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  1. Interestingly, on the 2nd it was fine. Must have been something to do with the making offers to several scouts, or the fact we got the tv revenue the next day (I think)
  2. Just checking here in case there is something I am missing, before I call it a bug. It's July 1st. I'm below the salary floor. My board doesn't like me, but says the finances are great. Despite all that, every single UFA contract is limited by the board to 575k. (RFAs seem normal) It creates a situation where I might not be able to field a team without signing players far below NHL standards. Is this something anyone else has experienced? Maybe there are just cheap today because I started by offering contracts to scouts to fill retiree gaps. I played EHM 2007 for way too many hours and never saw anything like this (Unless I had offered way too many 6 Million dollar salaries and was looking for more... cast a wide net and see who bites), but perhaps this is something in the new EHM that I don't get.
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