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  1. @knap sorry but I don't understand the table, I don't understand which tactics are better for the top, the sub top and the underdog
  2. with the latest version, play with instant results is better than the previous version?
  3. @knap hello I bought fm only now and with all these tactics I have not understood which is the strongest type module. I only use your tactics and would like a summary thanks
  4. @knap 19.3.5 WULF4132 P112ALLCUPSNOLOSS work for underdog team??
  5. @knap Are these latest 19.3.5 tactics the best for top clubs and underdog clubs?
  6. @knap in the version P106 ALLCUPS inverted wing back they must be inverted foot or not? And the winger?
  7. @knapyou can rank the best tactics for top, sub and underdog please just for your tactics of course because they are the best
  8. @knap what are the most important attributes for central defenders?
  9. I failed with the lancaster. 3 season and the maximum where I arrived is 7 ...maybe it's because I play with instant result?
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