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  1. @knap in the version P106 ALLCUPS inverted wing back they must be inverted foot or not? And the winger?
  2. @knapyou can rank the best tactics for top, sub and underdog please just for your tactics of course because they are the best
  3. @knap what are the most important attributes for central defenders?
  4. I failed with the lancaster. 3 season and the maximum where I arrived is 7 ...maybe it's because I play with instant result?
  5. which mentality you use if you play with an underdog team? All tactics are attacking... i play in northern premier league with underdog team
  6. @knap at the moment what are the best tactics for top, sus and underdog team??
  7. Knap I have two questions. Is the central defender the only difference beetween this version and 18.3 version? Why in this tactic poacher is Alli instead of Kane, in the version 18.3 is Icardi? ( sorry for my english but i hope you understand)
  8. Knap on which occasion would you recommend this tactic?
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