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  1. When using Weiry's file to play as an Estonian club and your UEFA files, then it messes up tournaments by picking wrong teams into the cups. For example, using your file 29, the game picks Sillamäe Kalev into Conference league, who plays in 4th division in Estonia.
  2. I'm not that expert. Someone else should check it out. If it as you say, then I don't know what can be the problem
  3. I guess play-offs are played after the season end date? They should still be played before the season end date. If the season is already long enough that you can't make season to last longer, then there's problem with leagues dates. Maybe they are clashing with cups' dates or there is something, that forwards the league dates, hence, there play-off is played off-season. Which is weird tho, since when testing the rules in editor, gives an error. Then again what do I know. When my play-offs were played off-season, I ended up remaking all the leagues from scratch. So far everything works.
  4. Not a clue of your problem, but perhaps: 1. If you delete the FM folder in the documents. Does the game create the folder in there itself or somewhere else? 2. Saying that you're editor file might be corrupt seems odd, as you have said, that it worked before. As the game is related to steam, maybe the problem lies within steam? How, I don't know. 3. One thought might be that it has something to do with your antivirus/firewall etc 4. Game version not compatible with editor file? (Tho the file should still show up even if incompatible) My best guess would be that it has something to
  5. Hi! I Have a problem. After choosing a club to replace with a created club, the game takes me to choosing second team, though there is nothing to choose from. Also I don't want to choose a second team, but I can't pass that section. Any clues?
  6. I think he means, that back in FM17 he created two international competitions where with your files, clubs entered both the international comps and continental cups. As I reversed back to playing FM17, I'm struggling to find a solution, how to disable teams from entering to two competitions. For example, you said that Club World Cup is an exception. Is there any way to make it so, that when club enters Club World Cup, he cannot play continental cups (your UEFA comps)?
  7. Would like to know that too, but sadly I don't think anyone bothers to answer. Maybe there is no "one way to do it".
  8. Hi! I have a problem with one specific logo. No matter what ID I give it, it won't show up in the game. It is small sized, the normal one is working ok. I tried downloading another logo from the internet (thinking maybe the problem was the logo itself), but still nothing. I tried other competitions logos and they showed up nicely. Anyone have any idea what could be the problem since I can't figure it out myself :/
  9. Exactly. Or you think this is a stupid time-waste idea? Not quite sure right now, but as I'm from a smaller country, then I think that with the current rules, there are more clubs from my nation in the comps, hence more intriguing to see where they will all reach since there is a long way to go. I could also just edit your files if I'd wanted more clubs from my nation, but I actually like if the comps are a little longer (more rounds). Not sure if you understood, but whatever, The reason I want Intertoto and CWC with the new rules, is mostly because I want more competitions. Then again,
  10. Is it possible to somehow play Intertoto and CWC with original Champions and Europa League? (Since the original game seems to have the updated rules for Champions and Europa League)
  11. So.. my game got stuck in the middle of a match. I found out that this is a common problem with fm. Although I have never witnessed it before, I did find that you can rewind, but I don't have a timeline. Any work around so I can continue my game? PS. Also is there a way to not be the best all the time? I mean Media and bets are all saying as if Im god, thus putting a lot pressure on my players if I fail to win competitions or even matches.
  12. I'm using cup files from claasen with E22. Works well. Worked well in FM17 too. So maybe league files dont work, but cups do.
  13. Any idea then how can I get it to run? Ran only this without any other and recieved this error. It does load Wales nation, but the cup itself isn't there.
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