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  1. Just came back from vacation, tried to uncheck but I cannot uncheck the other leagues Anyone willing to take a look at the save I uploaded ?
  2. How do you do it ? I only have enhanced or view-only!
  3. hum, it crashed with all the leagues as View-only (except 1 since I think you need at least 1 league in enhanced, the last one was greyed out)
  4. I've put all the leagues as view only except the british league since I was playing in this league. I just tried going back a save (1 week prior to the crash), resign from team and nation and put the british league as view only (only this league) and it crashed. I will do some other testing to try to find the league that is crashing the game (if it's a league!)
  5. Hello! The game crashes while trying to Continue (sim) from July 15th to July 16th 2017. Steps to reproduce: - Load save game "Sp0ken_UN2_3.sav" - Click on Continue - The game will crash with "Eastside Hockey Manager has stopped working" At first I tried a couple of things and found out that resigning from my national team (Switzerland) fixed the problem. So I reloaded thinking I found the fix and that I would try to empty the roster instead because I wanted to keep Switzerland.I emptied the roster and it didn't work... screw it, I'll play with a national team another time. Reloaded, now it crashed even if I resign from Switzerland... darn I should've saved!!! When I click on Continue, it sims the afternoon, then goes to evening and crashes there with "Eastside Hockey Manager has stopped working" "A Problem caused the program to stop working correctly..." etc.This doesn't happen when I continue with my other save with the Canadiens (older database).I'm using TBL 9.5 or 9.6 with the Fife Flyers (can't remember exactly)What I've tried so far (most of them at the same time):- Go on vacation to avoid the crash- Stop all scouting- Remove all players from shortlist- Read all email- Resign from Nation- Resign from team- All players to "resting"- Clear roster- Switched all GM options to the opposite- Set all leagues to "View Only" except my league- Set EHM process to "Real Time" in Windows Task Manager- Reinstall the game- Remove background images, profile pictures, new images (from preferences)- Changed all the Front office "tiles" to something else (league leaders, schedule, etc.)- Terminated all staff- Buyout all players- Release all players- Sent all players to the minors- Disabled auto save- Unsub from facepacksI haven't edited the DB prior or during my playtime.I was saving compressed, now I learned that it might cause some problems, I'll disable it for the future. I've uploaded my save to the ftp, it's called "Sp0ken_UN2_3.sav".Let me know if you need more information!Sp0ken
  6. Got the same problem here, did you find any solution greger ? I resigned from my national team and it went through... tried to reload and empty the roster, but it failed. So I reloaded and resigned thinking it would go through like last time... nope! Now I can't go through July 15th 2017
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