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  1. Kinda curious on how you bring that into realization. Do you mind uploading your save or tactic? If you dont i understand, i'm just curious. Looks like every tactic i make turns into the same thing you know. I never can bring it up to make stuff like a 4-4-2 work, or a 4-3-1-2 (altho i had more experience with the last one, but in FM 18)
  2. Hmmm Well for instance, playing a counter attack quick tactic with a team like Manchester United, or Real madrid. Was the tactic succesfull? They have the players for it, but when i try it i will always get 1-0. 1-1 or 0-1 or in worst case scenarios have a last minute goal against me.
  3. Question 1: Maybe a bit of a weird one, but do you guys had cases, where a certain team was basicly perfect for one of the preset tactics? Without transfers or anything? For example, Liverpool/dortmund would be perfect for gegenpress, Barca maybe for tiki-taka? Did you guys have instanced where it was perfect, and usable as a good tactic without any tickering during the season? Im curious on examples of teams per pre-set tactic. Curious on what kind of preset would be perfectly fitted for a leicester city type playstyle in their league winner season. Question 2: If you could name any preset tactic, what would be the perfect fit for atletico madrid and real madrid? Very curious ! Question 3: Did you guys have any succes with other tactics than possession based tactics? I feel like all my saves come to the point where possession/gegenpress-ish based tactics are the only ones that works. You guys had any succes with teams playing counter attack football or cattenacio? Question 4: What sites do you guys use to recreate real life teams their tactic? I remember their being a site with "charactiristics" and you could basicly use them as a way to form your TI's.
  4. So it's better to spend it all? Or like a big part of it? 😂 I am in a tight spot, big players don't want to sign to make further steps towards the title so better to wait a season or 2 for better players to be avaiable
  5. Couldn't find the stupid question thread in a transfer related topic, so i put it in here, but if there is a topic like that let me know! I am in my 3rd season in LEEDS, had a good couple of season and ended 5th last season. Now i am working with a bit of a Moneyball system, spending less and put more effort in scouting and statistics. This all make me have a transferbudget of nearly 300 million with twice the wage budget that i need :'). If i do nothing with this transferbudget, what happens with that money?
  6. Assists arent really important because he is not in the position to give the killer pass right? That would be more clearly when he would play AMC. Just a question. What do people have to do to get their save on Gamechangers? Its a show i watch alot and i get the thought behind the setups, but i miss 1 little "click" to really get it. The analysis before filling in the spots and checking what tactic would be good is the click i think i need. I understand there is like a huge list of saves that has been sent in, but just curious. To see one of my own teams getting analysed by someone else would help me.
  7. I understand what you are saying. As i said i am not uploading my tactic/save for people to give me advice on how to perfect the tactic or anything. I just want to see how someone else his process is when he sees a group of players and have to make a formation/tactic for that group of players. And than the big question for me is "Why?". I see team analyses during the "Gamechangers", but its still not clicking. Some people just see a group of players and talk immidiatly how the group of players should play based on strengths and weaknesses. I miss a bit of knowledge to do that, and i thought if i can look at how someone else analyses my squad, i would understand better. To react on the things you said: I want to draw the opposing team a bit more, i do that because i want Clarke to make use of his pace, and give him a bit more space for doing that. The goals/assist conceded are pretty spread out across the board. With no real statistical problem. Ofcourse this will get more clearer after playing more with the tactic. I mean 1 WB S and 1 FB D, we can see where there is space for the opposition. I try to do the analysis 4 times a season, after the first 10 games, at the transferwindow, and before the last 10 games, as i see my team is sometimes struggling when a season is almost over. The last time will be for transfers and selling players, seeing if they are really a value for my team, or just someone that costs 10 million, that does stuff, while i can get a statistically better player for 1 million. My fun is to see if that player can true overclass the 10 million players. This is not always, but i have a lot of players that improved their value 10-40 times, with minimal cost. I have 2-3 players that cost a bit more, but statisticly still undervalued and underused. They are all first team players with me now, and i can sell them with huge profits. The DLP for me is someone i want to exploit the space on the wings and pass into space. Assist wise he is not doing good. Only 1 assist in 21 premier league games. His passing accuracy is 91 percent and tackles won 96 percent. If i look at how he performed against Feyenoord (3-0) i must say i am pleased. Not too much backwards, some nice longballs and the key passes have been a bit more longer range passes. (ofcourse, am i correct in saying that, or is there something i am missing) As you said i am missing somethings to connect the dots and i am desperatley looking for an answer. I dont want to be spoon-fed with the solution, thats not what my question is about. But i really want to try everything to help me "see" the problems more, i thought to see someone else seeing my team with the attributes with it and bring me with them to analyze those attributes and come up with a fitting way of playing with these group of players would work... If you dont think it will, i understand, and i know that this topic can come off as a "hey make me a tactic!" but thats really not the case. I enjoy the MoneyBall Approach and its something im working on, but next to that, i want to work on how to see things in a team that would connect the team to a certain playstyle. And what you said in a previous post: If analysing your squad is something you want let me know, and i will help you through, it can be a landmine full of myths. I think this would be something that helps me, just to see if i see the right things. As i explained shortly above, that was how i see the team making an attack. Maybe you, with your tactical knowledge, see things that proofs my ideas wrong. If you can explain why that would be great. But again, i get what you are saying with spoon-feeding.
