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  1. I know people get triggered by people saying fm is too hard and then people post screen shots of a green schedule but for someone like me who has children and a job plays for 1-2s every other day I find too much time is need to invest in this game for it to be good I have to go on the internet and search tactics and training and player roles, I get a small bit of time when my wife and daughter are out to play I just want to enjoy the game not finish mid table with R Madrid because I'm not playing Ronaldo in the correct player position I grew up with fm and I think it has come the time to stop playing I just want to put a formation together and buy some player and have fun, the game has moved too far away from that. anyway good bye fm I enjoyed it while it lasted
  2. Hi all I cant remember whether it was fm15 or 16 but you could get a DLC and it would make It so you cant get sacked can you get this for fm17 and if so how? Thank you
  3. Has this still not been fixed ???? Laughable now really
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