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  1. Hi, Not sure where to put this but I want to go back to a previous version in game (I already know I can go from 19.3 to 19.1 but the current game version says created on 120etc but I want to start a game created on version 1187971 version how can I do it I've tried uninstalling but it automatically installs the updates.
  2. i mean like any places i should look specifically
  3. guys ive got some really good youngsters for my brentford team but there stats are declining do you have good training tips to help them improve?. and ive also got joveljic whom people have suggested on here but i carnt seem to get a WP for him or my CM Gnoukouri who starts off free.
  4. any players i can get for brentford on the latest update?
  5. hi im after a database with just managerial updates can somebody do me it or point me in the direction of one please as i seem to be gettin errors all the time
  6. ok ive put some family members in that save how can i transfer them instead of having to re do them again
  7. but i havnt messed with that league its a database i downloaded the england 22leagues one
  8. Hi guys i keep getting this error when i try and start a game with this file its frustrating the hell out of me now.lol hopefully somebody can fix it for me please? League & Data Updates_2EE8BDE7-A1D0-4468-934A-87271C2EF843.fmf
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