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  1. ignoring the fact that they do, every player in those youth teams is decent. their attributes are in the context of professional football. think about it like college basketball - most of the players there would be canon fodder in the NBA. they would absolutely destroy you and me in a match (if there is a problem with the decent/dross ratio, it is that you and I and our amateur FM equivalents' attributes are 3/4/5/7/4/10/4/3/3... and not 1/2/3/3/1/2/1/1... due to minimum CA and PA limitations). and the few who may be good enough for the NBA spread across different colleges, because a. teams cannot scout 200 million male americans and pick the best and b. said best may want to play for different teams for any number of reasons, some are true to professionals such as making sure you get enough game time, and some are enhanced for amateurs without guaranteed income such as distance from home, living costs, career prospects etc.
  2. i have 17, you'll have to ask someone else for 19. there's a training thread in this forum, ask there and you might get some help. also, off the ball is offensive, positioning is defensive.
  3. depending on level of play. you might be better off focusing on his crossing and off the ball and less on dribbling (as his low flair already means he won't be the next marcelo). his technique is already very good and his passing and first touch are decent. if you manage to increase his crossing and off the ball to a level good enough for you, you might want to train and instruct him to avoid dribbling but go forwards, so he'll be up but will favor crossing or recycling over dribbling. you'd also want to make sure he gets the ball on the run and that he doesn't start too far up (in which case he'll likely face a 1v1 or 1v2 situation), while also having a simple passing option (so he'll have a way out of dribbling situations).
  4. regarding your previous posts about real madrid's youth CB, real madrid castilla are currently 5th in the spanish third division. according to transfermarkt, the team's average age is 20.6 years old. no player is over 21 or under 18. so, if you manage to get him to be a spanish third division player in 4 years of development, he is on par with what real currently has, which seems well within possible to me. you probably haven't heard any of their names, aside for luca zidan, and not for his footballing genius. i wouldn't be surprised if solari can't remember the names of more than 5 players in the team, nevertheless u16ers', and highly doubt he interferes in the u12's individual training schedule. the amount of quality players coming through each year is unrealistic right now. there were several posts on this forum comparing current the amount of player with PA\CA over high levels of PA (120, 150, 180 etc) for current and future (all regen) world, that showed that regens were overpowered compared to real players, whether PA wise (meaning that even with lower rates of reaching that PA for the AI, the human manager would have an easier time developing his own regens) and CA wise (meaning the world is generally filled with better players than real life). here is one, though i remember a few more that i can't find. if someone can find any of them and attach them too it would be appreciated. i specifically remember one based on nations (where brazil produced 80 wonderkids instead of current 30 or something like that) and another big one similar too the one below but that simulated intake day 50 times or something like that.
  5. not NOBODY, but rather not enough players to make it worth the effort, both from the financial point of view nor resources (there is only a finite number of coding hours until the next game comes out) relocation. that doesn't lessen the points' validity. we aren't supposed to create a "united battlefront" against SI so they can implement bad ideas simply because we are "us" and they are "them". after all, we're only ordinary men.
  6. have you considered switching to a 4-4-2? it will create more presence in the box during crosses, and will stretch your opposition as your recycling passes get a bit longer (since there is no AM to link up the forwards with the midfield, or no 3 crowded midfielders recycling the ball between themselves on 5 square meters). it doesn't have to be structured, defensive, long ball or "English", and if you are confident in your players' individual abilities (or simply no longer care about losing once in a while if it is an interesting game) you can create a tactic that encourages a faster and more individual based play than a 4-3-3.
  7. meanwhile, at my real amateur youth team, we played an outfield player as a goalkeeper this season, and should our left back be unable to play our sub RM, who can also play right back or DM, will replace him. in many amateur youth teams you are lucky to even have a left footed player who can play left back. you'd be surprised at how versatile lower league players can be, or rather have to become. i've played DM,CM,CB,RB,LB,ST (for about 200 minutes) in my "career", and i can assure you i'm no messi.
