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  1. Hi first time posting. As I am starved of football I had the idea of replaying Leagues and World Cup's from yesteryear. In essence wouldn't it be cool to be able to replay old leagues ie the 1970 World Cup, or the 1980 English First Division season so on. So as to make it manageable keep original squads, no need for reserves or youth players and do away with transfers for the season just rely on training and tactics with the current ME. Just a thought.
  2. Thank you very much, deleting that file did the trick. You are a star, all working well into some serious play tomorrow.
  3. Tried restarting the program makes no difference I still have the boxes. Any other ideaDoc2.docxs.
  4. Thanks for your help with the files to remove the player attribute boxes, it has enhanced an already great skin. Is it possible to do the same for the non playing staff. Only having changed the colours for the players the non playing staff now have very bright boxes. Also I think the is an issue of alignment in the scouting knowledge screen.
  5. Really great skin. Just one small thing is there a way to remove the attribute boxes from the player profile. I have tried myself but without any success.
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