  8. I kinda used a combination. I used it to see what player fits best or better than other players, i check what player dont perform well and compare them to other players who could do better etc. It makes the game for a bit more fun for me, as i can focus on other things than tactics, my weaker point i think. Now your question "how does that actually help you". Uploading the tactic and give the tactic to me wouldnt help me. I would copy paste it and try it thats all. But if you can explain how you see the tactic working out, why you put player X on position Y with a X-role in combination with others, that would help me BIG time. For example, say i give you the Barca squad and i ask you to analyze that. You could probably say well Messi is a key player, your players have high stats for passing, OTB and first touch so maybe Tiki Taka would be a good option. Play a Deep Lying PM in ST to create space for IF(A) messi to come in and score. (this is just a example). I am wondering how someone would do that to my current squad and tell me why. https://ufile.io/2q536b68 This is the Save https://ufile.io/1yzv97pj This is my Tactic (same as on the screenshot). Now my idea behind this: For some reason i found that alot of wingers would completely destroy my wingbacks. Certain instances there (the opposition's wingers) average position in a game would be further up the pitch than my defenders during times where my opponement has the ball. So i am a bit more careful with them in this tactic and put one of them on defend duty, and one in support just to fill in the gap that the CM (A) might leave. Phillips was great in the DLP role, and altho its not his best position and role, he does have great games playing there. He is also there for cover. Xadas is originally a AMC, but i think a CM(A) have a bit more penetrating power in the final third, and with his longshots and Philips feeding him with passes he could be a danger. Hoff is a "Hole" player, he fills the gaps wherever needed, and he finishes the midfield trio. He will be behind Xadas, but in front of Philips, for the instances where Xadas isnt reachable for philips his passing. He can be the person to link those two up. Clarke is an amazing player for me. He is there to complete my right attacking side on the pitch, much more attacking than the more supporting left side. Morilla is a spanish wonderkid, normally playing at AMC, but because of his stats i like him to be somewhat of a playmaker on the wings. I dont know if the Advanced playmaker role on AML would be good in this tactic. His passing isnt Xavi like, so i think he is more dangerous when not completely focusing on playmaking, Philips already does that. Kouname is my DLF. He is there to create space for Clarke and Xadas, while also offering a somewhat compareable role as Hoff, a link up player. If Clarke isnt really in a great position, Philips or Morila can first pass towards Kouame to give Clarke the space he needs. This is kinda how i am thinking while making tactics. I dont have the feeling that they come out when i play matches with is, Clarke for example has just 2 goals in 20 games... Not being natural as an IF, i cant really see him doing good as one. I had this tactic from around 22/12/2020 till 9/1/2021 and had 5 games with it, i drew 2, lost 2 and won 1 match against MK Dons in the FA cup. I drew at arsenal and West hame (both at Home) and lost 0-2 to Manchester United Away. The final game was hopelessly lost at Tottenham with 1-3. Now these may not be too bad of results, as the opponents where very high class clubs, but i didnt feel like i put my vision on the field correctly. This is what i want to learn here, and thats why i asked that question. How would someone more tacticly gifted than me Analyze my current team and how would he use these players and why. Edit: i would understand that, me uploading this save and my tactic, it asks for people to give me tips on how to improve my tactic. That is not really my question. My question is how you guys pick your tactic and line up after viewing a squad for the first time, i gave these files pure for the practical example that i need to really understand what other people do to form their tactic and formation. Its more about the "why would tactic X be the best fit for team Y (y= my leeds in this case xD)", instead of "hey here is my team, gimme tactic/fix my tactic". Edit 2: in my save, after the bad run of 5 games with just 1 win against MK Dons, i changed tactic and things got better, but it feels a bit more random and like i am lucky, with that guess of tactics. Thats kind of the problem, i feel like the tactics i come up with are working because i am lucky and guessing, instead of a calculated choice of players, roles and combinations.
