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  1. Chief Scout

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    I did play a variety of teams with knap tactics. I tried lower league teams like Chester, Portsmouth, Maribor, Rudar Velenje, Gorica, Domzale with a great and gradual success, overachieving. Also tried underdog Philadelphia Union (MLS). Quite a challenge, due to their rules, but now I finally understand MLS. Won all first season. Played second season, won almost all, lost in final to Atlanta Utd. Tried subtop teams Roma, Milan, Dortmund, Tottenham. And top teams Real Madrid and Bayern. I posted Spurs results because I was really happy with winning quadruple, which I didn't even expect. Secondly, posted some tips I followed that might help someone. Also showing that Spurs can play 3 strikers with wingers even though they have only one real striker - Kane. Lucas Moura is AMR, but he was a beast. And that they can play structured tactic, even though it was said they prefer very fluid.
  2. Chief Scout

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    First season with Spurs - win all (quadruple). I only bought defender Wallace form Lazio and goalkeeper Horn from Koln as a backup. Started playing ARGUS WHITE EUROPE 343 as thought to better suit wingers Spurs have. Started good, but latter found it weak playing away to top teams or hard to score against defensive underdogs as IFs and AF were to wide apart. After 1/3 of the season and already 3 losses and heavy defeat against Man City away 4:1, I switched to FM18.3.3KnapPILGRIMAGE343LPOOLP104 for home and away games where I was favourite. For tougher home and away games I used FM18.2.2KnapARGUS343P102. If i were one man down, I used FM18.2.2KnapASH343HSP101SHORTP101SUS. At around half the season 3 of my top players wanted to join top clubs RM, PSG, Man City (Kane, Eriksen, Wanyama) and there was only one thing that could persuade them to stay, and that was my promise to win the CL. Towards the last third of the season, I mainly played FM18.2.2KnapARGUS343P102 for all games and it was strong for tough games against top teams like RM, Bayern … also rotated the squad less than I use to as the stakes were higher, but had some injuries as a result. The most important thing this year is DYNAMICS. Sometimes my AM handled the talks. But mostly I handled it myself. For good games I praised my team PASSIONATELY, for really bad games I criticized them AGGRESSIVELY. Left training to AM. Skipped pre-match tactical briefings. It would be challenging to continue into season 2 as the board now has top expectations, Spurs have a huge debt, players value increased and they want bigger wages, so it will be a great challenge to keep them, as top clubs will most likely come in with a bid.
  3. Chief Scout

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Didn't think referees could be so corrupt in FM18. But I made it through to the CL semi finals with hardworking Spurs. Using ARGUS 343 18.2.2.
  4. Chief Scout

    FM18 WOF 343 Knap

    Thanks, in your opinion, are DCB versions od 343 tactics showing better results than DC or BPD versions and what is the difference or edge they are providing?
  5. Chief Scout

    FM18 WOF 343 Knap

    I see you created DCB versions for 343 PILGIRMAGE, ASH and WOF. Are you going to try to create DCB version for ARGUS as well?
  6. Chief Scout

    FM18 WOF 343 Knap

    Knap, would you say that DCB versions od 343 tactics (PILGRIMAGE, WOF, ARGUS) are showing better results than DC or BPD versions?
  7. The last tactic 352 conceded only 10 goals on attacking mentality. Impressive.
  8. Very nice. Post end season results as well. Which version of midsomer tactic? Attacking or also Counter? Media prediction for Frankfurt?
  9. The Mr. L testing will resume on 6th of June. FM18.3.3KnapPILGRIMAGE343MUP108ALLCUPS just might be the new best subtop tactic.
  10. The best underdog tactic is FM18.2.2KnapARGUS343P102.fmf. The best non 343 underdog tactic is I believe FM18.3FLAT442MIDSOMERP103.fmf.
  11. If a player gets a yellow card, tick "ease off tackles" on his PI. If the player is BWM (they have fixed "tackle harder" PI), change him to CM and tick every PI as BMW has + ease off tackle. If a player gets a red card, issue a warning after the game.
  12. Knap, please post your new best sub top tactic PILGRIMAGE, which achieved 380 pts on Mr. L testing. Thanks and congrats. Amazing.
  13. Chief Scout

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Knap, congrats on top overall and top underdog tactic "18.2.2.KnapARGUS343P102", achieving 385 pts. overall. That's just amazing!
  14. It's not ARGUS. It's WOF 343. It's the first tactic. Link below.
  15. First post, second from the top.