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  1. im giving up opening threads on here now, it doesnt matter what u say, if one of the little hitler moderators dont like what u are saying (i.e something bad about the game or si) then its shut down straight away! good luck to all the posters on here, im sure u will be ok if u do as your told! zeig hiel!
  2. Zieg heil!!!!!! Can i be a moderator now? I know german and everything!
  3. ive just managed to have a post open for a whole 20 minutes!!!!!!!!! this is a personal record for me on this site, any chance one of the little hitler moderators could give me a trophy or something? (although the only thing i think i will be getting is a ban lol) thanks muchly hitler
  4. 20 mins!!!!!!! Its a new record!!!!!!
  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha! Like i said...............some things never change!
  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha <Snip>
  7. i was making the point that if there were as many flaws in the game as 09 i wasnt going to buy it, i searched the forums first, saw many many threads saying the same problems i had with 09 and thought i would ask! yes i said i wont bother, because of all the threads saying it had sooooo many problems, it now seems that is only a very small minority (unlike 09) and i will purchase the game!
  8. 10 mins and still not closed!!!!! wooooooooooooooo!!
  9. the classic victory dance, also have been known to "pull on the rope" when one of my players score!!!!!
  10. once again i have had a thread closed, for making a opinion about something. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=164796 all i was saying in this thread was i wasnt going to buy 2010 if it had the problems i had with 09, i have downloaded the demo and think the game is fantastic so WILL be buying it! i would of added that to the end of the thread if i wasnt playing the demo constantly since i got it, but hey once again if one of the 'moderators' (or little hitlers as i like to call them) closed the thread for no reason, not ONCE did i say i wasnt going to get the game, so why close it?!!!! si seriously needs to look at whos moderating these forums, as i think the power has gone to their heads! no doubt this will be closed soon enough aswell, but hey, never mind! <Snip>
  11. Groundhog day!!!!

    how am i wasting your time?!!!!!! i said i was getting the demo and then was going to make a decision, the only reason i was thinking of NOT getting it was because of the countless problems i had with fm09, if im going to have half the problems with 2010 im not going to bother!!!
  12. Groundhog day!!!!

    will porb not bother tbh, getting the demo as we speak, will make a decision after ive played that!
  13. Groundhog day!!!!

    i had so many problems with fm09 i didnt really get into it, even after the last patch, i was gutted!!! i love these games and was VERY dissapointed with the numerous problems i had!
  14. I was just looking at the forums here to see if its really worth buying fm10 or not, seems i wont bother as a year ago when i bought fm09 I HAD ALL THE SAME PROBLEMS AS PEOPLE HAVE HAD HERE!!!!! (CRASH DUMP ERRORS ETC) WHY DONT SI WAIT AND RELEASE A FINISHED GAME FOR ONCE!!!!!! THIS DRIVES ME MENTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!