  8. also known as playing FM on "dog mode" (not to be confused with playing "doggy style")
  9. there have been complaints on the forum about player and team unhappiness after a refusal of a transfer, mostly about having to release players or having many players unhappy with the manager. i, on the other hand, am on the opposite view, and i believe it is too easy to keep your players ,both happy and at the club. i think adding a "willingness to release players" column at the information page (near "domestic players bias" and "loyalty to players") will give the players more teeth, or making it possible for them to have "the same level of teeth" while shifting some of the damage they cause from the squad harmony aspect to the transfer and signings front. fighting with players over your willingness to allow them to leave when they notify you of their interests to leave will build you a notorious reputation as a manager who "locks up" players. players will be less likely to renew contracts if they feel they might want to leave in, say, two years. players from other clubs will be more reluctant to sign for your team (their agent might mention their refusal reason as "he fears he will not be able to advance in his career should a he get a tempting offer") or will insist on very low release clauses. a player might complain to the media about his will to leave, which will make your attempts to sign players at the same time much more difficult, at least until the story settles down. if the player manages to get other managers, and players who play, or have played, for you, to criticize you, your situation will become even worse. at the end, keeping unhappy players because you are waiting for a better offer or because you want to keep good players means taking a risk that they will leave for free and that you'll have trouble replacing them. implanting this feature will allow, even though i think it is unnecessary, reducing team reaction and support of a player wanting to leave while making sure they do not apply less pressure at you.
  10. the whole "let them improve if they play better look at vardy" arguments seems like a real slippery slope. "let them improve if they play at better level,have a good personality and train with good facilities, you can't block their progress, look at vardy!" "why does personality inhibits growth? ronaldinho wasn't very professional, didn't stop him from becoming the best (or one of the best, not the point) in the world at his time." "why do players only improve with good facilities? drogba was amateur until he was 21, do you imply he didn't improve at that time?" "why is playing level factored to calculate growth? i have a neighbor, used to be at barca's u15, retired because he thought he'd hate the traveling. at 5 a side he leaves us gasping for air without even sweating, he can play as good as any of those multimillioners prem players!" "why can't players with bad attributes play like players with better ones? i mean, it's like the rules of physics stop a 5 finishing player from hitting the top corner every time, do they?" just like nothing stops a 5 finishing player from hitting the top corner almost every time, nothing stops a 110 PA player from becoming a 200 CA player. he can. but he won't. one in 10000 guys can. but not this guy. now, assuming what we are trying to achieve is a more realistic FM game, and not a game that will trigger our dopamin releasers more often at the sight of a cheap player we bought turning out to be a great purchase, one needs to remember that these are professional footballers we our talking about. a 5 point increase in something could mean that on average every hit of the ball of that type goes 15 cm more accurate than before. those things are hardcoded into our muscle memory, our balance, our reflexes. it isn't like a 25 years old professional striker was just needed to be taught that he should lean forward when he shoots. making players less likely to and more randomly reach their potential, and as a result, allowing researchers have larger margins when allocating PA to a player seems like a good solution to the "same wonderkids every save". no system will be able to replicate real life exactly, much less predict the future. a system that allows 50 players to overachieve in order to avoid one player from underachieving is a step in the wrong direction.
  11. i've suggested something similar before, apparently the licencing is a problem, especially for league formats and using real or generated FA staff.
  12. regarding assistant advice: i was "outnumbered" with 3 central, one attacking and one defensive midfielders. also, the least useful one is the one regarding "winning most of the headers". my CBs dominance in the air does not make my 5 JR striker more worthy of a targetman, and what am i supposed to do with "despite not connecting many crosses, we are winning most of our headers"? instruct my players to head towards goal from the halfline, where they do win the headers? also, if it is triggered by some threshold of headers won, i am fairly confident that it's counting goalkeeper catches too.
  13. also, i think the choosing of the captain should be announced to the players at a team meeting, at least at the start of a season. i imagine it can be something like this: inbox message of "pick your captain for the season". a list showing leadership and determination of the players, maybe with added traits such as reputation, position and apps at the club, will be shown as it is now. however, at the bottom of the message, instead of "confirm", it will show "hold team meeting". at the team meeting you will announce to the players: a."as you all know, the season is approaching, and our team needs a captain. i decided that the most suited for the job is (drop bar of all players. marking a person at the previous window, the message, will place him as the only option for picking, to save the searching). in case he is not included in the match squad (...) will replace him." reactions: "oh yes, x is truly someone we can look up to and we are sure he can lead us to glory" "i think someone else was better fitted for the job, but i guess anyone can be a leader, armband or not" "you're choice is disrespectful towards some of our veteran players, i am really disappointed with this allocation" b."a captain is a leader of men, and i think it is only fair to let you lads pick your captain. after all, he is your captain as much as, if not more, as he is mine" reactions: "we really appreciate the confidence you show in us, we won't make you regret it! (this promise has absolutely no legal implications)" "sure, i guess" "i think you are being a bit spineless here. if you can't even decide for yourself and stand behind your choice on such a simple issue, how can we expect you to behave differently under bigger amounts of pressure?"
  14. i'm not sure i got this right, but it seems like you interpenetrated my suggestion as a replacement of the current system. i suggest adding that option. most manager still pick their captains on their own. it can be a tiny tick box at the bottom corner of the "choose captains for the season" message.
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