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  1. Derby County: Just a minor one, but Jordan Brown's place of birth is missing and should be Stoke-On-Trent. I work with his mum who's been sharing plenty of posts about him on Facebook.
  2. Playing as Hércules in my 2nd season, now in the 2nd tier of Spain, I've noticed that some of my U19 players are registering as playing 1st team games when they haven't left the U19s. Neither my U19s nor B team are in any league, so not sure where the 'League' fixtures are coming from. There's a discrepancy between their player profile & player history also. This issue has not affected all U19s, nor has it affected any other club apparently. Save uploaded to Cloud as HerculesU19Bug
  3. 1, 13, 24, 30 - GK 2 - RB 3 - LB 4 - DMC/MC 5 - CB 6 - CB 7 - RW 8 - MC 9 - ST 10 - AMC 11 - LW 12 - Utility LB/RB 14 - Fast Striker 15 - DC 16 - MC 17 - Utility Winger 18 - Big Striker 19 - Utility Winger 20 - MC 21 - Utility Fullback 22 - MC 23 - AMC 25 - Big Striker 26 - DC 27 - DC 28 - DC 29 - Utility Fullback
  4. Gossard is actually very efficient when he plays, he just never gets picked!
  5. Ukraine Squad Announced Following months of speculation, as260191 has today confirmed his Ukraine squad for the European Championships, with a number of surprise picks in his 23 man squad. GK Olexandr Rybka Maxym Koval Andriy Pyatov Defence Dmytro Chygrynskyi Eugene Khacheridi Sergiy Kyrtsov Vitaly Mandzyuk aroslav Rakitskyi Taras Mykhalyk Artem Fedetskyi Igor Oschypko Midfield Anatoliy Tymoschuk Roman Neustadter Taras Stepanenko Denys Oliynyk Denys Garmash Oleg Gusev Eugene Konoplyanka Olexandr Aliev Roman Zozulya Attack Andriy Yarmolenko Artem Milevskyi Eugene Selezhyov Reserves Andriy Dykan Olexandr Romanchuk Bogdan Butko Olexandr Kucher Igor Khudobyak Vladyslav Kalitvintsev Volodymyr Polyovyi Andriy Voronin With no Shevchenko in sight, there are thoughts that his international career may well be over, Voronin and Dykan, both stalwarts of previous sides only make the reserves list also. All eyes will be on Ukraine's 4-4-1-1 to see how they can cope against vastly more experienced sides. A number of youngsters have successfully claimed spots, and Roman Neustadter looks set to switch allegience from Germany in exchange for a potential starting midfield spot.
  6. Rumours from Ukraine: There are rumours coming out of the Ukrainian camp that a trio of big names are set to be left out of the squad and that the manager has gone with a youth movement which includes a player switching allegience to Ukraine. No update as of now as to who these players are, but we will keep you posted.
  7. He accepted the callup in my test, so should be all good. Ukrainians have the most difficult names...
  8. Would the backups list also be used in case of a player rejecting a callup? Got a great chance at qualifying from Group A.
  9. I have the feeling my tactic could be pretty frustrating for people.
  10. Got a few young players in mind for Ukraine, going to try and tempt a switch of allegience too...
  11. I shall have to consult my files on Ukraine. I have a few sneaky picks in store.
  12. Leonardo Lombardo is looking forward to improving with West Brom, and will add +1 to his marking.
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