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  1. assman: "coach, their number 11 keeps moving to the center and finds space inside the box. he's scored a hat trick already and it's not even halftime." manager (to assman):"your'e right" manager (with amazing vocal resemblance to john cleese, to other manager): "hey, rookie! that winger of yours can't even find the wing!" manager (to assman, smugly): "bloody amateurs" assman: "sir, he is a Raumdeuter" manager: "that's okay son, i can handle the name calling"
  2. in the supporters spokesman digest section, an option to ask the supporter spokesman for fan reactions of a specific country or region, rather than hope it shows a fan from a specific place you are trying to get a glimpse of, would be an improvement.for instance, if you do not lock Lucy and she is replaced by another fan, it is way more likely that English, American or Chinese fans will be generated, and it might take a long while until it generates another fan from Australia. football importance and the estimated amount of fans of said country should also be listed in that section. an area where no or not enough fans are there to give the spokesman a reliable insight about the country's fans opinions will be noted by the spokesman to be so, without presenting any generated fans.
  3. would like to add a suggestion: the "burning issues" segment. in this tab, issues the fans are concerned about and their relative importance to the fans are presented based on social media comments. those issues will affect board decisions, specifically in clubs where they need to be elected, fans' satisfaction of you and the board, and fanbase growth rate. the issues will differ depending on specific country, whether or not the fans are local, developed state and wealth, as well as match, players/signings and competition expectations and performance. issues will be categorized to be concerning regional, national and global, as well as neutral (which are yet to be fans but have the potential of becoming ones), regular and "fanatic" fans, importance, meaning different groups of fans will be concerned about different topics. such issues might be (all issues will be important to all or most fan groups, the following is categorized by stereotypical characteristics): local/"fanatic"- stadium condition, youth development and local players/ contributing players to the national team, derbies, and seasonal ticket prices. national/regular- ticket prices, domestic success, key signings of good and domestic players. global/neutral- convenience watching games (time and available broadcasting), prestige and reputation of clubs and players, singing players from their local nation, merchandise prices, playing attacking football, touring destinations and international success. "ticking the boxes" of fans' expectations will increase the likelihood of fans shifting to the "next", more "advanced" category,like neutral fans liking your style of football enough to start attending matches, or regular attending fans becoming more engaged and buying a seasonal ticket. failing to do so will result fans losing interest and becoming less likely to attend matches or buying merchandise. overall this is a great and thoroughly developed suggestion, keep it up.
  4. itay.bing

    Is Neymar coded to stick to PSG?

    there are much deeper reasons. basically, PSG is Qatar. Qatar, like other arab gulf countries, are scared ****less of two things: the day that they will run out of oil or it will be worthless, and ,the day after, when Iran is very likely to invade those countries. Qatar is scared that no major country will help them, as there is no global sympathy (dictatorships who oppress women, minorities and violates human rights) or interests (oil) in those countries, and since past failed campaigns in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan will influence the decision whether or not to fight in a foreign country yet again. to solve both problems, the gulf countries are trying to buy their way in to the western hearts and pockets, using sports (PSG, City, WC 2022 (thousands of dead and counting), tennis and formula 1 tournaments), tourism development (all of those malls and grandiose buildings, Qatar airways) and "westernisation" (saudi arabia allowing women to drive). and if they think signing neymar is good publicity, good enough for Europeans to forget Qatar's crimes, if they visit Qatar and press their governments to take action when Qatar is attacked, they would have payed 30 billion without blinking.
  5. i suggest making media a way to enhance reputation. your and your players' comments in press conferences, social media and so on will effect your reputation and your clubs. but wait, you say, press conferences are already too much time consuming and are really boring, why would you want any more of it? won't it become a way to spam improved (very long term) performance? this problem can be solved using a PR person. first of all, the lower your and your club's reputation, the less media will matter, simply because no one cares about the 8th welsh division or any subject related to it (including any other 8th division and wales). you can't build a huge fan base just because you trash talked Guardiola before a cup game against city and lost 30-0. this also means that not being able to hire a PR person isn't such a lost for lower league football. at bigger clubs, the board will be able to hire a PR person, that will make sure your club is cool, hip, dope and appealing to the age group 8-17. on a more serious note,you will be able to push your agenda of "signing local/high profile/playing attacking/overachieving with low budget", so that not only the board will judge you according to philosophies,but also the fans. the players you sign must be fitting the image you are trying to sell, or else fans will be upset and neutral fans won't have any affection for the club. agent will have a new attribute, "managing player's image", that will make them better at making sure their player is known and liked. they will also make sure the player is not stuck at a club that is holding him back. the player's controversy and pressure handling are becoming important. a non controversial player will find himself being mocked and regarded as 'the manager's pet'. this might make it harder for him to reach his full reputation potential,sell less shirts, be less appealing in the transfer market (especially to clubs like real Madrid or PSG, that focus on the marketing potential of players.) and so on. however it might allow a player with low pressure get away from public attention and being able to deal with the stresses of playing in big clubs. a "healthier" level of controversy will be a pogba-ish level,like doing tattoos and featuring in campaigns. a high level of interactivity and stimulation of the fans is crucial for global player reputation and worldwide fandom,both for the player and clubs that should have famous players playing for them in order to sell shirts in Indonesia. however, dealing with such players might be difficult,as they might realize that they are 'bigger than the club",and try to use their influence on fans and media to make sure they get what they want. the board might demand that you sign and play such players. if the player leaves the club reputation and fan base might take a serious hit. a player with higher levels of controversy, that cheats on his wife with models and fistfight teammates (or vice versa) will most likely face harsh criticism from fans,but might find himself regarded as a cool bad boy,which might end up favorably for him and much less for you, who will need to put down the fires he is setting in order to support his new image. a player might embrace this personality trait if he is trying to force you to sell him. controversy should not be static, but should change, temporarily or permanently, after surges in reputation and after conversations with you and his agent. it should be much harder for you than the agent to mold the player to the "right" controversy level, and he is very likely to be offended harshly just because you asked him to do so. the higher the level of controversy,the more fans and press will take interest in the player. negative actions he takes will make him criticized widely and often. a controversial player must have high level of pressure. a player's career might take a sharp decline after a tabloid states that "22 yo golden boy is closer to jail than realizing his potential".a player with low pressure level might have huge changes in his personality and behavior after signing for a big club, especially if is not tutored and monitored closely by you and the staff. making sure the players you sign are not only talented and high potential but also can deal with superstardom, that the right player is either getting protected from the public criticism or set free to make a name for himself, will make the aspects of media,team and man management more interesting.
  6. itay.bing


