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  1. @Totalfootballfan Mate, I'm playing as PSG; on V2 I've used Veratti on MCR as DLP and Pogba on MCL as AP... do I keep them the same on V3? Pogba on MCL as CM? What kind of players do I need in the midfield? Like the role says or for example on V3, as MCL is Box to box kind of player better than a playmaker? Thanks :)
  2. Thanks... in your opinion is it better for the team to train at "Balanced" or let assistant take care of general training?
  3. @Totalfootballfan Do you skip tactical briefing or do you do them yourself or let assistant do it? Thanks
  4. Could anyone be so kind to send me the latest updated game files of the beta version because I'm having some issues updating the game... please?
  5. Hey man, first of all, good tactics, keep 'em comin'... Could you please attach the best and worst "PPMs" for each role/position of your tactic, thanks. :)
  6. Knap, what training should I use for the players and for the team? And should I let the match engine set up set pieces?
  7. I just love this guy, my favorite tactic creator, cheers to you friend
  8. Dumb question but possibly one of the best. He could make it but not much of a point due to tactics working better by being strikerless.
  9. Nice, great tactic Knap, I'd really like to see 3 man midfield and 2 man central defense
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