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  1. Sorry for the double post. You can also download the training schedules without registering on fm-britain from here: http://www.freewebs.com/tugstraining/training/2008/index.html My team line up is quite obvious but the first Brown is Mark Brown, the original Celtic back-up keeper. Rodriguez is the Chivas defender (Francisco Javier Rodriguez) and the second Brown in my team is Scott Brown who also starts at Celtic.
  2. Brilliant, thanks a lot. It was probably just a standard dip in form. This is a great tactic but I wish it was slightly worse. It sounds crazy but I won everything in my first season with Celtic. The SPL, Champions League, Scottish Cup and the CIS cup. I only lost 1 game in the season (5-3 to Inter which I dominated) and drew 3 games (1-1 with Falkirk, 2-2 with Real Madrid and 3-3 with Dundee). I've been able to bolster my squad with new signings and this is my current line up: Boruc / Brown Wilson / Caldwell Pineda / Correa Rodriguez / Niemeyer Luisao / McManus Maldonado / Brown Motta
  3. Thanks for this tactic - it's great. I'm Celtic in January and I've won every game this season apart from a 1-1 draw to Falkirk and a loss to Inter. However, the tactic has been less efficient recently and I'm just wondering how long it might be until the AI cracks it. If anyone has an indication to how long this will be and how I should prevent this / tweak the tactic to improve its efficiency then please let me know. I have a defender (Peter Nieyemer) who has scored 15 goals in 26 games and 90% of them have been headers from corners. He only has 14 jumping and 16 heading so I believe this
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