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  1. uploaded: FaFa_CrashDumpOnStart_BelarcFile to: /fm/game-crash
  2. i already have the belarc installed and already have the belarc file of my computer... i was asking to where do i send the file?
  3. to where do you want me to send the belarc file?
  4. yes, i did it but gave me the crash dump again
  5. hello guys? i'm still waiting for the veridict i don't know what i can do more. i want to play FM but i can't can you just help me?
  6. did u read the all topic? already said that i did everything that could interfere with the launch of the game, from the win defender to the drx and the drivers still the crash dump
  7. already done it all. still crash dump FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2017.08.16 16.17.11).dmp
  8. hi guys. I already sent the info long time ago. Will it take to long to solve the problem? Cause i want to play but i can't
  9. the geforce experience app i alredy unnistalled
  10. when can you tell me what's the problem?
  11. i don't even have a save game, i bought a new pc, in the other i played fm with no problem at all, when i tried to lauch the game the problem appeared, and ever since i can't launch no matter what i do
  12. yes, windows 10, game bar off, still crash dump