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  1. How glad I am to be back to playing with Knaps tactics. After experimenting with some other forum tactics and having performance crisis with Roma, I switched to 442 106 allcups and 4411 108 allcups. Against Juventus I decided to play with 4411 and only change the mentality to cautious. I can't remember the last time I beat Juventus away. Thanks Knap for top tactics!
  2. Knap, is there a reason why the strikers are positioned more to left in 442 SUS tactic?
  3. What would AI do, if you put 3 attackers when they are taking corners? Is it even possible. In FM17 or 18 I saw Rashidi video on youtube where he had one striker at center of the pitch ready to burst forward, and one player in opposition midfield (with good first touch, off the ball and passing) that catches the ball if it bounce of the corner, giving him chance to quickly pass to striker. Sometime it work to execute a successfull counter attack. What I hate about FM19 ME is, that I think SI didn't improve the ME at all, they just made obstacles to make play harder and make our players look like fools on the pitch.
  4. About trials, if you have attribute masking, its the best way to get to know about players attributes and ability without putting your scouts on overtime. However I hate the fact that you can bring 1000 of trialists into club at once. Just doesn't seem right. I don't know if there is a limit?
  5. Knap, in ARGUS 451 P110, could you please check if the attacking right corner setup needs correction. I changed it as I was caught off guard by opponent strikers. Now it is symmetrical to left attacking corner setup.
  6. SUS - Defensive mentality, waste time, wing backs to no nonsense fullbacks on defend
  7. LOE - line of engagement SUS - shut up shop: defensive mentality, waste tame, wing backs to no nonsense fullback on defend duty
  8. Maybe just a coincidence but in my next game using IWB's my RB scored a goal.
  9. Knap, beowulf 4231 has proven highly successful in my championship season. Is there any chance you could create and test beowulf 4411, which would be the same as beowulf 4231 but instead of IF's that cut inside there would be inverted wingers cutting inside, making room for WB's on attack to bomb forward?
  10. DARKSIDE 4411. Next game beat Everton 1-2 away, with 10 men from 8th min! Might be surprising to some, but I actually removed DLP when down to 10 men, playing with same att. mentality. Last 5 minutes I went SUS + dropping AM to DLP. And look at those chances even with 10 men.
  11. try time 4231 P106 or maybe try pressing forward instead of AF but I don't usually tweak Knaps tactics. Its just to see if it is the role or just the striker that doesn't fit into the tactics.
  12. Darkside 4411 is also good, as I like winger and dlp roles. Also sSTD line for mor stability. Some nice football to watch. Many chances created. Won vs. Leeds 4-0 but unfortunately lost to Leicester 1-2 away with10 men. Could have won easily with chances created.
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