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  1. Incredible work on this project, keep up the good work! Just a couple of things - the FA Cup third round seems to fall around New Year rather than the weekend afterwards for the first couple of seasons. Also, my team (Coalville Town) have a few duplicated people, players and staff: Staff Danny Martin - Player/Asst Andre Hall - Physio Players Anthony Carney James Dodd Danny Haynes Daniel Hodgkinson Alvin Jarvis Lee Miveld Cameron Stuart For info, I'm using your 2.10 update with v11.3.
  2. Please feel free to shoot me down in flames if people think this is a bad idea or if it can't be done. I would like to see an option whereby you can tell a player/coach that you would like them to revert to playing duties only without having to offer them a new contract to do so. On top of this, maybe random events whereby the player decides he does not want to be a coach and would prefer to 'concentrate on his playing duties' would be a nice feature. A prime example of this in the real world that I can think of that is fairly recent is Gary Speed reverting from his player/coach role at Bolton to purely a player. It just seems a bit silly that you have to go through the whole contract process to do this at the moment. Does anyone agree? Sorry if this idea has been repeated before but I am fairly new to these forums.
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