    isn't there a way to know such things in real life?if i want a player and don't know what's his release clause i can potentially pay more than i legally have to,let's say because the player in question holds a percentage of the profit from the sale,so both the club and the player share the interest of getting the bid as high as possible.
  7. than something in the player development mechanism still needs to be changed. maybe different CA demands for physical attributes based on physical capabilities and not only position. if currently two strikers, one is 160 m tall and one is 1.95 m tall, require 1 CA point too increase every physical attribute by 1,and they both reach 200 CA, than why shouldn't they both reach 20 agility? why shouldn't the only physical difference between them be jumping reach (that is set to a maximum point for the shorter player)?obviously this is an amplified example.think about it like that:if a player has physical soft limits,set by his childhood training and nutrition (pre-game-generation),genetics and epigenetics,than he will require more work to improve and maintain physical attributes when he reaches that limit.maybe that's a work he is happy and capable of doing,but maybe he is unprofessional and isn't very keen on extra physical training and on living a healthier lifestyle.maybe the extra training makes his muscles tired,meaning he loses other physical qualities.maybe the extra training is so demanding he misses general training because of tiredness or lack of time.I mean,you can't train three times per day mid-season,avoid fatigue and injuries,and still keep your day job,right?and all of that so you will improve your 100 m time by 0.05 sec? a player at my height may react better to jumping training than i do.that alone doesn't necessarily mean i can't have my jumping reach as good as his,but that means i will have to work much harder than him,maybe to the point that i must have a full volleyball player training routine to maintain my jumping alone,neglecting other aspects of my game,while hoping my natural fitness is good enough for my muscles to still get to matches at 92+% condition. i think that this difference between us can be reflected by different CA demands for our physical attributes set by in game (weight height fitness) and pre-game (generated ability of physical attributes and the CA demands differences) factors other than the current position\position training\pa\height for JR,so that for some players physical attributes will be harder to improve and maintain after a certain point,making them more successful at and perhaps likely to (depends on man management abilities,an old school english manager might have forced 16 years old silva to hit the gym and never come back to training until he can out push the team's CB) train other attributes.that will make 20 strength for a light player practically,though not theoretically,impossible.
  8. i get that,that's why i asked about the effect of specific PPMs and PIs. not possible,he is a winger. i was hoping that "dribble occasionally" make him stop or do it less, even though it is against his PI. that's it. again i guess i wasn't clear, those are two isolated problems. the winger is isolated because the AM doesn't get close to him. that's a problem i try to solve using his PIs and PPMs.the winger dribbles even when he can pass because of his locked instructions.every other function of the winger is suitable for me,except for the over dribbling.that's a problem i try to solve using the PPM "dribbles occasionally". i want to know if that will make him dribble less even though it is against his PIs. anyway, i think i'm good,thank you all very much.
  9. the space is available,it is just that the winger is often isolated,decides to dribble over to pass and when he passes he doesn't make the forward run i want him to do.
  10. i guess i wasn't clear enough. what i want to do is for the winger to prefer playing a one two over a dribble,even though it is against his instructions, and for the AM to come close enough to him for the pass to be available.i want to understand the affect of some specific PPMs and roles. i'm asking whether "come deep to get the ball" makes the player come close to the ball when it is on the sides,or only when it is at the back.that question also applies to playing him as an AP and to the instruction "move into channels".i'm asking if "play one twos" makes a player more likely to return a one touch pass to a player that is passing to him and makes a run,or only makes him try to pass and run when he has the ball.i'm asking if the PPM "dribble occasionally" makes the player dribble less even if he is given an instruction to do so, and how much.
  11. itay.bing