  9. Hey Thank you for answering! I have read your guide "quickly", i am going to read that more indept later on, as it looks like a great read. The thing is, that i am really talking about Analyzing a squad. Bustthenet made a good video on that, but i am still struggling a bit and i hope that, with an example like my Leeds squad, it will become much clearer, as i have trouble using information thats been giving to me and applying it on my own information. I always kinda end up with the same formation/tactic as someone has in their guide or video, and thats not something i want to know, i want to know why player X would do good on position Y and in what tactic he would be useable the most! As for the basic component struggling, i am not sure if i am struggling with most basic stuff, but some subjects are still hard for me to understand, thats why i want to further know about the analyzing my squad stuff. I think i have the most trouble in that section. @Rashidi The things you listed about the defenders is understandable. Im basing my current carreer with Leeds on the MoneyBall principle, not that i am doing that great with it but doing that "challange" helped me alot with reading statistics and seeing where my team falls short. Example: when i started at the Premier League for the first time with Leeds, i went on and got to 15th place. But when i got to december, i decided my team had enough caps and statistics to see what went wrong. I noticed alot of fouls, mistakes, crossing attempts going thru the roof of the stadium etc. After changing some stuff in my tactics, buying players that had the statistics i needed or was missing in my current team for "cheap" i ended up 7th in the league with more goals and better play. Now i am at a point i want to further develop myself in the analyzing a team, and seeing "hmm this set of players may be capable of playing great tiki-taka or gegenpress style". @Rashidi If you could help me thru and analyze the squad and come up with certain gamestyle rules that would suit the players, and how you come up with what role could work with player X, and how other role(s) would make a good combination and such that would be amazing. If you can let me "see" how you would approach this squad and how you would fill in the spots on the field that would help me out ALOT. Can i provide you with anything to help you with that? I dont want to sound ungratefull and throw my save file on here and say "HAVE A LOOK!" but if that would make you answering my question easier for you please let me know and i will provide anything to make it a bit easier for you! Let me know!
  10. Hello you tactical geniuses! I have a bit of a "general" question. Not a "how to improve tactic X" or "how can palyer Y work best" but i think a more basic one. Every playthrough, guide and bookwork related to FM19 starts with "build a tactic that suits your players". Now i have a question. In the examples below, my squad in my thirds season at Leeds, how would you guys say i should let this team play? I have been a FM player for years and years, but in this year i am struggling a bit on what tactic or playstyle suits my team the best way. I got promoted in the first season, ended 7th in the premier league and now struggling for 7th/6th. I am having a great time, but i want make decisions a bit more based on knowledge, instead of (how i experience it now) on 50 percent luck, 20 percent guessing and 30 percent actual tactical knowledge. I want to improve that latest percentage to maybe 50 percent, in no way am i asking the people here to make me a tactical genius as well. I just want to see how someone more tactical gifted than me would analyze this squad. Please ask if more screenshots are needed. Again i am not asking "hey build me a tactic!" but i really want to see how analyzing a squad works. Sure if i see the barca team i know they should play a tiki-taka style, when i see Dortmund or Liverpool i would think Gegenpress. But if someone asks me "why?" i wouldnt know the answer. A lot of determination in the squad? Good passing stats? Anyway, i am drifting off. If someone can give me an insight on how you analyze a squad like mine that would be great. Ugh, im wondering off topic alot. I hope someone can help me out!
