues clubs don't have to have a youth team, but if they ever get promoted (they were close this season) they'll have to form one because of FA regulations. also while A league clubs and below are not allowed to play foreign players, relegated clubs often keep their foreign players that they signed when they were at the national league. i am not sure whether or not they are allowed to play (they don't seem to be unavailable, can check later) but they should probably be released immediately.
  4. itay.bing

    [Israel] (Official) League Specific Issues

    as of FM 17 youth leagues are not connected to a league system. if it hasn't been fixed yet, for future versions relegation and promotion from different youth leagues will be welcomed. also, sporting tel aviv is a club based upon french-israelis, so it will be also nice to see it integrated to future versions, though as they have virtually no chance of making it to higher divisions or produce regens it isn't very important.
  5. "first, we'd like to say that we are very happy that you choose to sing for us. we know it must be a hard thing to give up on a job at a better club that pays you more." "well, my wife just had our first baby, and i decided i need to be closer to home." "your wife is a very lucky person. also, pack your things, your'e scouting Uganda for the next 6 months."
  6. very impressive knowledge!
  7. sporting tel aviv is an israeli 5th division team based solely on players born in france. find it hard to believe it is coded in to the game, and they have virtually no chance of making it to a playable league. edit: FM17 all of the team's (grey) players aren't french.
  8. while having about 20 meters of no one around him my CB stands in the way of a through ball. while the ball reaches him he trips over it (literally, the animation was of a player that encounters a physical challenge) and then stands in his place while a striker comes and scores. according to the commentary, he "had no problem intercepting that ball" to the subject of the thread, good passing and vision for a striker and finishing for a midfielder are a great benefit, and generally a sing they were "raised right". teamwork for a striker makes him more likely to recycle the ball, and with a good high pressuring midfield it makes him way more likely to get the ball in a better position later rather than lose it or get in to a bad position dribbling.
  9. itay.bing

    Youth Intake ineffective

    this is a respected professional you are talking to. if jose murinho will join Barcelona and tell the HOYD "stop this nonsense of bringing me short technical players, from now on i demand 15 CB that were supposed to be NBA centers per year, and i don't give a flying unicorn about how good they pass" he will ignore you at first, and if you insist he will resign. you pay this man 500k per year because you trust his abilities. if you don't, replace him, or do his job. an HOYD in a premier league club is not a manufacturing worker that operates a machine the way his boss tells him, he is a person that responsibilities of youth development were delegated to, just like a player is a person that the manager delegated some responsibilities of playing aspects to, and not a controlled FIFA styled footballing machine.
  10. itay.bing

    Coaches and their star ratings

    corect obviously a coach should not be signed in order to train one player. but it does have implications if the squad as a whole has a characteristic feature and limited pick regarding coaches. however, i meant it at a more theoretical level, as an interesting concept, not as a way to optimize my currently way better than they should be coaching staff.
  11. itay.bing

    Coaches and their star ratings

    would like to add that this a discussion about a concept i'd like to know if exists in the the game, and if it doesn't, i think it should, and not an attempt to know the formulas or cheat the game. if the attributes already exist, why not to differentiate them from one another for coaches too (as they already have different roles for managers) rather than make them one attribute that basically equals their average.
  12. itay.bing

    Coaches and their star ratings

    obviously good personalities are better than bad personalities and good attributes are better than bad ones at almost all instances. but when i have to chose between a coach with, say, 19 attacking and 12 discipline or vice versa, a more professional player is supposed to do better (relatively to another player and not necessarily to the other coach) when trained by the first coach: he is exposed to better training drills or whatever than the other coach, but his lower discipline have less of an effect on the player, because he already is training in a disciplined matter. i started to write a longer explanation, but i think it will easily be understood by a chart: this is a simplified chart, ignoring other variables and speculated based on nothing. what i mean in it is not that unprofessional players can achieve as much or train as good as professional player if they have the right coach. a professional player will take training seriously, even if the coach wasn't a torturer at the KGB,so may benefit more from a coach with low discipline and high coaching attribute relatively to another player. while a different player may benefit more from said torturer even if he is a worst coach, just because with him he trains seriously and with the other coach he doesn't. a professional player will always train better than an unprofessional one, and a discipline coach will always train better than an undisciplined one, but different players may benefit relatively more from different coaches
  13. itay.bing

    Coaches and their star ratings

    does the personality of players influence the relative importance of attributes? logically, a very professional player who is disciplined by nature would benefit more from a coach with high coaching attribute at the expense of some discipline, as he doesn't need to be on a short leash to be training at full focus and effort. the same applies to a determined player and coach motivation. is something like that used for training calculations?
  14. assman: "coach, their number 11 keeps moving to the center and finds space inside the box. he's scored a hat trick already and it's not even halftime." manager (to assman):"your'e right" manager (with amazing vocal resemblance to john cleese, to other manager): "hey, rookie! that winger of yours can't even find the wing!" manager (to assman, smugly): "bloody amateurs" assman: "sir, he is a Raumdeuter" manager: "that's okay son, i can handle the name calling"
  15. in the supporters spokesman digest section, an option to ask the supporter spokesman for fan reactions of a specific country or region, rather than hope it shows a fan from a specific place you are trying to get a glimpse of, would be an improvement.for instance, if you do not lock Lucy and she is replaced by another fan, it is way more likely that English, American or Chinese fans will be generated, and it might take a long while until it generates another fan from Australia. football importance and the estimated amount of fans of said country should also be listed in that section. an area where no or not enough fans are there to give the spokesman a reliable insight about the country's fans opinions will be noted by the spokesman to be so, without presenting any generated fans.