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  1. Great skin and the improvements make it even better. Just one thing that should be changed: it's a pity that the whole match day squad isn't yet visible. So possible goal scorers cannot be seen without scrolling as in my example.
  2. Thanks, mate. Really looking forward to that! This modification will be for the in-match screen as well as for the match review screen, right?
  3. Sorry, Jas. What I was trying to tell you is that I really like your skin but actually don't use it as I think that the match screen (which in my opionion is the most important screen of all!) could be improved. Especially the box for the goal scorers, cards etc. needs to be much bigger and I'd also prefer if the whole squad would be visible without scrolling (see screen 2). As an example, I've uploaded the match screen of the Tempo Skin (screen 1) which I'd find almost perfect if only it displayed either the club badges or shirts along with the team name on the scoreboard. I could even do without the "focus of attack" box if necessary to add badges or shirts. The CFM skin which I used in FM17 (screen 3) has a very basic match screen but I like it as well.
  4. Servus Jas, folgendes Problem: Dies hier ist der Tempo Skin, den ich aktuell nutze und dessen Match Screen ich nahezu ideal finde. Dort kann man die Box mit den Torschützen in der Nachbetrachtung sogar manuell vergrößern oder verkleinern, was für Screenshots natürlich super ist, wenn man eine Story schreibt. Einzig die Wappen oder Trikots der Vereine hätte ich gerne noch in der besagten Box und könnte dafür auf den "Focus of Attacks" verzichten. Insgesamt als Skin würde mir Dein Tiki Taka Skin jedoch auch sehr gut (sogar besser) gefallen, wenn nur der Match Screen optimiert wäre. Die Box für die Torschützen und Karten ist deutlich zu klein und auch dass der ganze Kader ohne Scrollen nicht angezeigt wird, nervt mich. Sogar auf die gegnerische Aufstellung könnte ich eigentlich verzichten. Im Prinzip würde mir die Aufteilung sogar reichen, wie ich sie im FM17 mit dem CFM Skin hatte. Besonders dass da die Wappen nochmal groß angezeigt wurden, fand ich sehr schön. Könntest Du den Match Screen entsprechend für 1366 x 768 modifizieren? Wäre Dir sehr dankbar.
  5. Oh yeah, an update for 1366 x 768 would be awesome.
  6. Kranzberg

    Training Camp

    I've been asked where to hold the TC from five offered options. Choosing the date, however, would be fine.
  7. Thanks, D_LO_. I followed the instructions and overwrote the existing panels but you're probably right and I missed something. I'll try again and if it won't work, I hope for pikawa to include it anyway in a later version.
  8. Those screens look fantastic but when I follow the instructions for the custom CFM skin, the post match review screen looks like this - "review" and "pitch" are empty, only "analysis" shows data.
  9. Great work once again, pikawa! Thanks a lot for your efforts. The only thing I'd love to have improved is the match screen as the space for goals, cards etc. is too limited (see screenshot "cfm" which - in fact - isn't from the CFM skin but has the same structure). Would it be possible to implement a different structure such as in screenshot "tempo" (Tempo Skin)? How could this be done? From my point of view, a combination of both would be perfect: 1. Team view from CFM with condition and stats - opponent not needed! 2. Match stats as in Tempo Skin, could be shortened in order to also implement focus of attacks beneath. 3. Overview such as in Tempo skin but maybe a bit more narrow (because team view is more broad) and covering the complete height of the screen to display all goals and cards. 4. Shirts or club crests in overview would be awesome!
  10. Yep, that's the point. Thanks for explaining.
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