    Where is Greenland?

    Greenland is a part of Denmark edit:my mistake,i just checked,clubs from Greenland aren't in the game, i expected some to be in Denmark,even if non league.
  12. i want it the other way around,the AM should come close to the winger. i asked about the specific effect of some PPMs and PIs,not "should i train\instruct any at all".
  13. I don't like the way my wingers (AMR\L) function.i think the dribble more instruction is too rigid,as they dribble way to much and often in to two defenders,and if they somehow manage to dribble them they often cross from far out.the crosses that systematically come from good positions are going like this:a winger gets the ball in a narrow position (where i would expect an advanced wing playmaker to be),passes it to the AM and he passes it to an overlapping full back,who crosses from a spot i still consider too far out.i wish to create a different build up,where the player who is making the cross is either the AM or the winger,allowing my full back to make less forward runs.since i don't have a winger capable taking on two players every time,i try to create a build up based on a one two, like this-a 4231 (2 CM 3 AM),where the ball gets to the winger from the middle of the pitch,the AM comes close to him while the winger is marked by one or two players,makes a one two (he has very superior pace,acceleration an agility for the league,but average dribbling) and receives the ball closer to the edge of the box. he should then either be alone or face a CB,which means in the box there is a 2v2 situation or 3v3 (if the opposition uses a CDM than a cm is already adjusted to make runs into the box, if not a striker v CB and opposite winger vs full back might be enough).if the ball starts at the AM, he should pass it to the winger (if available),and then either make a run towards the touchline (a one two) or receive it back.if the winger receives the ball from the right back,he should be deep enough for the right back to make an overlap,and then he will pass it to the AM and then to the right back,like the kind of play i explained about in the second line of the post.specific team instructions for this setup are exploit the right flank,as well as tweaks to tempo,width and directness. the other winger will be a striker and will be ppm"ed" to get into the box.this obviously is a very specific kind of play,and my players will be getting the creative freedom to do other things, but when the ball is in the flank i think that can dramatically improve my penetrating success. so, few questions about roles and ppms: which roles make the AM come closer to the wing when the ball is there? i thought it will be T, but he makes the pass and then tries to find space in the middle of the pitch and drifts farther than the winger,so i guess it will be AM or AP.will go deep to get the ball ppm make him do it ,or is it just for backwards runs to pick up the ball from players behind him?this question is also true to the AP role.will giving him an instruction to move into channels make him drift to the center like the T role? will play one twos ppm make him more likely to return the ball to a player trying to attempt one or is it just for trying one when he has the ball?also,does it effect the player's willingness to pass or is does make him do a run forward after attempting a pass he would have done regardless of the ppm? for the winger,will dribble occasionally counter his tendency to dribble?will it have a negative affect as he is receiving instructions that contradict his tendencies?
  14. i think you do have a personality currently,but you have no way of changing it knowingly. it is influenced by your board and media interactions. i, for instance, was told that i've been encouraged by other staff members to complete a coaching course,indicating i have low professionalism (how embarrassing). but your suggestion is much better than the way it is currently in the game.
  15. itay.bing

    Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    what some players here are complaining about is not that they don't see a vardy in other clubs,but rather that the 22 year old they had in the eighth division,the one who is playing in the senior squad since 17 and is yet to improve enough to get to higher levels of play,does not improve when they are repeatedly promoted.the researchers,and frankly probably you too, thought that he will never be good enough to play in league 2,so he will not be in the game,and most of the time also not in real life.you have artificially put him in that position,by overachieving on the one hand and not releasing players as you get higher up the league on the other hand,like real clubs do.if you didn't need to,because he was good enough,you have no reason to complain.this is true to almost every case here,unless of course you bought vardy in FM13,believed he will become premier league material,and was completely disappointed to find out he didn't do as well as you expected.if this is your case,my sincere apologies. of course it sucks to look back at FM13 and find a version of vardy that has inferior potential to the one he had real life,but unless you can tell (or better,bet your house on) which one of a thousand sunday league footballers will become something in 6 years you have no real reason to complain about their pa or lack of development."natural ability" will not change this.