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  1. Knap, 19.1.5 is out. Can you please check if there has been changes to ME.
  2. Knap, do you have any information, when the Mr.L testing will begin?
  3. Chief Scout

    FM 19 WOF 3511 Knap

    What team are you playing, in which league, and what is the media prediction (season preview) for this team?
  4. Knap, which tactic would you use in FM19 with Billericay following the same goal? Anchor Volante, ARGUS 343 or perhaps a new GOODBYE 343? I am on a similar journey with Oxford City (tier 6 - prediction last 22nd), got promoted the first year to VNL (tier 5), again predicted to finish last with no transfer budget and small wage budget. It's interesting how the difference in season predictions (odds) between top and bottom teams gets bigger the higher the tier.
  5. With 2 strikers formation, you should try a combination.
  6. I never play with IR or holiday. You can tick option for AM to use your tactic during holiday. Difference is in squad management. AM rotates less and doesn't care for squad happiness. Which affects morale, atmosphere... IR is better then holiday, should be similar to playing yourself, minus subtitutions during games.
  7. Good strategy. 3 slots for tactics with high minutage played.
  8. "Target man" strikers could be efficient as there are lots of corners, crosses, free kicks.
  9. Mentalities seem to work well. Strikers score less then in FM18. Fast strikers were dominating in FM18. In FM19 strong and tall strikers seem efficient as there are lots of free kicks, crosses, corners.
  10. Or try dafuge challenge.
  11. Check squad dynamics. Team cohesion and dressing room atmosphere should be green - at least good. Losing games affects atmosphere and can be a downward spiral.
  12. End of the 1. season, playing bottom of the table underdog Triglav Won the league, 8 points clear, despite bad start experimenting tactics (not Knap's); first 10 games: 2W / 1D / 7L Knap's VOLANTE ANCHOR 4222 brought me back in the game, last third of the season played cautious mentality (attacking when need goal) Final: 23W / 4D / 9L Won last 13 league games in a row Unbeaten last 20 league games
  13. Playing cautious mentality does not mean less shots on goal, even playing away.
  14. I was wondering if 3 defenders tactic are still stronger than 4 at back like in FM18. As it would be interesting to test a 3421 tactic: 3 DEFs / 2 WBs / 2DMs (ANCH/VOL) / 2 IFs / 1 FWD.