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  1. www.managers-glory.com its a new site only a day old check it out Firstly, i would like to say thanks to all the members that have waited patiently while we have been working our arses off just for you guys! Managers-Glory? what does that mean? Well we like to think of it as a place for football managers who play FM and its a site for youre glory, thats why we have given the site the name of Managers-Glory.com Who are the administrators? We are a team of Me (chris) and Deano who is a friend of mine from another site, where we than contacted each other.. if you would like to find out more take a look here. Managers-Glory Skin? We have been told that our skin is fantastic, members from all over the world have belief in this skin and so do we, thats why we have chosen it, its not only basic, but it has a great twist to it which gives it that great looking design. Yes, the colors may look odd in all but, we think that anyone can adapt to it.. Also you never no, we may have a lighter skin just for you very soon. How do we plan to succeed? At Managers-Glory our aim is to keep you happy with youre football manager game, not even that we will hand you out extras that are just from Managers-Glory and exclusive to the members! Moderator Sign-Up's Yes, as you can see we are looking for a few new moderators, if you would like to become a moderator of Managers- Glory than please read further here. A new main-site? This is something that is our aim for the future, but our main focus at the moment is the forums, and once the members have settled in we will bring out a new home page with a matching forum skin! The Conclusion Lastly, i would like to say sorry for the wait also i would like to say thank you for waiting, it has been a honour working with Deano and im sure it will be a honour working with some members off here. Forums Lastly but not least, Enjoy!
  2. Hello I have used my code four times on 3 computers my desktop for down my dads my laptop also down my dads and my laptop for school but i had to format my hard drive on my laptop will this delete one of activations which has been used or will it still count as a code used
  3. ruzzy

    serious question

    yes it will change because if you look at the mac specs there different to the windows just like the difference between xp and vista
  4. use hamachi its a lot easier
  5. duccio where can i find that regen file i have looked under football manager 2008 file but theres no data file thanks
  6. ruzzy

    F.A Exit Trials

    Great Idea i could get a half tidy squad for free then
  7. Is your football manager game open and have you loaded your save up Are you on vista if u are i have stated what to do in one of my previous post on this thread
  8. This is the closest league finish i have seen and there is quite a difference in goal difference
  9. you cant move players with it you can expire there contracts but you cant move them to your club
  10. Fmm doesnt come with the game it is also a third party tool if you download it and you have Vista you have to right click and and run as administartor
  11. FMM is an in game editor where you can change your clubs finances,heal players,inspire players and change there stats but the come down really fast Fm Genie is to see the potential of the players. RA
  12. ruzzy

    Will i be allowed in the prem ??

    Nah Mate, there is no cap on stadiums i have just got colchester united to the prem wiith a 9,500 seater stadium
  13. I played for swansea city centre of development for 3 years i have a few boys club of wales caps and i am currently playing 3 years ahead of myself i am 15 and i am playing seniors football so i would say about 30
  14. Durex for your keeper and the outfield have cillit bang
  15. I think Wales are in great britain Shane Williams on the wing would be great Oh and Gareth Bale