  11. The end is near! My last question cuz i really think the lenovo is the best option too. I just cant see the difference between these two: https://www.bol.com/nl/p/lenovo-ideapad-330-15ich-81fk003ymh-gaming-laptop-15-6-inch/9200000092684399/?Referrer=ADVNLPPceffd30080b40e7400002d91d4000042380&utm_source=42380&utm_medium=Affiliates&utm_campaign=CPS&utm_content=txl#modal_open And this https://www.bol.com/nl/p/lenovo-ideapad-330-15ich-81fk003xmh-gaming-laptop-15-6-inch/9200000092684403/?Referrer=ADVNLPPceffd30080b40e7400002d91d4000042380&utm_source=42380&utm_medium=Affiliates&utm_campaign=CPS&utm_content=txl Whats the difference between the YMH and the XMH? And which one is the best ofcourse
  12. Yeah its a bummer, it looks like a good laptop for a Nice Price... I have to research if saveonlaptops also delivers in Holland. I doubt it but ill check it out. Edit: just got an email back, they dont ship to Holland... Does the lenovo have the better stats? Better than the msi? And looking at the price, is it reasonanle? I noticed the lenovo only had an I5-XXXH Instead of HQ, is that a big loss or? Sorry for so many questions , but im kinda understanding it a bit more now so, just wanna learn more hahaha
  13. Yeah the 8 GB is something i read about alot. That looks like a really good laptop for a nice price. It's a real shame it's kinda rare to find on a website that ships to Holland tho... And the "bigger" companies for laptop on dutch sites only have i5-6xxxHQ or i7-6xxxHQ are all around a 1000 euros... I'll have to keep looking. It's an awesome thing you help so many people, and you have a good motivation for it. Buying an underperforming laptop for these prices is a real pain in the butt, so i think it's awesome you help people prevent that. Too bad the blog is gone tho, would be an interesting read for me as a noob haha. If a different kind of laptop comes to mind, i would appreciate the suggestion! I'll keep checking this page for inspiration. Do you think it's like do-able? A laptop for around 600 capable of running FM18/19 or is it a rare thing to find? I think my current laptop is underperforming as well, and makes FM18 run slowly, but it's do-able. I just found this... https://www.wehkamp.nl/elektronica/laptops/windows-laptops/msi-gl62m-7rc-271nl-15-6-inch-inch-gaming-laptop/C26_6F4_F41_16108645/?NavState={"fi"%3A{"p_005"%3A["15%20inch%20(38%20cm)"]%2C"p_204"%3A["Intel%20Core%20i5"]}}&PI=1&PrI=3&Nrpp=96&ms=true De MSI GL62M 7RC-271NL - Intel Core i5-7300HQ processor- 8 GB DDR4 werkgeheugen- 128 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD opslag- NVIDIA GeForce MX150 2 GB videokaart for 800 euros, overprized or...? And the last one i will put in this post: https://www.bol.com/nl/p/lenovo-ideapad-330-15ich-81fk003xmh-gaming-laptop-15-6-inch/9200000092684403/?Referrer=ADVNLPPceffd20080b40e7400002d91d4000042380&utm_source=42380&utm_medium=Affiliates&utm_campaign=CPS&utm_content=txl#product_specifications Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15ICH 81FK003XMH - Gaming Laptop - 15.6 Inch
  14. Is it better as my current laptop tho? Because well, my current laptop is not all that good, but it is able to run fm reasonable. What is missing for the laptop i send in the link? If i read thru these pages, i kinda see that budget laptops for aroud 600-700 are most of the time not capable of running fm18, is that so or are these just different standards? Just a suggestion tho (a question as well) but did you never consider writing a guide or something with laptops you suggest? With different price ranges and stuff?
  15. Hello people! I used to play FM 16 like a madman. Now i started Fm 2018 and i'm falling in love all over again. Now the problem is, that i am noticing my laptop having a hard time running it. I run FM together with a webbrowser with youtube or whatever. Now i was already planning on getting a new laptop, but now i am certain i want one. Do you guys have suggestions for laptops around 500-600 euros that can run FM18 (and FM19 in the future) a bit better? I dont care too much about the 3d ME functions, as i am an old school player so yeah. I read alot about it, and most of the time i see that the processor is really important. I prefer a 15" inch screen, i now have a 17,3 inch but its a bit big... If a 17" is a better choice, it wouldn't be a problem. This is my current laptop: https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/668655/acer-aspire-e5-772g-354x/specificaties/ Acer Aspire E5-772G 17.3" 8GB DDR3L RAM GeForce 920M Intel Core i3-5005U 2Ghz Further information is in the link. I live in Holland, so things like eBay and other american sites are off, just in case you send me a suggestion because its on sale. So i hope you guys can help me out! is something like this an option? https://www.coolblue.nl/product/813083/hp-pavilion-15-cs0952nd.html
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