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    FM Fanatic, Played CM series Online and FM series.. Have made clan websites. Realible FM Gamer,

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  1. worst AI tactic?

    5-4-1, hate when AI uses that.. hard to break down. But somehow always create chances lol easiest i seen is 4-2-4 they got demolished when they played this against lol
  2. someone who dictates the tempo basically has to be a good playmaker midfielder, so looking at passing, creativity, decisions, composure, etc etc, those sort of stats.
  3. long shots

    need to get ball out wide in these situations, but you need to put the work in the tactic screen or nothing will change. Work on your tactics, make at least 3,, one defending one attacking and one keeping the ball but not defending and not attacking. Then you can change in game with quick tactics if things arnt going well, to differ tactics to see if break through or change game around. Simples
  4. ive had a few come through youth and be a 4 - 5 stars.. and im cardiff, depends on trainings facililites and youth trainings... need them upgrading to max stars then u see improvements and depends what coaches you get and try get the trainings at least 4 stars or above. make sure you keep checking your scouting knowledge to know where needs scouting also.. im in 2022 with cardiff now with a m8 whose coventry
  5. liam cummins banner for doncaster
  6. soren bach's banner for notts forest..
  7. yeh sorry i`ll add that in/
  8. Clan Created: 9th March 2009 Version: FM2009 9.3 Days Playing: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Sun No. Of Players: 5 Spaces Available: 0 (Sorry we have enough players right now) League Starting In: Championship (Mid Team or Lower) Any More Questions Regarding Details of the game, Just Ask In This Thread. Now down to business and a nice little introduction to the managers and there teams. Daniel McHugh - Barnsley FC Age: 22 Media Prediction: 22nd Odds: 150/1 Reason For Club: I live in barnsley so i picked my hometown and hopefully bring a new found fortune to this club which hasnt been found in real life. This is my time to shine to change a little man into a big man in football. ======================================================================== Andrew Jones - Norwich City Age: 25 Media Prediction: 14th Odds: 50/1 Reason For Club: I wanna get the wich up to the prem and get delia to go "let be aving you" ======================================================================== Antonio Petrelli - Coventry City Age: 26 Media Prediction: 21st Odds: 200/1 Reason For Club: I wanted to bring back the glory days to Coventry, the days of Strachan and McAllister and Peter Ndlovu! ======================================================================== Søren Bach - Nottingham Forest Age : 42 Media Prediction : 17 Odds: TBA. Reason For Club: Wanna take them bak where they belong . ======================================================================== Liam Cummins - Doncaster Rovers Age : 28 Media Prediction : 23rd Odds: TBA. Reason For Club: No Comment. Managers will do reports of how there team is doing when they can. Any 2 more managers will be added when they join up. We do use MSN and Hami. Let the Competition begin
  9. have you put in your team instructions to man mark?? i man mark but dont have this problem. Put your rb lb closing down to own area aswell, so they dont get drawn away. and keep with there man. See if it works better now that way. As i said before only takes a few pips one way or another to make something right, just knowing which ones.
  10. hmmm i was rotherham on both patches and within 3-4 seasons i got rotherham to prem no prob on both patches, i have a away tactic and home tactic i made myself which has been developed over and over again, i wouldnt bother downloading tactics, make your own or whats point buying FM in first place?? copying tactics. pfff its stupid. Plus there downloaded tactics only work on good teams and get credit for it, its ridiculous. But yeh anyway, i dont have problems but as i say ive devoloped my tactic, but played this game since early CM days. You will lose the odd game and that in lower league, who doesnt but keep going, after all, its a game, just tweak your tactics abit to fit in with the players youve got. Sometimes its only a few pips one way or another to making it right. I havnt fully perfected my tactic yet, about 97% there, Just something missing, but its effective for now if you do get angry, take a break for half hour, then comeback, have a look at your tactic and try new stuff. this new patch is more cross and score orientated. So try look at that. If any more questions just message me good luck and keep cool.
  11. Training Schedules

    yeh go on your other game with the saved game with your setup training schedules, go to edit schedules.. then click your schedule and export it out.. then it saves.. then go to ure other game and import ... hehe
  12. well the details explained is quite common sense for a skilled manager on FM. but nice write up pal. Should be called '' A noobie guide to FM09'' though lol but skilled managers never seem to play a solid 4-4-2 formation. But that is online and managers who played since CM series.
  13. well bascially you have both your centre mids doing the same thing??? maybe have one midfielder forward runs often while the other runs with ball often?? switch them up abit... maybe have your wingers cross aim to the back post... so even if they dont cross well still can go centre or near post.. and if goes to back.. then its an easy tap in usually.. as having a one striker your short upfront really.. and your making run with ball with no support?? maybe have him hold up ball?? but i dont really like having one up front.. but whats your team instructions?? n with this u must have pass down both flanks?? to get crosses in for your stiker?? but yeh save each tactic you tweak with.. i make my own tactics up aswell, its just knowing what to do with what. But im quite adventurous.. i like how you still try make your own tactic,, cant stand it how people try use other peoples tactics.. so keep going good luck..
  14. Playing network game on different PC

    but when he puts tht team on holiday.. make sure your in the game as a network client waiting yeh??? good luck.
  15. Playing network game on different PC

    yeh maybe,, you can ty this... make him control the other team.. then put your team on holiday and see if it disconnects that team.. you can try that way... do you have winrar?? maybe put your svaed game in a winrar file and then send to him so he unzips it and then extracts it to the folder and try that way.. only two ideas i can think of top of my head right now.. hope it helps..