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  1. did a few changes, and its working better https://prnt.sc/m5vx19 thx again for your help m8 if anyone wants to know this is how im using my tactic now https://prnt.sc/m5vxbq https://prnt.sc/m5vxev https://prnt.sc/m5vxi8
  2. thank you for your input, your points make sense so ill change bit by bit and test, thx for the help m8 about using carrileros i thought about that in fm2018 but it didnt really work they didnt really fall to the sides even with that instruction to stay open but i might also try that.
  3. Hey guys 1st of all let me say thank you in advance for your time. Just picked fm2019 last week and been enjoying the new stuff but im having this problem that everything is working fine but... putting it in the net which is the most important lol i have games with 20+ shots and only 1 or even no goals. I tried to figure it out but nothing logical comes to my mind i rly have no idea why my players can finish, it's not like i have a ton of shots from long range as well, any help is appreciated, thanks again. my tactic https://prnt.sc/m5rjmp https://prnt.sc/m5rjsy https://prnt.sc/m5rjx0 https://prnt.sc/m5rk05 some matches as examples vs Tondela stats - https://prnt.sc/m5rkbt vs Tondela shots - https://prnt.sc/m5rmlr vs Nacional stats - https://prnt.sc/m5rkno vs Nacional shots - https://prnt.sc/m5rlt5 vs Rio Ave stats - https://prnt.sc/m5rl1p vs Rio Ave shots- https://prnt.sc/m5rm95
  4. i use 2 center midfielders 1 more defensive and the other more attacking and i had them to switch positions with each other cause i thought the roles would also switch but nay lol is there a way to make this happen tho? thanks in advance and im sorry if this has been answered i searched but since english is not my mother language i didnt exactly know what to search and did not find anything about it.
  5. if im not wrong the club has to go professional to be in the major division but ill check later i cant rn. EDIT: Yeah, its a professional club.
  6. i came here trying to look for a solution cause i absolutely hate this feature. I like to play with my team Salgueiros that is one of the crappiest teams you can possibly pick in this game and this restriction completely fks this kind of teams, it doesnt matter the age i can only offer 2 year contracts that means pretty much 1. The best way to improve the club was by scouting good young players and sell them for a good deal but now its impossible i lost 3 players im sure i would end up selling for at least 10Mil each....this infuriates me cause now milan, MU, Sevilha, Napoles etc just steal them. When they offer me close to nothing i reject it but then the player gets mad, doesn't renew and there he goes....free after 1 year...i tried to look on request to the board if there was something but i didnt see a way to increase this, is there a way that im missing to increase the years i can offer in contracts?
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