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  1. So i have a database i set up that gets rid of a lot of the MLS rules against transfers, but one rule i cant seem to get rid of is the fact that MLS gets 33% of all transfers. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. so like in the competitions tab, just put them under secondary teams?
  3. How do I fix this error? I have already checked all the teams in this competition and they don't have any of those fields filled in.
  4. So I'm overhauling the rules of a specific nation, and it says that some of the competitions have teams linking them to using both Next Division and Other Division fields. Ive already checked all of the teams in these leagues, and none of them have these fields. What am I missing?
  5. To deactivate a III team you would have to check the team screen. If it isn't listed as a youth team then you should probably check under the current affiliations tab, to see if it exists there. If it does, then just delete it from there and then go to that teams page and click extinct. In regards to forcing clubs to have a specific number of players. There are options to do so from the league tabs. To do this you will have to add changes to the current league structure. To deactivate a tournament, search for that tournament and click extinct.
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