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1 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"
  1. And I keep telling everyone since the OP that I've already been avoiding it all these years (been playing since FM14) but there are rare occasions where you can't. Stating the obvious is not helpful at all and just bloats up the thread with useless posts. In fact the only one who actually contributed something useful was CARRERA (and I guess myself in the end).
  2. Ok so out of curiosity, I reloaded the save, signed Florentino Luis and Bernardo Silva instead (Valverde was only possible with a high release clause), and now Kane's promise is satisfied. So what he actually wanted was not one but two top midfielders.
  3. Oh nice! That is good to know, so it seems future transfers (if the player likes them) do count towards that promise! As mentioned before I always remove this promise, so that was not really the point. However, with high-profile players you sometimes can't remove their promises or if you do, they don't want to sign. In my case Harry Kane had that promise (strengthen midfield) locked so I signed Fede Valverde, who now has the highest star rating of all of my central midfielders, in a team including Kanté, Saúl (and also Messi, Dybala, Hazard, Sancho, if those count as midfielders). But the promise status hasn't changed yet, so I'm unsure whether to try to sign another player (probably won't find/get one with a higher rating/reputation) or just wait and see if the status changes over the course of the season.
  4. That is a really baffling decision, coaches in real life can definitely work specifically on the weaker foot of a player, so why shouldn't they anymore in FM? This was always the first thing I did with any new signing (I rarely train any of the other player traits) and it is vital to get rid of the weak foot, for example for a left-sided CB or a WB that you wanna play on the other side. So now I am forced to change the team training (which I never touch) in order to get a few individual players to get rid of their weak foot?! What if some of the players are in the defensive unit and and some in the attacking unit? I don't wanna complete screw up their team training just because of one attribute. This a really odd decision.
  5. Hey everyone, I've got a question that I've been asking myself for quite a while now: When a player wants you to promise to strengthen a certain position and you've already signed someone good for next season for that exact position, does that count? Or in other words: does the player already know about the signing and wants another signing, or are they ignorant of the signing and the future transfer would already fulfill the promise? I usually exclude such promises but always wondered about this.
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