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  1. Started having trouble with players being poached, but so far we had a good season beating the team that knocked us out in round three in the final of another cup! sweet sweet revenge! Average attendance of 92 so matching our best Sussex Division 4 (Level 17): Winner Stratford Challenge Cup: Winner Mid Sussex Senior Cup: Third Round Stubbins Challenge Cup: Winner Sommerville Challenge Cup: Winner
  2. Well we had a bit of a dip in the middle of the season and ended up winning on goal difference! Average attendance of 82 - that's 10 down from last season! We are up to £73k in the bank though! Mid Sussex Division 5 (Level 18): Winner Stratford Challenge Cup: Winner Malins Challenge Cup: Runner Up Mid Sussex Junior Cup: Winner Stubbins Challenge Cup: Winner Sommerville Challenge Cup: Winner
  3. Had a great season in general Average attendance of 92 Top scorer had 8 goals and was only second in the league, since our legend Dean Perrow retired we have struggled a bit on the scoring front Proudest moment was probably the draw at home to MK Dons in a friendly to a sold out 1,000 crowd Mid Sussex Division 6 (Level 19): Winner Stratford Challenge Cup: Runner Up Malins Challenge Cup: Winner Mid Sussex Junior Cup: Winner Parsons Challenge Cup: Winner
  4. Slightly rougher year, hit with injuries in the second half which led to some tough games at the end of the season Money has been on steady increase hitting £30k so far Another rise in average attendance to 87 with our highest attendance at 119! Mid Sussex Division 7 (Level 20): Winner Mid Sussex Junior Cup: Winner Malins Challenge Cup: Winner Parsons Challenge Cup: Semi Final
  5. Well it happened, we are leaving Europe and it wont change anything for us in the lower leagues but it will be interesting to see if anything changes in the top flight in the next few seasons
  6. Started empty and now has 8 winners trophies and a runners up looks like I will be adding another 4 in 2019 after a great start to the season, no players poached and retirement of our star striker was from professional football so he is still scoring for us! Winner: Mid Sussex Div 9, Div 8, Parsons Challenge, Tester Challenge x2, Mid Sussex Junior, Brian Hall Challenge Runner Up: Mid Sussex Junior Cup
  7. Had a slightly rougher season Average attendance of 78 (2nd highest in league!) Top scorer had 17 goals same guy as last year and is retiring Mid Sussex Division 8 (Level 21): Winner Brian Hall Challenge Cup: Winner Mid Sussex Junior Cup: Runner Up Tester Challenge Cup: Winner Parsons Challenge Cup: Winner Had a few hiccups with injuries but in general a good season with 4/5 competitions won and a whole load of new players coming in just in case. Convinced the board for 1 more coach which hopefully gave us an advantage
  8. I got lucky signed a star striker and a decent midfield, after that defense and goalie were a nightmare and took a lot of scouting - the key was then not losing them, had a lot of poaching attempts but players stayed - maybe because we were winning? Been priced to win the Div 8 this year and first few matches went alright with wins (although one was a close deal) All the stars I have are over 30 and announcing retirement, lost one at the end of 2017 and 2 more have announced it for 2018 (including my striker) I can imagine a few more before the season is out. I managed to poach a load of youngsters for my U18 and U23 teams which the board said must play in a league this year, I think they have lost every match so far Money is going very well and on a steady increase, at this rate may get enough to buy a player when we reach Semi Pro (maybe a decade away?) Attendance took a massive increase to 78 in the first game from 24 in the last one of the season before so plenty more money coming in this year, few new sponsors giving a whopping £80 extra and our main sponsor is living it large at £700 a year
  9. Well 1 season down and a clean sweep of league and all cups - at the start of the season signed a whole new team and no-one got poached! Average attendance of 18 (highest in league!) Top scorer had 26 goals - 19 more than second place! - And just announced retirement Mid Sussex Division 9 (Level 22): Winner Brian Hall Challenge Cup: Winner Mid Sussex Junior Cup: Winner Tester Challenge Cup: Winner Time to start searching for the next star striker - as above I have been scouting a lot trying to make sure I can find good players to bring in, expanding my coaches to get a fitness coach and then a scout help immensely through the season
  10. So I was sitting with a friend who was going through some lower leagues and odd teams near us and it suddenly occurred to look up the lowest league I could on FM17. I found a file that goes all the way to level 22 and decided to start my game at the very lowest level. The club that was most local to me in the lowest league was: Bring on the amateur leagues! So to start with: Founded: 2015 Professional Status: Amateur Reputation: Obscure League: Mid Sussex Division 9 (Level 22) Ticket Price: £3 Season Ticket Price: £75 Bank Balance: -£1k Capacity: 1,000 all standing Corporate Facilities: Basic Training Facilities: Poor Youth Facilities: Basic Youth Level: 0 Junior Coaching: Minimal Youth Recruitment: Limited I can imagine it will be reasonably easy for the first few years and then start struggling once money is needed so lets see how this goes.
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